Folding luck

During my moms  stay in the hospital (For those who doesn't know, my mom is suffering from a stupid tumor in her head), I've been folding alot
of cranebirds & lucky stars.
Cranebirds represents luck and of course I hope it will improve my moms condition.

Unfortunate my moms condition is going abit downside. 
I don't know what to do now except crying my head off.

Reminds me of the Japanese story about a girl who folded a 1,000 of crane birds before she pass away.
Dinner at hospital, not bad?
I've lost like 3 kilo's, I haven't eat properly the last few weeks. This meal is a good fuel!

I'm Feeling: utterly defeated
Music: Justin Timberlake - Losing my way I love this song by JT, kind of miss his songs now that he's focusing on acting carreer~
Food: Lotus
Drink: Water


  1. hopelijk wordt ze snel wakker =( keep the hope! she will wake up =) !! ennuh.. opeens zo'n grote en vette maaltijd eten (na het afvallen van 3 kilo) is niet sjo goed voor je lichaam =[ just saying.. looks good though hehe..

    anyways, take care!

  2. Hope your mom get well soon!!!

    Beautiful cranebirds!
    they will give your mom luck!


  3. i'm so sorry for you =_= i wish i could help, but thats..well impossible :(
    i know the story of the girl who folded a 1,000 of crane birds - her name is sadako. when i was a child, i have sing a song in which the story is told.

    ShuShu ♥

  4. Takeee caree girl :(
    Good luckk!

  5. I'll pray for your Mom, & I hope she'll get better soon.

  6. I remember reading a book about folding a thousand cranes. Fingers crossed these cranes are magic, and you mom gets well soon!

    ♥ Gerry

  7. Stay positive :)
    I know its easy for me to say that but last year someone really close to me had cancer and it was so hard staying positive but i do think think the power of being positive does transfer into outcomes. Have you ever had those days where one bad thing happened and it ruined your mood and more bad things tend to attract? It's kinda like that with being positive you tend to attract more good things. May good luck come and visit your mom and in no time she will be feeling much better! <3
    Take Care Mei :)

  8. aww, sweetie, -biiiiig huuuug- i will continue praying for your mom. i hope she gets better soon!! ur cranebirds are cute btw. =)

  9. <3 i began folding cranes after hearing stories about children at the hospital who folded cranes for luck in japan. prayers for u <3

  10. Reading posts like this really does make me sad :( I wish that there was something we could do. I would even fold a billion cranes for you if that could help :( <3

    Hoping that your mum gets better!

  11. hope your mom will get well soon!

  12. Let the crane birds help your mother!! I belive in them, in your wishes and her to become healthy again :)

  13. i hope your mom wil be fine :[ keep your faith alive! <3 <3

  14. Sincere condolences. I hope your mom get well soon

  15. So sorry to hear this. Actually I kinda know this feeling coz my aunt has this tumor too. I just want to see her happy, so I never treat her like a sick person. I hope that you can encourage your mom, as well to yourself.

    I don't know if you interested or not, but I gave you a stylish blogger award in my latest post. Hope you like it!(:

    Dreamy Princess
    ~I wonder what it's like to live in Paris~

  16. I wish your mother well!

    Since I can fold cranes, just imagine I just made a 1000 for you!! <3

  17. Hi
    I am sorry to hear about your mother, just knew about it now from Melody's latest post, hope your mother will get well real soon and take care of yourself, don't let yourself down too much, I hope your mother wouldn't want to see you like this, God bless her your family (:

  18. I'll pray for you and your mom because being in that position is the most difficult thing ... It's just not fair. :\ I had a lot of faith that everything will be great and I will still continue to have that faith.

    The lucky stars and cranes will definitely work, a lot of faith and believing is indeed something powerful. I really hope for the best Mei for you and your family! :(

  19. :( your posts about your mom make me want to cry!!

    I genuinely hope she gets well soon and Mei and her mother can be happy <3 <3

    Sincerely Haya <3

  20. I've dedicated a post for you and your mother, thanks to Melody :)
    Wishing you all the best and you both will be in my prayers.

