There is no God isen't it? It's super unfair what is happening now.

My mom has been lying in the hospital for 5 days now. She's in coma
Mommy had a surgery for her tumor in her head. 
It's a benign tumor that it's stuck in her brain. 

Now after the surgery she still hasen't wake up yet :( 
And it hurts to see her lying there with all the tubes in her face/head/arms...
The doctors says that we have to wait and let the nature do his thing.

I feel so helpless really. 
All I can do is pray? I don't have a specific religion, i'm sort off a atheist.
But sometimes I do 'talk' to a God I suppose. Lol silly right?
I don't want to spoil the holiday mood! Like the doctors said: wait & be patience.

Thank you for your concerns & prayings from the previous posts! Really appriciate it ^__^ 
A big, fat happy holiday to you guys!!

Hate my swollen left eye!!
I'm feeling: I don't know
Music: Leona Lewis - Run "Light up, light up as if you have a choice, even when you cannot hear my voice. I'll be right here beside you my dear"
Food: sandwich with white chocolate flakes
Drink: green tea & lemon grass


  1. Thank you for your comment<3
    I wish the best for your mum and I hope she will get well soon. You have to wait and be strong.
    Best wishes and hugs!

  2. hope ur mom will get well soon! :(
    never give up!

  3. This is such bad news :(
    I really hope your mum awakes from this coma soon! I know that at times like this praying and believing in something seems so useless seems well ..stupid? But all you can do is hope for the best :(

    Try to be positive <3

    Merry Christmas Mei !! xo

  4. Ahww that's really unfair :( ik hoop dat het allemaal goed komt en dat ze snel weer wakker wordt.

    xo. Take care Mei

  5. sweety!! im so sorry to hear that. ill keep your mom in my prayers. -big huggles-

  6. Ik wens jouw en je familie heel veel sterkte en ik hoop dat jullie toch van de kerst kunnen genieten. Ik hoop ook dat alles goed komt met je moeder!

  7. Aw man ... ;__; You know its ok to talk to God sometimes. I'm not much of a religious person myself, but I find myself talking to god or just praying that everything will be fine. We all find comfort in something that we believe is out there, despite whether God might be real or not. I think it's natural for us to want to put in faith into something that might be greater than us...

    I hope your mother wakes up soon, the sooner the better. :) and I hope she'll be able to recover quick from the surgery! I would be torn if I saw my mom in that condition. Merry Christmas and happy holidays girl! I hope the best for your family. :D <33

  8. Hi, I found your blog a couple weeks before I think but never commented. I totally love DIY/kawaii too and found your blog :) i almost started an etsy once but i think im too young lol but i love your creativity
    I am soooooooooo so sorry about your mom , please feel better!!! i want every0one to have a merry christmas!

  9. im sorry about your mother ): Ill keep her in my prayers <3

  10. oh I'm so sorry for your mum :( I hope she will be fine after all! merry x-mas :)

  11. I don't think it's silly to talk to 'someone' I think we humans are not completely alone, I believe that there is something good ;).
    My mom also had serious health problems. It was a very strange situation, I was so helpless :S
    I really hope and wish your mom will recover very soon!!

  12. :'( i'm so sorry for you, your mum and your family. i think i can imagine a little bit how hard it is for you now, because i went through some similar pain, too. i pray with you and hope that everything will be okay as fast as possible. hang in there! :**

    ShuShu ♥

  13. you are so strong...I don't think I can handle that if I had to go through the same situation. I'm sure your mom will pull through. It's always sad to see someone like that, especially when it is your own mom. Stay Optimistic!!!

  14. Hey I hope your mum gets better soon I'm so sorry to hear about this.

  15. I hope your mother gets better :)

  16. Meid... Heel veel sterkte!
    hoop dat alles goed komt met je moeder!


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