Peek into my life 03

 Going to enjoy my Spring holiday next week! 
A whole week off from school = late, long sleeps. 

Meanwhile how did I survive my week? Check them out: 

 Sushi lunch in the train with a friend <3

 Drawing someoneeeeeeeee

 I've lost my P-virginity, yes first time checking the fashionstore Primark and I fell in love *o*

  Can you all guess what this is :D ?

Please hype me at Lookbook! ^^

I'm Feeling: Stressed
Music: MGMT - Kids Daft Punk & Mika, this is how describe the music of MGMT. Thanks to the dance crew 'Choreo Cookies' for introducing the song! They have create an awesooome choreography!
Food: Spaghetti
Drink: Water & honey


  1. Oh, sushi! I love sushi haha :)

  2. hmmm yummy, sushi!

    I lost my primark virginity that monday :DDDDD


  3. I that black thing licorice??
    Your nails are sooo pretty!
    I wished we had primark too ;_; their clothes are so beautiful I'm so jealous!

  4. your holiday and week sounds very interesting! hope you can enjoy it to the fullest!

    i'm guessing it's haribo licorice straps?

  5. Yummy that looks good and wow! Would you to see more of your drawings. You're a talented girl :3

  6. Nooooo idea what that is ;O Hmmm. I thought it was licorice or seaweed but it looks so thick and jelly like ;o

    <3 hehe

  7. I love that inner top of yours! I enjoy updates of your daily life like these :)

  8. Lovely pics! And great blog =)
    Would you like to follow each other?

    ▲ Lots of love, Lisette ▲

  9. Primark <3<3<3<3<3

    ♥ Kisses ♥

  10. I've always wanted to try sushi! Looks like you had a good week & hope you have an even greater week for your Spring holiday!

  11. yummy! Sushi <3 beautiful pictures xx

  12. sushi is so great!
    primark is so much fun, hope you had a great time.

  13. OMG i cant believe youve never been primark b4 this :-0 hahah lovely blog your an amazing artist :d

  14. It's trekdrop :D
    uhh translation: pull licorice

  15. OMG, I've just realized that you are the creator of such cute pixels! Totally following you <3
    (btw, I've started writing in English :3 and translating all my past entries, thanks to you ^^) xoxo

  16. LOVE sushi :D. And are you gonna be showing us that finished drawing? It looks like a great sketch so far! I was thinking it might licorice...then I saw the tag said choreo cookie so I'm guessing, choreo cookie? Lol. Never heard or seen something like that before. What is it actually?

  17. Primark! :D
    Leuke foto's vooral die met die drop hehe<3

  18. Ohh trekdrop :D!

    Hahaha, I lost my P-virginity in London in octobre XD
    what did you buy?

  19. great picts. seriously, i love it! exp that sushi LOL

  20. Primark's great, isn't it? So cheap!
    I love sushi! Yum!

  21. yumm, i can never ever turn away sushi! and, i have NO idea what those black thingys are :) what are they? i have a feeling they are candy :)

  22. I always hear Primark being mentioned by bloggers and the stuff they show in hauls is always so cute. Is it like a UK only version of H&M or F21? o.o

  23. wish they had primark in the states:(

  24. water and honey is a great drink ^^ im craving so now :3 and i love the sushi photo and primakr is so great im so happy uve lost ur p v :p

  25. Love sushi! :o)

    Thanks for visiting my blog, I'd love if you followed!


  26. yummy i love sushi!
    avocado roll is soooo good too!!


  27. Aww, I liked going through your blog, really. I restrained myself from flooding you with silly comments lol. I love your charms, especially the macarons ones. That blue was just so ... Mmmh yummy nom nom .

    I haven't caught if you are selling them yet but you should totally do it. And the idea of people customizing their jewels by their own is just very good. You should go for it. I'll buy. When I'm no broke anymore xD.

    Look, this is my friends sjop. idk if you can make an english one from this but just so you look. She makes cute things too :P

    Anyway, thanks for passing by my blog, how did you find it ? Ö
    And ohlala orz thanks for finding me cute :P . I'll definetely post and paper crane snap if I manage to do one like yours kkk .

  28. OMG the trains over there have tables :O
    love the licorice moustache haha ;)

  29. Your so lucky, in France we don't have any Primark :/ Anyway, nice blog!
    xo Ma²

  30. love your photography. Sushi... this is making me crave some! :P

    Jose C.


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