Sketch Models 01

 Do you draw? I do! And looove it. 
I love to draw pretty models. I get my inspirations from magazines, adverts
 and perfume commercials because I think perfume commercials are the prettiest commercials ever! 

In this post I want to show you guys my drawingskills.
It's not super good and I'm still learning. 
Mainly I draw people, especially girls. When I tryyy to draw guys
they aaalways turn out girly for some reason. It sucks. 

Oh well. 

When I was younger I wanted to become a fashion-designer because when I was a kid I use to draw dresses for Sailor moon (haha) all the time. 
The dream to become a fashion-designer has already faded away
1. I can't sew clothes & 2. too much competition.

Who is your favorite model? Please leave a comment and I might draw it for you :D
( Mine is at the moment: Devon Aoki - because she has this gorgeous angelic face and she's doing alot of catwalkshows when she's only 1,65m! OMG 1,65, you go girl.) 

 Sometimes when I'm hungry and there's no food at home,
I draw them. Which makes me even more hungry after.
Not so good idea...

 You have no idea how many scrapbook I have used already.
I'm Feeling: Stressed
Music: Boyce Avenue - Beautiful Girl (cover) Best cover ever! Support Boyce Avenue!
Food: Fruit salad (pear & kiwi)
Drink: Water


  1. HOW CUTE! I've changed the size of my pictures, do you like them most this way?

  2. Beautiful sketches!!!

    they look so feminine!
    great work!


  3. Cute!
    Ik kan niet goed tekenen XD

    Als je niet kan naaien, dan ga je toch op naailes? Je moet ergens beginnen!

    Kom gezellig bij mij op naailes XD Ik ben begonnen sinds april!

  4. You are so good at drawing!! I do like to draw but I haven't done it for a while!! :)

    Love Nana

  5. yay for drawing! I always love to know if someone has d same hobby with me and u r amazing! =)

  6. hey thanks for leaving comments on my blog ! I figured that you would have no way of knowing whether or not I replied back if I just answered your comments on my blog, so here I am! & no way! You're the first person to ever say that I look like her, but thanks anyways! I suppose maybe the eyebrows? Haha. & love these sketches by the way!


  7. Nice sketches!! :D
    You can draw beautiful ^^

  8. Love your art style! and your cupcake has me feeling hungry right now ... the dripping frosting. ;_;

  9. omg ur amazing at drawing!!! hmm i love lena Fujii from Vivi ^^

    awh i wish I could like u :3

  10. HEY! i love your blog :) talented.
    awesome sketches.
    can you draw me doraemon? i love it so muchh hihi <3

  11. Devon Aoki is 165? the same height as me? well long limbs sure give better proportion LOL..I Love drawing, are you kidding me? I doodle Dragon Ball all the time when I was a kid (I used to be such a boyish girl).

    I love Gisele Bundchen's face structure, Lily Cole's fairish look, and Miranda Kerr's innocent eyes and dimples. They're called super for something for sure!

  12. Your pictures are cute.
    I always thought Dekon Aoki would become an actress.

  13. beautiful drawings!
    i used to love Sailor Moon also!

  14. hehe! aww thanks so much! much appreciated :) ihi <3 keep drawing ya! and keep talented

  15. lovely sketches. You`re so talented.xx

  16. Aww these sketches are so cute! It's too bad you gave up pursuing a career in fashion design, because you definitely have the sketching skills for it :(

  17. i wish I could draw like u * wow my thinking si quite bad :p

    thanks for the comment :p my mum calls pencil skirts A skirts, but idk any other names for it :3 ?

  18. Your cupcake looks really cute, and if it makes me hungry when I've just eaten, then it isn't such a great idea to draw them when you're hungry. :))

  19. i think perfume commercials are really artistic and indeed pretty. That's pretty pro sketch :) i cant sketch unless I have the outline first how fail whale. As for my fav model I like Paula Kawanishi

  20. no I didn't write this, it's only the lyrics of the song^^ I cannot write Japanese very much^^'

    btw these drawings are beautiful :3
    my favoorite model is Kumiko Funayama from Popteen^^ (Kumikki)

    please draw her*0*

  21. but you CAN read what i wrote. in my sidebar there is a google translator, and there you can translate the text in english ;)

  22. these sketches are so amazing, i love your style <33

    my fav jap model is still lena fuji :3

  23. Love your drawings, amazing!! Cool only 165 cm, awesome, I'm only 160 :P

  24. WoowWW Mei iLove your sketches!! =D

  25. Ik wilde vroeger altijd ook fashion designer worden XD whaha! but ik heb het ook opgegeven =P

  26. omg I love your drawings! these are fantastic...

  27. heeey, those are cuteee!!!

    btw, wanna have a taste of my very own sailor moon drawing??

    it was drawn back almost 10 years ago >.<

    click hete!

    hope u enjoy :p


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