My Trip Glasgow part 2

R.I.P Steve Jobs
Day two of my stay in Glasgow! 
I got up really quickly because I was really excited how our breakfast will look like - hungryfoodnerd 
coming through people.

After the nutritious breakfast, we head out to explore the
main city of Glasgow which also including shoppingspree-ing. 
Thanks to my (generous) dad for giving spending money D: (does this count as breaking my shopping ban?)
 Haul soon! 

Also thanks for liking my photos from the last post!
Some people were curious about the 'miniature toy effect' photos.
The effect called diorama which is provided in my camera as an art filter :)
What I like in Glasgow are the old building in gothic architecture.

Hello family :)

Me: "We're in UK now, do we aaalways have to have dimsumming?!"
I guess whenever my family travelling around the world, we always need Chinese food. 

Part 3 coming soonish!
I'm Feeling: Tired, stress, happy
Music: Kina Grannis - Valentine I've been following her since 2007 on Youtube! Please vote her for the Best Webborn Artist of 2011 ^__^
Food: 咖哩角


  1. lovely picturesss <333 i want to visit that countryyy !!

  2. Haha je familie heeft helemaal gelijk hoor xD
    Dimsum is gwn super lekker! :D

    Trouwens jij neemt echt bizar mooie fotos en kan echt super goed omgaan met photoshop (en dan doel ik ook op je tekeningen)! Ik ben zwaar jaloers haha

  3. omg you're just using e-pl1 and it has Diorama effect? awesome!! O__O

    haha! 咖喱角?is it found in the uk? :D

  4. nice post & wonderful pictures!

  5. Hi, really nice blog! :) you’re so stylish!
    I would like to ask you if you spent in my blog, there is a giveaway! You can win a kit of 4 OPI nailpolish of the new winter collection "Touring America." To participate go to this link:

  6. I'm looking forward for part 3 :)

  7. I so love Scotland! Beautiful pictures! <3<3

  8. aww you're in the UK! sorry I've been such a bad blogger =[ and STILL can't seem to make your updates come up on my sidebar >_< anyway hope you have a lovely time ! loving all your pics.. I live in UK but haven't been even been to Glasgow :O

  9. What a lovely photos, and I like your outfit, it's so casual and cute :)
    Thank you for lovely comment on my blog dear :)

  10. Love your pictures. they are great! and the food looks delicious!

  11. I'm definitely looking forward for part 3. The pictures are great and you look amazing and btw is that kimchi dimsums?

    Thank u for visiting my blog. I'm gladly following you now, would you like to follow me back? :)

  12. I wish I had your eye for photography. Everything looks like a page from national geographic. Crazy talented, girl!

    Hope your trip has been amazing.

  13. Your pictures always tell the story and it has a movie-esque feel. Especially those natural shot of you in it. If it is self timer then WOW that is flawless! :)

  14. Hi! thank you very much for your comment in my blog!
    great photos!!!

  15. the architecture looks really beautiful there !!
    i love it !


  16. lovely photos!!! all the food looks sooo good! :)

  17. wow amazing pictures! <I really like them and I wanna visit that city :D


  18. Haha. My family are also like that. Always searching for local cuisine like nasi lemak whenever we go for a trip. While I, want to venture everything. Lucky there are so many Malay halal restaurants in UK that I wont so worried about. Very nice trip u got there

  19. All these food pictures are not doing me any good haha! Looks like you had a great time x

  20. i love love LOVE your photography! so great! it looks so clean yet somewhat soft :)

  21. love these photos. the food looks delish! xx

  22. luv your style! :D and best pictures!!! the evening one :D what camera do you use?

    check my new blog post!!!


  23. I want to go visit Glasgow now! All the architecture looks amazing! Whenever my family travels, we also try one Chinese restaurant, so I've had Chinese food in many different countries. XD

  24. Gorgeous photos :)

  25. Looks like an eventful trip ! so exciting ! :)

  26. Amazing pics sweetie!!I love the mood of :)

    Check my Blog
    and on-line store !! :)

  27. Great post, lovely photos! ♥

    XO, Imke

  28. Wow the photos are amazing as always! I wish I had you're skills when it comes to taking photos! Got any tips for a newbie? =P You're seriously making me want to get the pen, but right now I have my eye on the new lumix g3 since it's got a flip out screen LOL

    hahaha I think it's so cute your parents like to have Chinese food everywhere! I guess you get to taste the different variations though right? LOL

  29. loving all the photos!!! can't wait to see more!


  30. I'm so jealous!! I went to Edinburgh and loved it! Thanks for the comment dear <3

  31. lovely travel photos. looks so fun!

    come visit me!

  32. Ahh Hope you had a lovely time!! The weather in the UK hasn't been that great though :(


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