Dead hair = boo

 I have split -, and dead hair ends. 
I haaaaaaate getting my hair cut because the hairdress people always cut it heaps off which I really don't like. 

That's why I'm going to try to save my hair with this holywonderhalleluya(?) serum by Wella
According to this, it will repair my hair from root to tip from inside out. 
There are 6 vials in total, you use 1 for each week. 
That means I'll have after 2 months healthy hair! 
I hopehopehope that this will work because I have paid €25 for it. 
Stay tuned for the results after 2 months :D

 Shake well!

Check those bends at the end x___o

 I found some icky splits!


I'm Feeling: Stressed & bad
Music: Glee Rachel & Sunny cover - Telephone (Lady Gaga feat. Beyonce) I looooove this scene OMG I love Glee <3 so happy to see this show.
Food: Spaghetti x
Drink: Water


  1. D: I've never seen that but I sure could use some of it. Although, I don't think I have that many splits after I (randomly went scissor happy an cut a bit of my hair every few days) cut off 20cm of my hair.

    Your hair looks decent but when you put it like that, it does look kind of odd. =>=

  2. Love your blog! :)

    ): I don't like cutting my hair either. You ask the hairdresser to cut off a tiny bit and they chop half of your hair off. D;

    Hope your hair gets better and you feel better soon! :)

  3. wella is quite good ive heard. My dad loves uses Vo5 hot oil treatments and I love hot oil treatments for my hair too, sometimes just leaving on normaly conditioner on for 10mins an then shampooing is just as effective.

    I heard your meant to get ur hair cut every 6 weeks but s too expensive for me and my hair would never have a chance to grow :(


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