"You and I together it just feel so right"

Love. A subject you can't ignore or unlove it. 
Me and my girlfriends love to blablablabla about it all the time. 
Our main topics: guys, future, dates, guys, realationships... did I mention guys?

Last time at school, me & my chicks talked about what qualities a boyfriend should have. 
I have laughed my butt off what my friends wants in their future guy. 

Are you curious about what was mine? Of course you are.
Sweet & funny. I think these are the 2 important things what a guy atleast  should have. If you can't make me laugh then you might aswell pack your bags. 
I was wondering: "What means love to you?"
So anyway.
A few facts to end my post :)

Love ya x
I'm Feeling: Good & hungry
Music: Rihanna feat. Drake - What's my name? I don't like Drake much but he's doing pretty well when he's teamed up with someone.
Food: Onion rings!
Drink: Soy milk

( Sorry for the lack of post these last week - I will try to post more often! Thank you x )


  1. *demanding more updates please?*

    Are you gilete XDDDD How corny XD

  2. the best conversation is always with the girls about guys. LOL I used to be really unrealistic when i was in high school. Woody Allen is such a creep, YUCK he raised soon yi since she was little.

  3. Funny post! My answers would almost be the same to a lot of questions hahah
    G-dragon :O <33333

  4. omg i lveo the pick up line! and i think love is an overused word Xd I'm quite a perssimist with the outlook of life, but i think im a happy person XD

  5. can't remember the last time i thought about love....so sad right?
    hope you find everything u want!


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