Daul Kim R.I.P

Daul Kim is a Korean supermodel who committed suicide on 19th November 2009.
It's been a year now. 

Happy days~

I find it pretty sad to hear that. Daul Kim was a big hit international. She appears in cover magazines (Vogue, I-D), runways (Chanel, Alexander McQueen) and tons of fashion photos (Bazaar, Moschino). 

According to an insider, she hung herself up in her appartment in Paris. 
She was suffering from depression & frustration for awhile. Daul also owns a blog called: Iliketoforkmyself.blogspot.com On her last day before she die she posted her last post with the title 'Say hi to forever'.

Whoever thinks that a supermodel leads a glamorous, rich, happy life is wrong. Being pretty, famous or succesfull doesn't garentee a happy life.

Her biography: 
Born: 31 May 1989
Where: South Korea
Height: 178 cm
Bust: 81 cm
Waist: 61 cm
Hips: 86 cm
Enjoy a video of Daul'ss moments! Love her smiling at the end ^__^
I'm Feeling: Happy & upset
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  1. daul kim is so beautiful. great post. rip


  2. That's like Ruslana Korshunova who commited suicide a few years ago. It's heartbreaking when someone end their own life because of depression :(

  3. you are so true. ppl who is rich, famous or pretty aren't always happy inside. but it was so unfortunate that they commite suicide as a way out =(
    may she rip. amen <3

  4. heb gevonde hoe het moet ^^
    dank je voor je hulp

  5. I remember this last year! I almost burst into tears when I heard the news. She will be missed :(

  6. Such a sad thing that many models go through that, R.I.P. Daul Kim.

  7. wow, so sad, she really had a future on the runway!she was really beautiful!

  8. i agree, daul is so beautiful inside and out. </3

  9. She was really beautiful!
    So sad she comitted suicide, rest in peace!

  10. AWW... May she rest in peace. :( She was such a beautiful woman and it shows that the fame didn't get to her head. She seemed like a genuine person despite the fame.

  11. I'm sad for anyone to take his/her own life. She is sooo young too. I guess too much fame at young age really isn't healthy. I don't know that much about her, but I guess she didn't really have the people she needs there for her to get through her depression. She is beautiful, good post.

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo
    Vote for me to make my dream come true! Thx a million!

  12. Oh too bad, I really like the musicvideo :) And Mark Ronson is really hot!

  13. daul kim is really pretty! :) too bad she commited suicide :(

  14. I remember Daul from some magazine, and I was so sad for her and her family and friends when she hung herself :/ great model!

  15. I hate hearing about suicides :/
    I mean death will come, and it is sad to take your own life. Mei i thank you for following me. I linked your blog on my twitter to my friends the other day (the macarons post) - they loved your creation. I thought I followed you too! Just realized I didn't until you commented. Anyway, I will be tuning in more often now :)
    Watch out for my comments! POW POW!
    <3 Gerry

  16. Such a beautiful girl, it's really sad she decided to do that, I wish someone was there to save her ! She is extremely beautiful and exactly what the market needed !


  17. LOL yes, my 'kitty cat' is HUGE! she's a persian, and she's oversized...;)

  18. great post xx http://fashionispassion-vera.blogspot.com/

  19. Oh my goodness. That is so sad, she truly was so beautiful! Some models today actually arnt very pretty I think and they dont represent normalcy. I think she did.
    may she RIP.

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  20. Such a lost to her death. I think that few supermodels feel depressed with their life. Living in fashion and entertainment world is hard.
    May she rest in peace..

    Dreamy Princess
    ~I wonder what it's like to live in Paris~

  21. So sad story! She was really beautiful...

  22. hiii,

    I'm half german and half thai :D

  23. Hi! I really love your blog! Following, follow back? Kiss

  24. great post, R.I.P. :))))



  25. thanks fro posting this, its so important to remember people who died. she was so beautiful and its such a waste that she died! RIP

  26. You have been tagged for an award my dear~
    You don't have to blog it, but I am just letting you know ~ hehe

  27. she's really an awesome model. She looks best in blonde.


  28. so true and sad...many of these pretty faces are suffering inside. rip.


  29. cant believe it has already been a year


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