I will survive

 I feel like school is taken over my social life. Even my blog updates has been delayed to 4-6 days =____=
The first semester test are getting closer and I really need all my time to study.
I reeeeeeally want to pass this one so I can finish my school in 3 years. 

So, how does a freshman-newb like me feel after 5 weeks of school? Good! Despite the homework that I get. I think if you plan & organize things well you can actually do well. 
I think I have a nice class and even made some nice sweet friends also. 
The schoolfood aint so bad either comparing the one I had in college. 

Here are some pictures of my school life~

Doing homework with my girlies - heaps of fun :D

 School lunches - are bad - cuz they make you fat - and poor.

 My school has 11 floors.

 Read, read, read and read - I have no life T_____T 

(Bought all my gifts for my giveaway - will be posted in the weekend!) <3

I'm Feeling: Stressed 
Food: Candy
Drink: Water


  1. Waffles! Look at all those study snacks. :P

  2. Mmm yummy food! Looks so beautiful! @__@

  3. woooowww ^_^ your school looks so amazing. You can eat fries O.O (we haven't warm meals XD)
    And I love the first pictures, so colorful with all that food :P
    heheh. And 11 floors O.O wow! mine has 2 O.O


  4. i live in california

    where do u live?

  5. oh i like how u study with food ^^ i dont really like college food so i go out into the town and eat :p and i cant wait to join ur giveaway ^^

  6. Leuk om te zien
    Leuke fotos
    Ben benieuwd


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