Smokin' hot

So today I found out there are fruit flavored cigarettes.
My friend bought a package today and I was pretty amazed.
That these things kind off actually excist!

It's made by the brand (never heard of it before) Djarum and it's from Indonesia. 
They have also created another flavor such as vanilla, menthol etc... 
These flavored cigs are exspensiver than the regular ones.

According to my friend it taste like steamy smoke with cherry in it. 
Sounds..... fruity? 
My friend offered me one to try it out but I said no: because I don't smoke.
I never smoked before (woohoo!)
I do have a few friends who does smoke unfortunatelly.
And I just hopehopehope one day they will quit smoking forever.

Smoking is bad folks! They dry your skin out, unhealthy for your body and envirement, leaves you with a bad breath and it's draining your money away.
My question for you: Have you smoked before?


Some cute, pretty cig-related photo's I have found on the net:

I'm Feeling: Good
Music: Day after tomorrow - Itazurana Kiss Also one of my favorite ending song of the anime Inuyasha ^___^
Food: Chocolate x
Drink: Water


  1. I shall never smoke. If I want to die I shall kill myself right away instead of smoking myself to death. u.u

    Glad you don'tsmoke! ;D

  2. Leuke plaatjes! =D
    whaha en nopee NO SMOKING!

  3. I've never smoked before and never plan on doing so. Some of my close family members and friends smoke, which I'm ok with but I kind of dislike it for their sake when they smoke like 8 cigarettes within a couple of hours... its crazy.

    Though, I can't doubt that for some reason cigarettes look appealing. D: It sounds bad, but I can't help but to go crazy when I see a hot guy in a magazine smoking a cig.

    And the all pink ones look so cute!

  4. this is a really intersting post! ive never smoked before but my boyfriend does and so do most of my friends so im always around it unfortunately. for some reason photographs where people are smoking look really cool so sometimes i pose with cigs for photos :P

    thanks for the comment by the way!

  5. O: Fruit flavoured? Sounds interesting. o_o

    I've never smoked before. S:

    And yes, I am hanging postcards on the wall. 8D

  6. I've never smoked and I never plan to. A lot of my friends smoke and I hate hate hateee the smell.

    But those are cute colourful cigarettes haha.

  7. Hey, i am from Indonesia, and yes Djarum is from Indonesia. But the vanilla one cant be find here. It seems like only sell for abroad market.
    Hm, i dont like smoke and being with someone who smoke.
    I dislike the smoke cause make me cough lots and my eyes becomes red. :)

  8. I don't smoke and I don't plan on doing so. My nose is very sensitive to those kind stuff, I get nauseous when I see a smoker because of their cigarette stench is to much for me.

  9. WOW! i never thought smoking could be cute (esp the chocolate packaging ^^) lol...but i dont smoke and i dont think i ever will =D

  10. wow, awesome post! i find smoking beautiful at times.

  11. Ik heb dat al eens geprobeerd maar als ik die code kopieer en plak staat die code er gewoon en niet de video :o

  12. I've never smoked before too and I am so happy when I know that my boyfriend stops smoking :)

  13. I've tried once or twice when I was drunk and my friends incited me to do so, lol.. :D Never ever again!

    I think smoking is NOT cool.. although in some (fashion) photos it looks quite stunning! But not in real world where people spend their money for cigarettes and destroy rain forests etc baaaad things are happening..

  14. i don't smoke and i never plan to smoke in the future simply because i don't want to kill myself knowingly and it is just plain disgusting (but my mum mokes LOL!) however, those cigarettes are SUPER DUPER CUTE!! ^^

  15. I do smoke and that's who I am, now where do they buy those :3??

  16. I smoke these cherry djarums all the time. My breath is fine.
    It's trie that these cigarets are worse for your health than normal ones and more expensive.. but other cigarettes give me a headache.


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