Peek Into My Life 06

 Did everyone enjoyed William & Kate's wedding? I did! 
I even set my alarmclock so that I woudn't miss a single thing. 
The wedding was beautiful, a true fairytale with a few slightly boring moments.

I think William is lucky to marry the girl he wants. 
And I reallyreallyreally wish them a long happy life together.

ANYWAY. Alot of random pictures about: shopping (<3!).  

Awww <3
Grumpy Victoria, could have worn something more colorful - oh well still looking very posh. Hubby David on the other hand looking sexy as ever.

 Louboutin lookalike heels - I've been eyeing on the black wedges. Or should I take the white one?

 Spanish tapas bar takeaway - I love tapas - not going to try these because unhygienelooking (no covers on these? Someone might have spit on it.)

 Conscious & Fashion Against Aids See that mint colored looking backpack with ears? I want to buy it!

I'm Feeling: Good
Music: Mariah Carey - My All One of my favorite songs of Mariah also breakingpoint to start acting more sexy and showing alot of skin. Ashame.
Food: Pineapple with chicken sandwich
Drink: Water


  1. Pretty pics Mei! ik weet nooit hoe ik foto's moet maken van dingen in winkel XD durf niet WAHHA xx

  2. I didn't watch the wedding .. I had volleyball training but I watched the news in the evening.

    Get the white wedges :D looks more unique haha
    haven't seen white wedges in my city yet...

  3. oh & btw i loved the outfits of the Beckhams *_* Especially David! He looks so charming ♥

  4. likessss those shoesss =p buy the white ones =d

  5. I missed the wedding! :( They look super cute together though. Wishing them many years of happiness together ^^

    Ahhh your shopping pics are making me want to go shopping now. The floral dresses in the last picture are so pretty!

  6. Will & Kate too cute but my bias is Prince Harry lol.
    Oh my gosh shoe heaven where is that??

  7. These are really gorgeous photos! Can't imagine how tired you must have been to wake up to watch the Royal Wedding! I was too tired! Hehe. Omg, shoes!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  8. Cute pics!!
    Also went to Superdry :D xx

  9. Jij neemt altijd zulke leuke foto's. Ook erg leuk dat je je link precies in de schouderband van die tas heb gezet!

    White wedges!

    And, I didn't watch the wedding. it's none of my concern!

  10. Great photos!! I loved watching the Royal Wedding x

  11. Schwingggggg Beckam. Glad you liked the song too! :)

  12. nice photos and i watched only a couple of moments of the wedding. I loved her dress and they looked so cute with each other :3 I hope they have a great and happy life together too :3 and so many shoes!!!

  13. I'm going to be naughty and say get bothhhhh black and whiteee ! ;D ehehe

  14. very cool post!
    I like this shoe and the top Kate and William look great *

  15. yup, i watched it too..
    kate look so simple but glamorous..

    great photos

  16. The wedding was beautiful, I'm proud to say I was there, in the crowd in Hyde Park with 120thousand people.. Magic. :)


  17. My highlight was waiting for MY royal couple -- the Beckham's. And not just because I want to bang David.
    I didn't watch the wedding, but I watched E!'s "Fashion Police" that night. That's all the wedding coverage I cared about.
    Middleton's dress was gorgeous, though.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  18. ahh we watched party of the wedding, our norwegian teacher got so excited over kate's dress haha:)

    SHOES! xx

  19. Hi Mei! Aww..yes, the whole wedding was just so...I'm speechless! I was so happy to see them together! And all those foods, oh my, making me superhungry right now! Yes, I think it's really cute when you wear converses under a pretty gown :-) xoxoxoo

  20. i love the stone blue river island bag >.< but i already have the leather beige one :/
    lovely pics! u have a great blog =] <3

  21. thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! can't wait to read more of your post!!!


  22. Shoesssssss! So pretty.
    Nice photos as always :)

  23. I didn't like Victoria's outfit, i don't know why everybody does LOL
    Spanish tapas are the best hahahah

  24. hehe i love these little updates of yours! those bags are so pretty,, i want them all <3

  25. /reply/ i wish my auntie made steamed buns more often :(

  26. waa...I missed the wedding >.< But grats for them ^^

  27. Nice set of photos. I'm feeling the shoes and the food. Thanks for sharing and drop by me too, soon.


  28. I'm happy for will and kate, they have been dating for so long that it's great to see them tie the knot!

    and love those dresses in the last pic!

  29. I enjoyed the wedding immensely! Didn't think I would, but I did. The atmosphere there was amazing!

  30. I read in your previous entry that you like Big Bang?? Me tooo!! especially G-Dragon. :)
    Btw, the Kate looks gorgeous in the photo you posted

  31. The white ones are just gorgeous, I agree, she could have done something a little more colorful!!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment:) No, I am now Dutch, I am Latvia:)


  32. I think Kate is very lucky to have William and all Royal Wedding and life. I'm pretty sure, she knows very well what she's doing. I have to admit she is true beauty.
    Love these photos!
    I think You have to look through your shoe collection and decide which collor is there missing ;)

    xoxo Ra

  33. Yay!!! I didn't spot Posh and her hubby when I was watching the royal wedding... so thanks!!!

  34. yes, the wedding was very beautiful! I saw it too ^-^
    love the pictures! the shoes are so amazing!

  35. Okay, you know what? I NEED To raid that floral rack, with all the pretty floral stuff T_T Oh and yes, the royal wedding! I really love how KAte is such a simple girl, it really reflects her mature, classy and sophisticated nature! Their balcony kiss was too short imo =P

    o0o0o0o maybe my problem with photography is no flash lol, Im usually just so lazy to attach the flash, though it's actually quite fast and I might as well just leave it permanently on =P I will definitely try your trick!

  36. I agree...a beautiful wedding! And I love all those handbags and the dress from H&M! Awesome! =)

    Kristina J.

  37. Wauw wat zit die WAAR winkel in een mooi pand! Sowieso mooie foto's! En ja de royal wedding was geweeeeldig haha

  38. OMG! Those white shoes!!!! Love them. Would love to have them :D
    LOve Lois xxx

  39. Shoes <3 I might be a shoe addict haha. Shopping is so much fun ^^

    Xoxo Christine

  40. omg shoes heaven! where was that at?


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