10 Oct '10

Enjoying the nice October weather in Holland :)

Blue & pink are my new favorite colors for clothing! 
I'll be wearing these colors alot. 
Also, I've ordered shoes at yesstyle.com and they are finally here! I'm wearing them in the picture. 
I was so happy I screamed of joyness! Shoes.. you can't have enough of them.
The delivery was faster than I thought. I got it within 1-and-a-half-week. 

 Also this was my first time shopping online. It was pretty exciting because I wasn't sure if I did it right or not.
There were many times that I was this clóóóse to order something from the Internet, but always cancle at the end because I was afraid I might do something wrong =w= 

 White berret: H&M - Lightpink blouse: JeansInn - Blue lace stocking: V&D - Boots: Kawo (yesstyle.com - Black waist belt: moms - Black bead bracelet: Lucardi

Loving these <3 
A tip for shopping online (especially from Asian sites because Asian sizes are smaller than EU, UK and US): always buy 1 size bigger than your usual size. My shoe size = 38 EU and I've ordered a 39 one, they perfectly fit! 

My friends always find my cheeks chubby and cute =_=
I'm Feeling: Stressed
Music: Charice feat. Iyaz - Pyramide Hurray! Another Asian who made it to the mainstream. Charice is a girl from the Philippines. She got discovered in Youtube cuz of her stunning voice. I already loved her from the beginning after seeing her in the Ellen DeGeneres show. Charice also starring in the Glee show!
Food: Eel
Drink: Water


  1. Wow, I love your boots! They look really nice and comfy at the same time :)

  2. The shoes are so cute. I always browse through Yesstyle.com but I've never actually bought anything...but they have cute stuff. Thanks for the tip.

  3. great outfit... i love online shopping!!! it's quite addicting :D

    come visit and hope you follow me too. thanks!


  4. i love your outfit especially the boots <3

  5. u should wear hats more often!

  6. thanks for your comment :)

    nao give those boots and no one gets hurt *glares* hehehe
    they're so chiooo haha :P

  7. Hey Mei! there are unfortunately not really romance in it(Liar Game). The protagonists have a different kind of connection. Of course I will not say too much just in case you want to follow it ;)

    (ff gekopieerd van mijn comments haha ;) vind het altijd grappig om terug te reageren in het Engels als ik gwn NL kan praten =') )

  8. I dont cut my hair every 6weeks, aparently your meant to to keep it healthy but it's way too expensive to keep cutting it :(

    and yep im cantonese ^^

  9. very cute outfit btw I love being able to wear warm clothing ^^ and thanks for the tip ^^

    I've seen them as bobbles and keychains they are so cute ^^
    I love misa's outfits ^^


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