Soup + Rings (Shop Sneakpeak!)

So so so sorry for abandoning you guys, but I've been enjoying my freedom (a.k.a Summer holiday) way to much. 
 I have passed all my exames and heading to my 3rd year of my uni - with an score of 57 points out of 60, which I think it's a good reason to be happy right? 

Now school is done for now, I have some time to do some cooking/baking and working on my future online shop! 
I've made an account at Bigcartel, the place to be to have your own online shop :)  I've spot great shops at Bigcartel that totally inspired me!
My goal is to sell my handmade jewellery and art and hoping to make a living out of it haha. 

My favorite shops A-Z:
- Gift Girls Owned by an amazing blogger Superficialgirls
Lens Bracelet Camera lenses in shape of a bracelet! 
- One Up Designs Cute pencils & notebooks!
- Isa Frosty Amazing fake Chanel jewellery :) 
My shop (under maintenance) CLICK!

I've made afternoon supper: soup with vegetables, fishballs and shiitake. 
Easy recipe, described in simple steps (click to enlarge!):

I've got a friend who once came over to have dinner with me and when she saw these mushrooms she thought they were dead turtles haha..
( Make sure you sog the shiitakes for like half hour in warm water before usage! )

Macaron box - plate with cakes - ribbon 

I'm Feeling: tired, lazy
Music: Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera Just a simple nice upbeat dancemoody song! Great team up :)
Food: Rice
Drink: Water


  1. hehe nice soup! i usually make miso soup and chuck what i can find in the fridge in there :D the shiitake do kinda look like turtles haha!

    good luck with the shop~

  2. your rings are soooo CUTE!!!!! :)

  3. love how u removed the color on everything but what u want to show. awesome pictures. cuuuuuuuuuuuuute rings btw, and grats on ur new shop! i know u've been wanting to do that for a while. <3

  4. welcome back! Those rings are delicious ( pun intended)

  5. that's awesome! i love your rings!
    will you make any more designs?!

  6. Oooh you sell rings ~ I wish I knew how to make food decorations! That way I wouldn't be paying so much for a phone case.
    and OMGGGG shitake mushrooms is yum!
    I like your photo editing ~

  7. did you make the rings? soo cutee!! love all of them! :)
    glas you enjoyed your holiday! :)

  8. i love the jewellery and CONGRATULATIONS! i'm really happy for you :3 an i lvoe the photos i wish I was that good on photoshop :(

  9. eheh, yea, except i don't know how to use iiiiiiiit!!! i dont know how to use all the manual functions. t_________t know of any quick & easy tutorials? good luck saving for yours, its def worth it. c:

  10. your soup looks good! and the rings are soooooo cute, i wish i could be able to make something like that too (: and good luck for your online shop :) xx

  11. mmm) is very appetizing on the plate you
    rings and super))

  12. The rings are amazing, I like those form:)

  13. i love the first photo! and YUM that looks delish! super cute rings too!!

  14. LOVE your accessories :) they're really cute!! Hope this shop thing will work!! It's a great idea..
    I thought that mushroom was a turtle too hahhaha, your friend is not the only one!!


  15. i love your blog, really nice..

  16. OMG lol that shames my shop ^^ i just opened it too cause exams were over!! i use newspaper to be environmentally friendly. but secretl i admire fimo extraordinaires!!!!!!!! ^^ yours are AMAZIng...the colour and detail ^^ hahayeah just shames my shop ;) good luck!! is bigcartel opular? i know its free but etsy seems much more popular :P :) OMGOMG instant love!!!^^

  17. aha and i have a bigcartel too but i only bothered to put one thing on it hhaha :)
    but i bet u will sell well! tell us how it goes ^^ its nice to have time to grow a shop &^^&

  18. lovely rings!! and you have a wonderful blogs <3

  19. I think that its really encouraging and empowering that you're opening up a shop of your own! You creations are adorable too! =D Im sure you'll do wonderfully!

    Hahaha I wish I could give away an lv scarf! I'd love to have an lv agenda too but bf would have a fit! =P Since I just spent so much money there hehehee awww thanks for the sweet compliment on my cardi!

    p.s your friend is way too funny!

    pp.s those mushrooms are my fav! =D

  20. super cute rings!!
    omg hahahha
    i love it thanks for sharing girlie:)
    lots of love

  21. nice pictures!
    and your rings are so adorable ♥
    can't wait to see your shop up and running!

  22. Congrats on finishing your exams! That soup looks really delicious and I bet it was! The rings are just sooo cute! i didn't know you make jewelery!

  23. Wow, wat een leuke blog heb jij zeg! Ik ga je volgen!

  24. Your blog banner is fuking dope!

    @post, reminds me of 2ne1 and shiz hahahah

  25. Looks delicious de soup
    Your rigns are awesome
    love them

  26. You're starting your own shop! How exciting! *hugzzz*
    I've browsed around some shops on BigCartel and have definitely fallen in love with some. So glad you're gonna sell your stuff there. I love the rings already. The macaron box is too cute!!
    Keep us updated on the launch ;)

  27. The food looks nice! I wish you goodluck with your store!

  28. CUTENESS!!
    I love the rings :D ik wil ze zo graag maken met fimoklei, maar ik stel te vaak uit :( dan maar shoppen at jouw webshop ^^ <3 Good luck!

  29. love your blog and your accessories!! now following you. your pics are so cute!

  30. Congratulations on setting up shop online! I think it's so exciting! Love to see more of your jewelry! xooxxoo

  31. wow!!!
    lovely rings!^^
    your blog is so cute and interesting!

  32. me encantan los anillos!son una monada!(L)

  33. What tiny little shittakes!
    And congrats on the shop. Looks like its not up yet, but still...very exciting.
    p.s. Regarding the ice cream/sorbet, you do need an ice cream for those. I'll try to find a recipe that doesn't require one.

  34. Wahhh I love the macaron box ring ! It looks absolutely cute <333

    And mmm, I'm hungry :(

  35. Love the first photo! Those rings are absolutely adorable! I enjoy decorative food, but I think this takes it to a new level!


  36. OMG MEI! die ringen zyn awesomEEE!! omg so cute! =D can't wait for your shop! shoppingtime! =D xx

  37. those rings look good enough to eat ;-)

    follow if u like what u see?


  38. Lovely pictures! :D

    Gooduck to your shop :))

  39. good luck on your store! The stuff looks awesome so far~

  40. Wat een leuke blog heb je!! die ringen zijn echt zo leuk!!!!!

    kijk ook op mijn blog en volg me!! ik volg jou ook!



  41. Your rings are zo cute
    I want them

  42. ohh the soup looks soooooooooo good, Im hungry now ! =)and the rings are too cuteeeeeee
    love the first pic when ure eating;)


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