In realationship with a noodle

 I love eating & cooking 
and a few days ago I've made soba noodle soups for my family for dinner.
I haven't had soba noodles before so I was excited to try them out. 
And yep, they taste terrific :D
But would these beat the ramen, udon or the rice noodles? Answer: nope
I looove udon too much. 

Generally I like noodle soups alot! Mostly they are my favorite snack for mid-afternoon.
My favorite flavours: chicken, vegetables, mushroom, spicey seafood & shrimps!

Chives, one of my favorite ingredients~


 I've added: shrimps, 'Pak choi', chives & Chinese mushrooms shreds.

 -Sluuuurp- :)
I would love to make fresh noodle soup for you!
I'm Feeling: Okay - not so stressed
Music: Rihanna - Only Girl Rihanna goes trance/dance? And I love it :D
Food: Gum
Drink: Water


  1. i like any noodle as long as there is chicken involved :)

  2. Favorite...I dont hard to pick one type of noodle! I like vegan whole wheat ones, buckwheat, and soft eggy ones too.

  3. that looks so delicious!!
    *hungry* haha

  4. crispy fired noodles!! very cute pictures :3

  5. Love mie maar deze mie heb nog niet een keer proeven/maken

    Ziet er lekker uit


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