18 Oct '10

Brrrrr it's reaaally cold outside. It's like 10 Celcius outside (50F).
Most of the time I wear colorfull clothes but today I'm 
trying to wear abit more monotone blackness. With a little twist of blue :) 

Hat by V&D - Gray shirt by H&M - Buddha necklace by moms - Black shorts by River Island - Stocking by C&A - Lightblue turtleneck scarf moms

Look what I have found in moms jewellery box: 

-After taken photos- 
Mom: "Oh you are wearing that buddha necklace!"
Me: "Yep"
Mom: "You know, it's made of ivory. Your uncle gaved that to me."
Me: "OMG mooom why do you keep a dead, poor elephant with you?!"

So not gonna wear it again.

Pockey time~
I'm Feeling: Okay
Music: Rihanna feat. Jay Z - Umbrella Old but good :)
Food: Grapes
Drink: Water


  1. so simple and cute I like! :)
    especially the beanie <3

  2. lol you're funny; poor elephant indeed. Love the outfit! I am a big fan of the shorts and tights look :)

  3. such a cute last photo

    and i want ur legs :p
    Cute outfit ^^

  4. thanks for your comment :)
    i like your outfit, :D
    save for the necklace =\ not a big fan of budda stuff but i love your monotone =]

  5. Great outfit~
    Yes, it's very cold Brrrrr =[

  6. tehe i have a mostlyhave a hate relationship with my legs XD Do you find it bothersome hving them? I would feel lucky to have long legs :p

  7. I'm a big fan of beanie, and your beanie is really really cuuuute >.<

  8. Cuuute outfit :). I tend to go for simplicity most of the time and gray is a big fav.

  9. Hi,

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  10. the blue scarf gives it a nice colourful touch! :)

  11. You look AMAZING! I love the beret and the necklace!

  12. Love your blog!! I hope you will visit or follow mine:)

  13. Aw love your outfit. :D You look pretty. :) I love your scarf!

  14. awww very cute
    u look good in hats

    the girl u are referring to is jiyoung

  15. What a cute blog! :3

    i follow!

    im using a Nikon D3000 SLR !


  16. wow luv ur style! you are super duber cute ;P

  17. aww i luv ur style! you look super duber cute! ;P

  18. very cute(: ii love the shorts(:

    -Love, Maki

  19. Completely opposite, we are <3

    I wear too much black and not enough colour. It's really hard for me to choose something colourful :(

  20. Going with a touch of color absolutely was the cherry on top of an already killer outfit!


  21. LOL Pocky time! Even though an elephant died for that it is well made :T

  22. super cute outfit! ^^
    vooral de ketting is erg mooi!


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