Birthday & Christmas pictures, enjoy!
(p.s: alot of pictures, so the uploading might slow the page down - sorry x) 

My friends know that I don't wear any make-up. So for my birthday they all brought their own make-up stuff to (try) put make-up on me, the sneaks. 
Special for them I put on a flashy pink lipstick x

I want to try some Turkish culinary with my girls - it was nice! Definitely going to try that again.

Camwh*ring haha, and no I'm not drunk I was very sober!
Presents! Thank you *o*

I like to bake things on parties - so I've baked these yummy cupcake & Creme Brulee

First time making Creme Brulee! That's my lil bro by the way ^

 Our b-day cake!

Dinner also last dinner at home with moms x
I'm Feeling: Sad, utterly sad
Music: T-Mobile dance advert Not really a music video, but this advert by T-Mobile is brilliant. It always make me very happy watching this, darn I wish was there x
Food: Sandwich
Drink: Green tea


  1. De jurk staat echt supergaaf bij je!
    Hoop dat je moeder beter is!

    De flashmob van T-mobile vind ik niet zo geslaagd. Het is niet echt duidelijk dat het voor T-mobile is. Die van de sound of music is leuker op het station in Antwerpen :3

  2. Happy birthday! the cake looks yummy, and i like your ring :)

  3. i love the photography. beautiful pictures!

  4. Your cupcakes and creme brulee look very nice and tastey! *_*
    The birthday cake looks stunning, I've never seen a cake like
    that before. o:

    You looked gorgeous! Haha, your friends tried to bring makeup
    for you. x] I'm really glad you had a nice birthday girl!

  5. oohhh my goshh!!!!!
    sooo many delicious treats!!^^yumm
    &&ii love your camera by the way
    great quality yummy food shots^^lol

  6. Happy Birthday! All the foods look super delicious, especially those cupcakes and creme brulee! It's my favorite dessert! Glad to see you had such a fun time :-) xoxoxoo

  7. why hello mei, the pink lipstick suits you :)
    Oh yummy creme brulee, my all time fav dessert. I cant make it so i always buy the premade ones at the shop. Not as nice and over priced.
    The photos from christmas look so fun and cozy :))

  8. YOU LOOK GORGEOUS IN THAT WHITE DRESS!!!! Why so pretty for ? hehe <3

    And ahhh, that's cute! My friends used to do that to me too :( Bring makeup and use me like a guinea pig! >_____<"

    AND OMG BIRTHDAY CAKE LOOKS SO YUMMMY. I really want one now! Make me some creme brulee please ?<3

  9. Wow! The cupcakes looks so sweet. I wanna have one. ^_^
    Belated happy bday mei/zhiyi. ^^

  10. ah thats so cute that your friends all put makeup on you and the turkish food looks delicious! :)

  11. Tagged youuu : http://memorabledays-x3.blogspot.com/2010/12/what-are-your-ups-and-downs-in-2010.html

  12. your friends sure know how to spoil you! happy belated bday! it looks like you had a great one!...love your ring!

  13. Happy Birthday and Happy Holidays! You have some amazing food pictures...drooool. I'm also loving the jewelry picture, especially the camera necklace!

  14. Happy birthday! Those pictures show me how much fun you had with those people you love. Congrats :)

  15. wowo looks so yummy
    have a great weekend

  16. ur bday looks great and tehe i love the pink lipstick and coat ^^ u look like ur having fun ^^


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