My Trip Glasgow part 1

Let the photo's summarize my trip to UK!
I'm starting to get really busy with school right now, making
alot of paperwork, doing projects & assignments. 
Also trying to get this degree for masters which really giving me

Another highlights: I am going to Hong Kong with Christmas holiday! Woop woop :)

A cute Rilakkuma suitcase <3

I've spotted windmills!

I'd also like to call this a 'toy' making effect: diorama! 
All taken from the plane~

What is your best plane snack you have ever had? Mine was definitely ice cream!

I miss the UK breakfast so much haha...

Next post: part 2!


  1. Oh my gosh! These photos are all so lovely! Looks really great and like a TON of fun!

    Wardrobe Stylists, NYC


  2. Wat leuke foto`s allemaal
    Cute die koffer

  3. WOOWWW your picturs are always so beautiful and amazing. my favourite is the one with the windmills they look like theyre floating! so crazy..

  4. Cool pics from the plane. I really love your luggage!

  5. Oh the UK looks so nice...
    When will you be in HK? We should do a mini meetup!! :D

  6. hehe cute photos!
    the ones from the plane are super coool :)
    xo zebra and meerkat

  7. leuke.foto's! :) eb omg ik wil ook mee naar hk xd

  8. Your last picture really made me hungry ;___; Aww and I want a rilakkuma suitcase too!

  9. woa!! the windmills, sooooooooo coooooool!!! that's totally crazy. you have good eyes. o.o

    i love how you turned a pic of the city into miniature town. ahah. you're good with photo editing!

    [ blog | twitter ]

  10. leuk! super leuk die miniaturen, en mooie hotelkamer!

  11. Beautiful photos Mei!! So professioneel :D ILOVEIT! Kan niet wachten op deel 2 xxx

  12. How fun, it looks like such a nice trip and I really like the little pink suitcase in the first picture. I've never had a UK breakfast, looks good though. Nice post! Thanks for your sweet comment:)

  13. I loved the picture with winfmills - looks unreal!


  14. When I saw the picture of the windmills I thought "those are strange birds...." and then I read the description XD Gosh, I feel stupid!

  15. love these photos! especially the windmill one! x

  16. Oh my god, that pink suitcase is the cutest thing I've ever seen! My old suitcase is dark blue and boring - and just like everyone else has, so it's always hard to tell which one is mine when I'm looking for it at the airport. I should get something like that pink one too!

    PS. I just found your blog and it's awesome! You've got a new follower! ♥

  17. I'm so jealous!!
    still kicking myself for not visiting Glasgow when I was in Scotland few years ago =(
    I'm sure you had a blast ♥

  18. Oh thanx for your sweet comment love! Are you in Glasgow? My bf is there as well. What do you study?

  19. Like the pics and oh that English breakfast does look really yummy! As much as I love living out here in Jamaica, I really do miss my English grub lool! Following your blog sugar. Check out mine and if you like it follow me too! xx


  20. Such gorgeous photos! The food looks delicious!

  21. Lovely pictures, that food looks so good!

  22. Love your pics ! The rilakkuma suitcase is to die for, I want it so much ! :)
    Your room was awesome too ! I like your blog, new follower on google friend connect :)
    I'd be delighted if you followed back only if you like my blog too, of course ! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies
    My Twitter

  23. Lovely pics !!!Bravoo :D

    Check my Blog
    and on-line store !! :)

  24. awesomeeeee! errr wait, why are there windmills in the sky?! :OOO

    brw i love the toy effect too! how did you do it?? x

  25. I love your suitcase! And I'm so envyious of you - that room looks great :) I want to be there in that bed!

  26. OHMYYY i love your luggage... SUPER cute :)

  27. so cool!!!

    xoxo from rome

  28. i was meant to comment you earlier but something happened and i didn't... :O but anyways, i love the photo of the windmills, it's just amazing! though i cannot understand how can they be on something blue... :-D and the diorama photos are so lovely! + you're looking as cute as always :-) i hope to visit uk someday too~ have a great weekend!

  29. oh i'm so jealous!! want to travel right NOW, too :) but i will be in england very soon :)

    ♥, peppie

  30. Looks like you're going to have a great time :)

  31. loveee the pics!

    The rilakuma suitcase is a complete cuteness, the toy miniature effect is working, love the room because of the colorful stripes. Want the breakfast too!(:

    Can't wait for the next part((:

    Dreamy Princess

  32. Hong Kong during Christmas? I only go to the closest place from Brunei-KK and Kuching. Too bad...
    Planned to go to Hong Kong too but had to cancel. Boohooo~

  33. nice photos
    We are two fashion photographers and stylist who together form different fashion blog, hope you like
    a kiss

  34. Your photos are so beautiful! I love them all! ^^

    The best food I've had on a plane was Cathay Pacific's. They gave us cup ramen, dumplings, chau sau buns, and stir fried yemen. :)

  35. OMG Mei !! die huisjes vanuit plane!! aWESOMEEEE hoe je hebt gemaakt!! and super cute suitcase! me zusje heeft tas van die beer XD

  36. Love the quality of the photos C: So beautiful ! I love the ones where you took on the plane & the food looks so little . That can not fill up a stomach Ahaha , at least not mine (:

  37. I laughed when you asked if you must eat dimsum in UK. I'm like this when i go on holiday with my parents too! If we're in Spain or America, maybe The Netherlands... they always have to look for chinese food to eat! Classic! x

  38. the lil houses really look like toys it is amazing!!

  39. Can i know where you get your rilakkuma suitcase from??

  40. When you buy that suitcase? Is it now still available at new town plaza??


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