  21. stay strong!! i hope your mom gets better soon!! origami is the best! I'm sure your mom knows you're by her side!
    keep your head held high girl!

  22. wishing your mother a speedy recovery

  23. I hope that your mother starts to get well very, very soon! Cancer just plain sucks. My mother had breast cancer a few years ago and after several doses of radiation and chemo, she is doing much better now. Recoveries happen every day, so stay optimistic! Folding cranes is a wonderful idea! I hope it brings your entire family great luck. Are you going to fold a thousand?

    <3 Ashley

  24. hope your mum comes out of the hospital A-Okay.
    *hugs* (': We all care~

  25. awh i really hope she gets better and folding cranes seems like a gret idea to pass ur time and keep ur mind off things and i really hope she gets well soon!

  26. i hope your mom gets better soon =)

  27. I'm to sorry to hear that about your mom. I hope she will be ok. Best of luck. <3

  28. I really hope your mum gets better. It's terrible having a loved one in the hospital...;~;

  29. Cant say anything. I pray for your mom and also for you.

  30. My heart goes to you, dear.. wishing you all the best. with all my hope and prayer for your mom to get well soon. Be strong. Next time I fold a paper crane, the wishing goes to your mom.

    The Picnic Girl

  31. I am very sorry to read about the illness of your mum...
    it made my cry because I know how this feels.
    My mum had cancer some years ago and I went through hell,too so i'm sending you all my love and hopes for you and your mum <3

  32. I've just stumbled upon your blog from Melody's blog and I pray that your mum will heal soon. Those paper cranes and stars look so pretty, I'm sure your mum is very touched <3 Anyway, take care and I wish your mum all the best! :)

  33. /reply/

    De markt in A'dam? And thank you!

    Hope you're doing well!

  34. Hope she will get well soon!!
    Also made some paper cranes, really wish your mom will get better<3!!

  35. Pretty cranes! I'm sorry to hear about what you're going through right now. I'm including you and your Mom in my prayers. Hang in there!

  36. I'm so sorry to hear about this Mei; I really hope that your mother gets well soon. I'm sure that she is touched that you are supporting her and are always by her side. We will all be praying that your mother will regain her health <3

  37. My prayers go out to your Mom. I hope she gets better soon. :-)

  38. Already comment but just wanted to say that I've got a blog award for you!^^ x

  39. Heel veel sterkte! Ik hoop dat je moeder snel beter wordt en nooit de hoop opgeven :)

  40. I wish the best for your mum! I hope she gets well soon. Please do cheer up, you need to be strong for her. We're all here for support. Be strong, we'd all pray for her.

    PS I'm still having a hard time trying to understand the crane folding instructions. You may not know who I am but I will pray for you. May God bless your mother. She's in good hands.

  41. Mei... I can't do much, but I'm prayin' for her and I've got a crane I just folded for her posted on my blog... (I'm not good in folding one...)

  42. I know we dont know eachother, but I wanted to let you know that both you & your mother are in my prayers. I hope for a speedy recover & that you can remain strong through this tough time. I know this is easier said than done, but please try to keep your head up! *bear hugs*

  43. sorry to hear that =(
    well, you have done everything which is ur best for your mom.. may God bless her!
    Keep strong, dear =)

  44. Those cranebirds and stars are soooo beautiful :)

    I want to learn how to make them. It's okay to cry and let it out, but I still admire your courage for sitting by your mom's side until the end. She was lucky to have such a wonderful daughter.

    Please don't be sad or discouraged, you'll be fine even though the pain will never truly go away, try and celebrate those good moments you shared with your mother.

  45. stay strong dear! i hope ur mother can get better! i really do!!

    i cant bare to think what you may be going through right now. But i relaly hope your thoughts and prayers for your mother to get better will come true!

    Take care of yourself too! because she needs to see u being there for her to give her a will to survive!!

  46. Aaaw thanks *3*
    Well I leave on a little island so we dont have these great magasin ;__;
    I really love your pictures.
    Have a nice day or night (:
    (and sorry my english is really bad)



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