Christmas Shopping!

 Every year the same: Christmas shopping and with Chrismas shopping I mean not plundering whole sale clothes/shoes/accessories shops. (I will do this later, don't worry).

This Chrismas shopping has a little tradition in my family. Each year we buy Christmas flowers, pieces, deco's, potted hyacints and ornaments!
And we always do that at this gigaaantic indoor Christmas market where they sell (almost) everything! 

My dad and I came home with: 3xChrismas pieces, 2xpotted hyacints, Christmas tree, scented vanillia candles (I love those), porcelain bowls, food and cupcake mix.

How do you celebrate your holiday? :)
(Mine: dinner with family, going out with friends & firecrackersss)

 From left to right, up to down: home deco's, tons of ornaments, cactus and cute mushroom candles.

 Sprinkles, M&M's & marshmellows deco's <3

 Big crisis: should I buy it or not!?

 Fake coffee grinder box, wooden bird houses, old traditional Dutch candies (very yum!) and cookbooks.

Drink glass 'water', hot cacoa, enormous ornament, lanterns, more home deco's and Christmas mini houses (I love those when I was a child D:)
 Bad quality owls!

 Cute plushies & snowbears ^^

 Snowglobes (I love those when I was a child D:), Dutch clogs, home deco's & owls

I'm Feeling: Good, tired
Music: Diddy feat. Skylar Grey- Dirty Money - Coming Home Don't like P Diddy alot, but he's okay when he's teamed up with someone else! 

Food: Cheese sticks
Drink: Green tea


  1. supah pretty ^^ really gives a xmas feeling <33

  2. The market looks amazing! ;A;
    You gotta show us your christmas tree after it's decorated!

    At home we celebrate the holidays by decorating, eating, and just watching movies together. :3

  3. I love all the Christmas decors you guys got. Oh and I love the photo quality of the pictures you snapped. What kind of camera are you using?

  4. gosh, so cute things! >_< i love the little cactuses and the lovable decor-stuff :3
    i want to go x'mas shopping, too, but i am totally lack of money T_T

  5. Nice stuff, love the cactus ;)
    ♥ ♥ ♥ , Angie
    Check out my blog & maybe we could follow each other?

  6. Lovely!

    Thanks for your sweet comment :)
    I follow you!

  7. I love Christmas shopping.
    You are lucky that you can capture pics while shopping.
    Here, malls don't allow cameras T_T

  8. so cute!

    and woooww it really gives me a Christmas feeling 'o'
    and those sprinkels are really from intratuin?
    In which city did you go :)?


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