AFW (Asia Fashion Wholesale) Haul Review!

About time to review my haul from onlineshop AFW that I've announced earlier!

I've never bought anything before from AFW, so I was very excited to receive the package. Since they say shipping can take 15-30 days, I was expecting I will recieve it veryvery late (I'm using normal airmail). But I got it in like 1,5 week which totally surprised me! 

1. striped shirt, one size $10,3
2. lace blouse, one size $4,9

 Some extra details.

 Since it's one size I coudn't choose a size that fits me. 

As you can see the shirt looks way smaller + shorter on me than on the right model. I'm above the average height of Asian people, so I risk that onesize clothing from Asian stores are abit to petit for me. 

+ Pro 
1. Despise the smaller size, I still adore this piece of gear! It's casual with a small pinch of cuteness in it. 
2. Soft material, comfy on skin. 

- Con
1. The buttons on the sleeve-ends are poorly stitched on. I've got the hint they might fall of very soon. 
2. The missing spare buttons. 
3. The quality of the cotton is minium, after 1x wore it already starts to fluff. 
 ♥♥♥♥♥♥ 3/6

 Same problem with the first shirt, the size. It's small!
Look how cute the right model is..

Also I don't think the preview hasn't been 100% honest with me.
As you can see on the right model, the lace area (chest/neck area) is closed and  covered while mine is transparant. 

+ Pro
 1. Cute lace detail

- Con
1. Alot of sew defects. 
2. Shinethrough.

 ♥♥♥♥♥ 2/6

 The turn offs. 

Re-purchase: I think I will make another order again, but from now one I have to keep in mind that the size might comes smaller on me than it looks on the models. 
Shipping: Right on time! I'm impressed! The pieces of clothing were packed in a simpely bags that were seperated. 
Quality: You cannot exspect from a wholesale store delivers clothing with highquality materials, according to the order I've made. 
Price: Linking the quality and the price, I think it's not exspensive nor utterlycheap. 

I'm Feeling: Relieved, tired
Music: Katy Perry - Last Friday Night A catchy song that's stuck in my brain.
Food: Magnum <3
Drink: Water


  1. hey babe! thanks for this review! me and my younger sisters are always so reluctant to order from sites like these! although my sister did order two dresses and one was so small while the other one was too big! i love the items and hey, you look super cute in them!!

  2. i love the striped dress! xx

  3. I actually think those two dresses look better on you than they do on the model. The striped one is an odd length on the model, but it seems to drape perfectly on you.

  4. I've been waiting for this post :D Mei I need help, I tried ordering on the site but they asked me to fill out company name and min order is 12 piece I think. Just wondering what did you do?

  5. Gorgeous outfits!

    Gorgeous and amazing pieces here!!

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  6. hmm.. i always look for the measurement and make sure it will fit me otherwise I won't take a chance!
    but the stripe dress looks just perfect! :)


  7. Lace shirt/dress is so romantic and beautiful! Love it!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.

  8. woow' wonderful review dear :D ♥

    you've done it so well :) and I love the things you ordered :D :D

    I'm looking forward to see the pieces on you cutie *.*

  9. I always run into the same problems! when I order things online...
    especially from these Asian fashion sites, they never end up fitting the same on me =(
    I heard that the items in the photographs aren't always the exact same things they sell!

  10. Hoeveel kost het om het naar NL te versturen?

  11. Well, if it is true that the way you are a little shorter than the models, certainly worse with appropriate supplements you become beautiful outfits! I love the garment stripes!

  12. Oh, oh, I got that shirt the first time I bought from them, too!! We honestly need to stop buying the same things! hehehe jk :)

    The white lace shirt looks really cute on you.

    Oh, and you've got such pretty, slim legs! Envy :D

    The fluff bit is a downer, I do try to avoid it unless I absolutely have to purchase something cotton from them.

  13. Ik had precies hetzelfde, toen ik kleding bestelde uit China. Alles was veel te klein, helaas. Ik had ook bijna die lace blouse gekocht, maar nu ik je review zie, doe ik het toch maar niet.

  14. i love the white lace blouse, you could pair it with a nice pair of pants and wear a high waist belt. c: it would look really cute.

  15. Sucks that the shirt/dress are too small! I have a small top from an online Asian shop too. I never even wear it out! Waste money =_="
    Your white top is not too bad!

  16. Thanks for the review! You didn't have to buy 20 pieces though? I was taking a look at the site and it said there is a 20 item minimum per order. my order would have came out to close to $200 >.< And I actually like the white dress on you - it's a bit short, but maybe you can wear it with shorts underneath :)

  17. Thanks for the review!
    Die gestreepte jurk is leuk;)
    jammer dat ze niet helemaal overeenkomen mt de foto's =(

  18. I love the pros and cons! So happy I chanced upon your blog :)

  19. thanks for the review here !
    i love how you're being honest with everything !

    www.glisters and

  20. I really like your blog!

    Follow me ;)

  21. i love that you're being honest! the stuff you got are cute, but it's sad that the shirt got fluffy though it looks really good on you! i think asian webstores have really nice clothes, and i found so much great stuff from *---* haha :D

  22. You found some cute dresses. I love both of them. Oh my god! That dang Katy Perry song is stuck in my head too.


  23. Cute post!!
    Love your blog so much.)))

    I need your help...
    In August I depart to Greece on two weeks. I don't want to sit there on one place, I want to look at all most beautiful places.
    You were sometime in Greece? If yes, that there it is necessary to look and where it is possible to make beautiful photos?

    Thanks for earlier.)

  24. Noo, I lost my Juicy Bracelet, but then they gave me Disney Couture bracelet, lol.

    Anyway, I love the striped shirt, soo cute! :)

  25. thanks for the review! I bought that same Lacey shirt a while ago on ebay too! The model pic totally sold it >< but I agree it was bad quality =(

  26. aw, well you still rock it! i feel the same when it comes to shopping for clothes made for the masses. that's when I realized that I rather save the money for a cheap 20 shirt and get one nice shirt for 100 since I know I’ll keep it much longer 

  27. I like the striped dress :)

    My blog
    xoxo Michaela

  28. love the items you got! thanks for the review! :)

  29. awww... that's really sad! these dresses are so beautiful at the "ideal" picture, it's a shame they didn't fit properly... actually, they fit in you, but like blouses not dresses! anyway, i know how it feels when you buy something you really want and in the end it doesn't seem THAT same stuff... that's why i don't like to buy clothing at internet... :/ bye, sweet!

  30. Nice to discover your blog ! Thanks for sharing your AFW experience !

  31. This clothes is great.
    I invite you to my blog.
    kisses ♥

  32. Hey sweetie, I think the Boudoir Prive box is only for the UK at the moment. But this concept is really getting popular and I'm sure more countries will have companies like that soon

  33. die jurk met streepjes is leuk, jammer dat het net te kort is!

    Travel in Style

  34. doesn't seem like you liked the clothes very much! haha. the models always make the clothes look so good. how much exactly was shipping?

  35. Great review, I am always cautious about these sites so its nice for a review x

  36. you look in every dresses!
    But the stripes looks perfect on you!

  37. Love the stripes!
    Please check out my blog and follow me!

  38. I love striped tshirts so french!!

  39. yum, that bar looks so yummy!

  40. It is beautiful scenery.
    Striped dress is fresh and cute.

  41. its amazing how much shorter the dresses end up being and it seems to happen with every wholesale website I have ordered from. The clothes are really cute though, i especially like the white one!

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