I got Flickr!

Yes! I got myself a Flickr account!
I love taken photo's & photography and I've decided to share my
amaturistic photo's with the world by posting them on Flickr

I will basically put photo's of food & flowers & landscapes
Please check them out :D thanks! 
My current camera: Kodak C813 
Re-touch: Photoshop cs3
Trade of tools: Scanner lide 60

Click to full view!

Loving this single "One in a million" by Ne-Yo <3 
Gonna learn the choreoooooooo  


  1. cute photos i love the editing and the effect on them ^^ :3

  2. oOo great job!~

    i wish i had a nice camera as well

  3. Echt mooie foto`s
    Oja..ik heb je Daviantart gekeken en echt mooie pixels heb je gemaakt

  4. hoi,
    zou je me kunnen uitlegge hoe je video's in een bericht kunt toevoeggen? ik ben hier nieuw en weet niet echt hoe alles werkt xo
    mooie foto's trouwens ^^


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