Want to buy macarons?

And you may wondering edible macarons? Nope. 
Yesterday I was making macaron charms because macarons rocks :)
I'm having this crazy plan of selling my handmade crafts online.
I want to open a shop where customers can customize their necklaces & bracelets with the charms that I made. 
That would be so cool :D
For more charms please check out my portfolio & my Deviantart.com, Arigato! 

I'm craving for the strawberry & chocolate macaron the most <3


Next post I will show you how to make macarons. It's really easy! 
It's cute no? ^__^

I'm Feeling: Tired & stressed & hungry
Music: Bruno Mars - Just the way you are I hope someday someone sings this to me :'D naaawwwww
Food: Krentenbol
Drink: Tea


  1. Haha, cute!

    Ik zag laatst de eetbare variant bij de V&D, misschien morgen maar eens halen? Waar smaken macarons eigenlijk naar? XD

  2. very cute macaroons^^ I really want to make them I need to get my hands on polymer clay :D

  3. Cool necklace!
    I want to buy it :D Can you put my link to your affiliate, please? thx you, Mei :)

  4. Out of curiosity, why do keep commenting in English? Not that I mind though!

  5. OMG these are too cute! I love macarons, edible or not XD.

  6. So cute!! I would definitely buy :)

  7. I love the macaroons, if only they where eatable. If you ever want to sell the online, you should use etsy.com

  8. such a great idea :) I love it

    Thanks for your sweet comment in my shop blog. My bestfriend made the crochet shawl for me :)


  9. cute? its adorable to the tenth power! I LOVE IT! :)

    You have a great blog! :) Im gonna follow you!
    Hope you visit and follow meback!

    have a great weekend!

    Lots of love from belgium,

  10. These are so cuteee!!

    Note: I just realised none of your posts were showing in my readers list :( hmmm ...I'll try add you again <3

  11. tehe i guess only some people suit short hair, sometimes ppl used to mistake for a boy from behind becuase of my hair :(, but I have a punky cut then XD

    I think a bobline would be extremerely cute though ^^ I love shortish curly hair too :3

  12. i love it! it looks sooooo adorable!

  13. these are so adorable ! I am sooo craving macarons right now !


  14. Wow!!! They turned out pretty damn awesome! Way to go! Now I'm starving for some edible ones though. haha. But seriously, love your aesthetic!


    Thanks for checking my blog out! :)

  15. wow did you really take this pictures? You are good at taking pictures! and no doubt very cute macarons! luv it <3

  16. The macaroons look so lifelike! I took a look through your deviantart, and you make some really cute charms! This seems like such a fun little hobby :)

  17. That looks really cute and yummy!

  18. tehe super coolio dad sounds like an awesome super hero :d and tehe thanks :3

  19. Do you make these yourself? These are so cute!!


  20. Wow, those charms you make are really cute. I'll have to check out your portfolio site. I wish you all the best with selling them. :-)

  21. o my, those macarons really look SO REAL! i totally couldnt tell that it's fake... u're really good @ these kinda stuff dear =) and i think it would be a good idea to haf an online shop where ur customers can customize their jewelry; it'd be uniquely yours!

    thanks for the blog visit earlier on and for your sweet comments =)

    love, mica

  22. Tja.. steampunk is een bepaalde kleding stijl/lifestyle. Het is wel ouderwets, je ziet dus hoepelrokken, pilothoedjes en ja.. oh god, ik kan het niet eens uitleggen XDD

    De V&D had geen macarons meer! D: Het ligt nu helemaal vol met marsenpijn!

  23. wow.. thats cool, great inspiration! donuts would b a hit too=) lol

  24. Your macaroon charms are adorable!!! It's not a crazy plan. I create needlecraft designs, and then I sell them online. I had two shops. One on etsy, which you should look into if you want to sell online, and I have one at Bigcartel. Both are good places to host your shop! We should talk! Maybe we could put out a collaboration line! TO check out my stuff please visit:
    Or to email me about the collaborations:

    Keep up the amazing blog!


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