Eternal Youth

I'm waiting for someone who's going to invent a time machine.  
Or a genie in a bottle would be nice too.
I want to go back to my childhood, the happy days. 
And to undo embarrassing moments and the things I regret, woudn't that be great?  
For now, we just have to live with the past behind us. 

I got tagged by the sweetieheart Elisa: post your timeline photo's of yourself from age 0 to now (21 year for me). 

( Seeking for eternal youth? Get inspiration by the movie Pirates of the Carribean - On Stranger Tides. )

So here we goes: 

Mushroom head.

Wants... burger... now... *-*
Somewhere in France - loving plushies - my 5th birthday party in Hong Kong at the Macdonald's.

At age 15, visiting family in USA & White House *o* & Loving juice~
I'm Feeling: Dead
Music: Christina Aguilera - Fighter I find it sad that she divorced from her husband. Christina suffered alot when she was a kid (she got abused by her dad) and also in her music carreer. Yes I'm a fan. And we both were born on the same date aswell haha. 
Food: Rice
Drink: Water


  1. awwwww! love your bb pics! so cute xD

  2. You kind of remind me of my cousin in the last two photos. You're such a pretty girl ;3; <3
    And yes, I wished I could turn back time too. >_<

  3. Yayyy i'm happy that you did this tag ^o^!! Lolll your bb photos are so cuteeeee ^^ !!! you haven't changed much as well which is a very good thing hihi.. !!! YAY Eternal Youth ! =D

  4. awh ur such a cutie :3 u look good with short hair * i love ur pola dot shirt* :p

    it seems like u havent aged since ur were 15! and i love ur long hair now :p

    i needto find some cute photos of me for this tag too :p

  5. So lovely memories. You was so cute baby girl and now You are gorgoeus young woman. Your parents can be proud of You!

    xoxo Ra

  6. You were so adorable when you were a baby! & You're gorgeous now!

  7. Aww I like seeing photos of you growing up. Very cute girl : )
    The last photo is beautiful ~
    ♥ Gerry

  8. 5 year old mei look the same as now :)
    I like that feeling of stumbling across old photos and suddenly old memories comes back. I really like looking at old photos of other people and its amazing how fast time has gone but it does not feel like it one bit!

  9. Hi Mei! I just gave you the "Stylish Blogger Award". Please follow the link below and claim it! :)
    Have a lovely day!

  10. you're so cute! :3 you've been cute all through out your pictures haha! :3

  11. You're really cute and pretty ^^

  12. You're so pretty *-* !!
    And ahhhhh, you posted so many phtoos rather than me hehe :P

    Yay eternal youth <3

  13. I do not like Pirates of the Caribbean, but although it may be worth just look at all: D but then I watched it a little further and just did not)

    and a wonderful photo!

  14. Hi there! congratulations on your stylish blogger award given to you by Hercy and guess what? that makes us two! BTW, I just became your new follower, visit and follow my blog too!

  15. Cute photos! ^^
    Leuke tijdlijn :D

  16. Nice blog, girl! take a look at my blog
    feel free to comment, follow if you like it:)

    kisses tnt

  17. This is adorable!!! I enjoyed looking through these photos. :)

  18. I love vintage photos like these! bring back ol good memories eh? :)

  19. cute !!!

  20. This must be the most adorable post ever! I love baby pictures! Did you change your blog layout lately? It looks great! xoxoxoo

  21. holy shit looking at these photos made me realise how old i am turning :(


    the jacket is fine dw about it :D

    and i'm immobilised because the doctor wont give me crutches and expects me to hop around for the next few days =\

  22. love this!

    Enter my Exclusive Mint Velvet £50 giveaway!

  23. you evolve from cute
    to cute and pretty
    and cute and prettier each year!

  24. Many of those photos make me smile. =o)

    I am also a fan of Christina. haha.

  25. Lool thanks darl!
    I would loveee to wear something like that as my wedding dress. But it's too short -_-
    zzz the party turned out to be not what I expected. No fun :( bad music and sweaty crowd!

    Ahhh you babie pictures! Every time I look at them, it reminds me of how fast time flies!

  26. Ohhhh cute pictures Dear ! Kiss xxx

  27. you look so cute in the pic!! :)
    love it! <3 IKEA is a nice place! hehe


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