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 Hurray I just recieved my paycheck! Which shop should I raid first?! 
Too be honest I don't need anything necessary right now. But still.
I went to a big department store called the 'Bijenkorf' where they sell everything from United Colors Benetton coats to pink Cuckoo-clocks, from calorybomb coffee cupcakes to leather curtains. 

The store was in an early X-mas mood. Alot of trees and cute lightnings hanging everywhere. And not to mention the musthave gadgets & ornaments! 

The Bijenkorf is pretty a fancy department store and I was überscarded that I'll get caught for taken pictures and that they will kick me out with my name on their blacklist. Which didn't happen so btwz

How cute are theseeeeee:

 Like bowls of sweets & jawbreakers haha. Just kiddin.

Cupcake prints everywhere! I was thiiis close to buy that 'Smiley Cupcake Hand Cream' on the left side of the picture. I want my hands smelling like cupcake =w=

 I want to buy these for my little cousins :)

 That round snack box with a puppycloudrainbow print is so cute.


So what did I bought?! 
I came home with this superclassygorgeous quilt bag by the brand Mango. There was a lightpink version but since I already got a pink bag I decided to buy this black one. 

So happy!  

I'm Feeling: Happy & tired & stressedalittle
Music: 3T - Stuck on You I remember this song back in freshman highschool! Jacksons family IS music.
Food: Steamed rice wrapped in lotus leaf <3
Drink: Water


  1. Thats some really beautiful and sweet items for christmas!!!

    love them!

    very nice bag by the way! :)


  2. Cupcake prints are adorable!! I like the black bag you picked out!!! :) It's always fun to shop.

    I love visiting new places. It's one of my favorite things to do when I have a chance or time.

    Love Nana

  3. wow...! *w*
    so many cute things... n also cute+yummy-looking foods.

  4. Christmas? Already! I'm so not ready for the holidays.
    I've never had green tea soft ice. Now I'm going to have to find some.

  5. that metallic tea set = YES!!

    i wish somewhere near me that made gorgeous little cakes like that!

  6. Wow! Christmas sure visits early! I wish you had bought the cupcake hand creme for me! XD

  7. Everything looks so cute! I can't believe Christmas is coming so soon, it's not even Thanksgiving yet :P
    And love the bag! The quilted pattern is a classic :)

  8. Wauw...echt mooie dingen

    En die it

  9. Yes Mei! It makes me feel better after knowing that she used botox!! I can be really evil sometime!! You are right. He loves me not Jennifer Aniston. I just didn't understand why Jennifer over other celebrities.. Can't understand how man's brain works!! :)

    Have a Happy Halloween!!

    Love Nana

  10. i love the cupcakes prints!!! and amazing photography :3 I wanna drool at the sights of the sweets :3

    and im glad u liked my headbow tutorial ^^

  11. I never seen so much sweets on a tree, it a shame I don't put mine up anymore but then again it does make mess

  12. Great photos, and I really love the bag! I was looking at your previous posts and I was drooling over your magazine, even though I know they're not real lol.

  13. Ah xmas items! My willpower can not withstand anything Christmas themed! Those are fantastic!

    I LOVE the bag you picked up. It's such a classic look!

  14. Omgggg >////////////< all the things are so cute! gah I love going to stores filled with christmas things~ it makes me excited.

    You're really cute btw! :DDD

  15. the christmas decoration is making me excited. I dont normally like christmas because my bday is on 25th i dont get that much attention BUT this year I'm over it and cannot wait. The bag looks like channel <3

  16. OH MY GOODNESS! *_* So many cute thiiiiiiiiiings! -dies-

  17. OMG everything looks sooooo cute! I wish I could visit Holland :)
    By the way, that MNG bag (the red version) was in 17 mag (Malaysia) this month! :D


  19. omg all that cute stuff! so adorable :3

  20. I saw that bag in a Mango stores here in Portugal! I also bought a bag recently in Mango!



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