Peek into my life 04

Lets all pray for Japan.

My old toy that I've found in the attic: Sailor Venus playhouse! This brings back memories.

I fish my braid haha. 

This is my lil brother.
My lil brother has a intintellectual disability and i'm super proud that he got into chosen from the 3k (normal) people for the quater finals. Love youu!

One of the pieces at the art competition - it's called 'Facebook' 
Funny :P

Lunch with my people at Macdonald's - i've orderd these fried prawns and they were heeeaven. 

 A big fat kiss from the sky.

I'm feeling: Okay, stressed, positive
Music: MGMT - Electric Feel Awesome dance remix :D
Food: Pineapple bun
Drink: Tea


  1. YOU make me hungry with Macdonald's!!! :D

    i lit a candel for japan yesterday!


  2. omg, ik krijg honger vn je foto's en yay sailormoon xD lol !!!

  3. Congratulation to your brother :) he is an inspirational person! Also, you guys have prawns at maccas? What an awesome menu, Australia only have burgers :(

  4. Love your blog!!!! Sailor moon is awesome~ I have a cabinet that is dedicated to pure sailor moon merchandise.

  5. cute photos :0 congrats to your brother and i hope for japan that things get better. and i love ur braid ^^ and friend prawns at mcdonalds D: wow!

  6. Wahah sailormoon ik was daar vroeger fan van ook! =) leuk huisje! maak ook foto van je kitty huisje? =D

  7. love your fishtail braid!! thanks for commenting on my blog :)

    <3 steffy

  8. omgomgomg
    sailormoon is love
    one of my favourite childhood animes
    and wahhh your brother is so amazing!
    also, your fish tail braid is amazing! i want to do that to my hair, but my hair has too many layers and it goes all wrong :(
    im so jealous >;[

  9. All we can do is hope that the situation isn't getting worse!

    I love your photo's as always! ;D

  10. such great pics!! i love this post! :)

  11. oh my your braid! I wish I knew how to braid my hair like that.
    - Gaby

  12. Fried prawns at McDOnalds?! :) How awesome is that!!! I've never seen that on the menu here before! :P

  13. congratulations to your brother! and let's all pray for Japan!! i'm lucky i can still contact most of my friends in Japan.

  14. You have such an adorable blog
    and congratulations to your brother!
    Your photos are amazing!
    New follower

  15. My heart goes out to those in Japan as well. It's such a horrible tragedy.

    I love your Sailor Venus toy and congrats to your bro, you must be so proud of him. :)

  16. I'm so hungry for Mcdonald's right now! And I was obsessed with Sailor Moon when I was little :)

  17. YEs, Japan needs prayers right now. :(

    I love your hair btw!

  18. Wow, isn't she Minami? I loved to collect sailormoon stuff back when I was in elementary school. So much fun xp

    Nyaammm~the McDonalds make me starvingg..

    Love the sky pic and fish braid. I can't do the braid)):

    Dreamy Princess

  19. I LOVEEE Sailor Venus!!!!
    Congrats to your brotherrr~
    And I agree with Tam. What??? Prawns at Mc Donalds?! I want some here :(
    lovely photos once again darls hehe.
    <3 Gerry

  20. Love your braid and that kiss from the sky photo was lovely! :). Fried prawns at mcdonald's?! So jealous, we don't have that here! Congrats to your brother too! Great photos - the "facebook" one was funny haha.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  21. oh man that mcds looks soooo good. Loving all the pics darling x

  22. I wish we had prawn fingers here at my mcdonalds. australian food is so boring! fantastic photos. im hurting for japan too :( x

  23. Great pictures! I can't believe you have fried prawns in the McDonalds over there! The ones here in the US don't :( Haha seeing your Sailormoon playhouse brings back a lot of memories - I loved playing with my Barbie house when I was younger :P

  24. your photographs are so vibrant! i love it! and omg the sailor moon toy is so cute!

  25. i cant believe it!! Saylor moon? HAHHAA I WATCHED THIS SERIE WHEN I WAS A BABY! HAHAso funny! you conquering my hurt with this post! im following!

    Look my blog and if you like it, follow me!



  26. Those photo's are so lovely! My heart goes out to Japan.

  27. i really love how the braid looks! so beautiful!

  28. wow your hair is super long! the facebook painting looks great :) i'd love to pick up painting again, i haven't in a very long time. i've always found painting to be quite difficult. i didn't know how to blend colours. all the colours would just mix and turn a muddy mess.

    fried prawns at mcdonalds, that's different! i just had some shrimp tempura for dinner ;D

  29. came across your blog and loved it. now i'm following.

    have a great day.

  30. Sailormoon! <3
    Beautiful fish braid!

  31. Omooo~ I love Sailor Moon! *o* I can remember my old self going gaga over them!

    And your hair really looks nice. I have to wait for my hair to grow longer before I can fishtail-braid them :( Lucky youu~

  32. i love the cute sailor moon toy!! btw, ive always wanted to know how to make a fish braid, can you make a tutorial?

  33. I love all these pics (especially Sailor venus :D)
    I agree with your for the pray!!

    I need your help, if you like my look please vote me here

    your vote is very important for me thank you!

  34. great pictures, especially the sky one <3

  35. woah the mcdonalds...
    so craving for themmm !!

    you always have fabulous photos :)

    thanks for stopping by at my blog !
    glisters and blisters

  36. I indeed LOVE this song!! :D haha i have it on my ipod :3

  37. Wow fried prawns at Maconalds, okay I think I need to move to asia or something, there's nothing but boring burgers at my Mickey D's!

    p.s loving your blog! and you hair looks great <--- in response to your other post!


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