DIY: Knitting = hot

 I finally finished my scarf! It's really warm & soft and it's 100% wool.
Rarw, who says knitting are grannyworks?? 
Knitting = hot.

Holland these days is coverd in snow and it's really cold (-6 Celsius).
Sometimes I'm jealous of the Aussie people who's enjoying the Summer weather at the moment. But we can enjoy Christmas with snow :)

This month December is my birthday btw! 

 Excuse me for the sleepy panda eyes. I just woke up to take pictures of the snow landscapes because the sun was showing up : ) 

 Wearing a black sweater and sweat pants and of course my handmade scarf!

I'm a slow knitter - I started this at August >_>

 A crochet piece. I think I'm gonna use it as x-mas tree ornament.

I'm Feeling: Good, tired, cookmoody
Music: T.I feat. Christina Aguilera - Castle Walls T.I you badass! Christina Aguilera, the powervoice. Together = killer song.
Food: 雪耳湯 (snowear soup = Chinese soup which is sweet )
Drink: greentea


  1. Oh ><" The weather is Aussie (Melbourne) gets really crazy! The other day, it was SUPER HOT, and then out of no where it started thundering and hailing so badly ! And then a few hours later, it was sunny again *-*

    But anyways, you look gorgeous ! and :O When exactly is your birthday ^^? If I have enough money, I might send you a small gift <3

    Hehe. I'm a slow knitter too ><

  2. Waah leuke sjaal! ik was ook van plan na mijn tentamens te gaan breien XD wahah mjaa dan is winter alweer voorbij zowat =P dan maar nxt yr ofso XD

  3. Haha! Nice!
    Wish I could nit!~

    I froze my feet/hands off during the harsh winds.. it felt like -20! D:


  4. You are so lovely
    *_* that scarf is adorable!

  5. i love your scarf dearrr !
    you look gorgeous here..

    im worst of a knitter than you ! i cant even knit properly !

    have a great weekend !
    glisters and blisters

  6. lol! 'sleepy panda eyes' haha. your so cute :)
    and omg your so lucky you can knit! i've always wanted to learn how to knit!

  7. love it! I wish I knew how to knit. happy birthmonth! ^-^

  8. Ohhh ;___;
    The snow looks beautiful, and that scarf looks good!
    Keep making more items girl!

    Ohh you gotta let us know when your birthday is! Mines is in December too. :D

  9. i've knitted some time ago, too. my biggest project was a pullover, but it took so much time, that i didn't finished it - i'm really ashamed T_T"

    so congrats that you made your lovely scarf ;)

  10. Oh man, great for you!! The scarf turned out awesome! This is exactly why I want to learn how to nit or crochet (I don;t know the difference, see I'm lost!) so I can make some legit knitwear. One day. Haha.

  11. Cute scarf.
    You look really nice! I dont knit, i crotchet lol but i have done it in soooo long!

    Check out my blog!

  12. I'm envious with you ! Never seen snow in real life before . Haha .

  13. oooh!!!

    you are an artist!!!
    i rally loveeee your scarf!!!!

    xxxx from mismediasrotas!
    spain :)

  14. I love the handmade scarf!
    Heb je ooit Amigurumi geprobeerd?^^

  15. i LOVE your scarf..!! wish i could make one myself!!I love your blog because its such a great read & you style is fantastic!! Im happy i ran into it!
    Im gonna follow you from now on!
    hope you visit & follow me back!
    that would be amazing:)

    love from belgium.

  16. i want to learn how to crochet and how to knit! that's so i can make the beanie hats I oh-so-love myself T3T that scarf is great, you did an amazing job! and you look really gorgeous!

  17. this is no grannywork to me either! :)
    this is masterwork and a masterpiece made with love !

    love your scarf


    love the photos!


  18. cwow your knitting is so neat! I'm still practicing on it and yes, knitting is so hot =D
    have made ur birthday wishlist yet? ^^

  19. Wow.. you're so good!! I never knew how to knit. I learned it once, but I gave up. It's sooo harrdd ><

    Oh, happy almost birthday then;D
    December is best month ever! hehehe.. I mean, it's about Christmas and holiday xp

    Dreamy Princess
    ~I wonder what it's like to live in Paris~

  20. I love the scarf!! It's so truee, knitting is a hot thing! :P
    December is my birthday months as well!! :) DECEMBER BABIES!
    love all the things you have knitted!

  21. Good for you. It looks great! I've wanted to learn to knit and sew my own clothes for a long time, but never seem to have the time.

  22. I rather have snow for christmas than hot 40 degree where people faint on the street. Aww if only I could knit, i'd knit all of my scarves. You should so knit a matching beret or beanie to go with the scarf. All wrapped up warmly for snowy christmas that I ENVY! :)

    P.S I regretted not eating ramen earlier, its like where have this food been all my life?! Thank you for tutorial <3

  23. adore that scarf! looks so warm and cozy:)

  24. Whoa! I've always wanted to learn how to make my own scarf. AAaaww...
    Even though I won't be able to wear it here in my country since it's like so hot in here. Still, I want to knitting too! \(^o^)/

  25. awesome! SNOWWWWW in australia it never snowsss so ive never everrr in my life seen or been in snowww ~ Also a wk ago i was also listening to castle walls (Y) good song

  26. that reminds me... i started one 5 years ago. maybe i should finish it! ahah. xD i'll show u when im done. <3


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