Can you burp 'sushi' for me?

Lol can you burp sushi? My friend can!
And it's gross & funny at the same time.  
There goes my appetite? Hell no!

Me and my friend had lunch at one of my favorite sushi bar. It's my favorite because it's an all-you-can-eat restaurant and I think they serve good decent food for the price I pay ( €17,95 for 6 rounds - 2hours max.) 

Last time we ate there, we end up at the 2nd round. Bad huh, I know..
Soooo we decided, no matter what to break this silly record and we did it!
We finished with a score of a fourth round!  
Actually I wanted to stop at round 3 but my friend was pushing and nagging so I had to join her this war.

I coudn't see no more sushi after that. I was so stuffed! I think if you poke my belly all the sushi and food will come out like a fountain.
( Haha sorry...)

Enjoy the photo's:

 Grilled chicken skewer <3

 The grilled eel nigiri (unagi) are my alltime favorite *o* 

This time we decided to try out the 'spicey cheese roll' 
I was reaaally curious how cheese & sushi would be like and it was actually very okay!
The roll was filled with tuna & cucumber with on top melted cheese & chilli. Heaven. 

Grilled mushroom with sesame & soy - Me and my girlfriend ordered this twice! So good! 
 Fried shrimps - slightly dissapointed because of the size and the overwelming of the shell around it. There was a tinybit of a shrimp inside! Other than that, the taste was nice and so was the sauce. 

Fried squid rings - My friend didn't like it but I did! omgosh I can eat this all day.

( I'm totally in looove atm with the dresses at You guys should check! ) 

Argh I messed up with my HTML codes of my blog now it looks reaaally dodgy..
And the problem is I don't remember what to do and I'm not so high-geek with this either =w=
Will fix this later........
I'm Feeling: Good, tired
Music: Nigahiga & KevJumba & Chestersee - Shed a tear Funny? Yes. Good singer? Not bad! All go listen to these Youtube heroes!
Food: Oatmeal cookie
Drink: Water


  1. all this food looks do yummy xxx

  2. Looking nice! *o*

    We got japanse teriyaki from knorr, and the sauce was really nice, we grilled the chicken in the toastie ijzer(?), <3

    I'm not a fan of sushi I think, but that was AH sushi. There too much stories with raw fish that they have parasites! D:

    Where is that reasturant? I'd like to try the grill chicked and the mushroom thingie! ;D

    Please update more often? You have cute thing to tell XD

  3. :O the sushi looks so yummy!!! i love sushi too ><!!!
    ur blog is so kute
    :) so glad i came past it

  4. thanks 4 ur cute cmt!
    when i first click on ur blog
    i thought u would life in china :P
    where u got this cute stuff from?

    sryy 4 bad english :/

  5. Everything looks so yummy! I LOVE sushi buffets! But they're not such an economical choice for me because they're so expensive, and I can't eat enough to justify the cost lol

  6. oh these pictures are making me really hungry!!!

  7. Oh god. @_@ ALL OF IT LOOKS SO GOOD.
    And that's actually a really good price for all that food!

  8. hiii lovee, i havent had breakfast yet AND YOUR PHOTOS ARE MAKING ME HUNGRY. :K

    for some reason your posts don't show up on my feeds so i always miss them :(


  9. That looks so good! I love sushi. :D

    Lol. xD Shed a tear was funny.

  10. Looks so tasty! ^-^ I want a bit! Om nom nom :3

  11. Wewww,,, The foods make my droolingg...
    I love love love sushii...><

    Oh yes! You should come to Indonesia someday! I'll make a very good accompany for you if you want ((:

    Dreamy Princess
    ~I wonder what it's like to live in Paris~

  12. The photos are making me hungry!! haha
    I also saw that video of nigahiga, lol so funny XD

  13. Oh yummy! <3 I love Japanese-Korean fusion. We have one here in California and it's all you can eat too!

    The food looks so good!

  14. Oh myy, i love sushiiiii ! i want to learn how make some myself, but I'm such a klutz, hahaha ! All those pictures of food is making me hungryyy, yuuumm !

  15. oh my got, i LOVE sushi so bad, n this post has got me so HUNGRY!!!!!

    believe me, i blame u for this. hahaha...


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