Gimme a Vaoi!... I mean Vaio!

 My pc died since Sunday and I was like offline for 4 days D:
Not only I coudn't go check my blogposts, Facebook, mails and other important things also my entire homework went straight to the bottom of the sea...

So a good reason to buy a new pc? Or should I say laptop?
Yes! I've bought a Sony Vaio laptop and I'm totally in love!
I've always wanted to buy a Vaio. 


"Why not buy an Apple Mac? They are so cuuute." 

1. I'm a total newb with Mac system. And I'm used with Windows.
2. The price!
3. The only thing that I like about Macbooks is that glowing apple on the back. I wished Vaio has a glowing thing aswell..

 I first eyed on this one but it was €200 exspensiver - I don't get it
it has the same function and yet it's 200 bucks exspensiver?! I have no choice but to
dye mine into pink haha.

 Here lies an 'otaku' - my room, my kingdom.
I'm Feeling: stressssed
Music: FLO Rida feat. T.Pain - Low One of my favorite dance hits.
Food: Sandwich
Drink: Milktea


  1. Leuk! Alvast heel veel plezier ermee ^^

    Mijn vriendin heeft ook een Vaio en die letters bij haar geven wel licht (dacht ik.. nu begin in aan mezelf te twijfelen haha xD) hoe dan ook.. zij heeft nu een cover (tijdje geleden dus dat ik die letters zag haha)
    dus als je een roze wilt kan je dat zeker kopen ^^
    Ziet er heel leuk uit!

  2. Haha, jij maakt altijd van die leuke foto's ^^

    Gefeliciteerd met je laptop ;]

  3. OH MY GOOODNESS MEI the last photo is surreal and beautiful. Yay for Vaio :)) I think you have to buy a a specific hard drive to transfer things from mac to other computer and vice versa.
    I don't know how my parents entertain themselves back in the days when internet was not invented. Life without technology I can't imagine what it'll be like if someone were to take everything from me. Anyway, welcome back and please keep those inspirational photos coming :) ❤

  4. Totally not Otaku!!

    How did you even take the last photo :O I really like it :D hahahaha. And yayyyy Vaio ! I want one too :3

  5. I love your laptop ^_^ the pink is cute :))

  6. Nice! I was wondering a long time, should I buy Macbook or Vaio. I ended up to buy mac, but I believe that this sweet vaio would have been very good option, too ^^

  7. YAYY voor de vaio ! ik wilde die ook eerst halen, de witte xD maar uiteindelijk toch een msi gehaald omdat die betere inhoud had hihi ='D

  8. Thank you for your comment)

    you are very nice and you have a cool new laptop) and the corner of your writing I also like very much ^ ^

  9. Congrats on the new laptop! Haha I've always wanted a Sony Vaio too - they look so pretty and sleek. A bit too pricey for me at the moment though :P

  10. nice! i wanted to get one of those but they`re sooo expensive (for me anyway) lol. i love the last picture, how did you take it?

  11. Myn vaio is pink XD wahah jouw vaio lijkt op die van me zusje! =D

  12. Really nice! Je nieuwe layout is leuk hoor en echt leuke foto's :D!! You are an awesome blogger<3 haha moet k ff zeggen x

  13. your new layout is so cute!

    I had the same problem with my mobile phone! I thought the pink one would be nice but it cost 100francs more than the blue one. That was so hilarious.
    I really love the last photo! great perspective :D

  14. cute blog!!

    If you have time would you check out my blog? I'm following you now

    My Lyfe ; My Story

  15. i love the last photo ^^it look likes a really pretty day ^^ and i love your room :3

  16. I use Sony Vaio and I totally recommend it :)


  17. love the overhead shot of you at your computer!

    Vi from Cali

  18. Wow your room is amazing @___@

  19. omg you got the viao!! i'm so jealousss D: i love your new layout by the way! ^___^ how is the progress going with my sketch? :3

  20. Ahhh I never knew that laptop is called a vaio! @.@"
    I thought it was a random ~ squiggle mark ~
    I agree with Tam! i loveee that last photo! Your room is like a goft storeee!

  21. aww you're so cute! I want a new VAIO too. Thanks for visiting!

  22. Congrats on your buy! VAIO is definitely niccceeee...

    And thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! Do follow me if you like :)

  23. congratulations for the new laptop! i'm a vaio user as well! :)

  24. that looks so pretty! the pink one looks nice too.


  25. One worthwhile task carried to a successful conclusion is worth half-a-hundred half-finished tasks.

  26. So glad to hear that! The laptop is so cute


  27. hi! thanx for your comment on my blog! I love your SONY Vaio and I love your music too ;)
    I follow you...follow me back please! wolud be an honor! kiss

  28. Love your new lappy<3 ^___^

    I'm a new follower, btw~

    Miss. P

  29. Wow! A personal laptop. I envy you.
    You have your own personal space to study, to do the things you like.
    Even before I got married I don't have that gadget in my room. and since I get married I shared a same room with my husband in our apartment where I live now.
    Really, I super envy you girl.

  30. Your room looks so cozy! Me likey!

    Thanx for leaving a mark on my tagboard. I love it when new people visit me with a link to their page coz then I get to discover new blogs.

  31. Love the new layout, and yay for the new lappy :D!

  32. Horray for new laptop! I'm not too big on fancy tech toys. For me, if it works, that's what matters. Your room looks really cozy! xoxoxoo

  33. I'm not fan of gadgets, so I use them just if I do need them and I don't fallow trends. I have quite old phone and great 4 years old PC which I bought for just because I needed it for university. But my boyfriend just loves gadgets. By the way HP have the same idea of logo light at the back of computer.

    But let me tell You have much I love your room! It's so cute and fabulous. With so much great things! Ahhh!

    xoxo Ra

  34. we're aiming for the same thing! vaio!!!

  35. it hurts a lot when laptops die.. i feel that pang when all my files are gone. i suggest you buy an external hard drive just to be prepared in case that happens again.
    Vaio is a wonderful choice.

  36. The last picture is gorgeous.

    Follow us and we will follow u back!


  37. Love your blog! I'm now following, feel free to follow me too!


  38. wow This is simillar with my vaio!
    I love it.


  39. LOL hehe i love your room
    it made me lol when you said
    'here lies an otaku'

  40. aww your room looks so cool, request for a room tour? lol ;P

  41. i dont recommend sony.. all my frens say that sony wears down really quick ..
    im an apple user, so im probably biased with the idea of apple computers :P

    thanks for stopping by at my blog !
    glisters and blisters

  42. I love your blog! You will be in our prayers and thoughts!

    Web Design

  43. Bedankt voor je reactie!!!
    Super leuk blog heb je:)

    En leuke foto's!
    Die laatste van je kamer is echt heel gaaf!

    Fotografeer je ook?




    just started readin' your blog and i love it =]

  45. Your room looks really cute!

  46. That Apple glow is so apealing isn't it ? I wish I had it too. But I'm happey with my Compaq :P , it has a non-glowing Q but ... well ... I have the internet and it doesn't lag so YAYH \O/ ^^;


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