My Trip Glasgow part 3

It's true: I use foodpictures as an excuse to fill up posts.
 So behold part 3 of my days in Glasgow!

 Cereals = love

Did you know strawberries makes your teeth whittier? I've raid loads of them at breakfast :)

Camera data
Aperture: F/7,1
Shutter Speed: 1/320 sec
Focal Lenght: 14,0 mm

 Haggis! And nope I didn't try it out.. It doesn't look too apetizing. Be my guinee pig!

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  1. Those miniature boxes of cereal bring back memories <3 I used to have them a lot as a child, esp the Snow Flake(Corn flakes dust with icing sugar) ones!

    Wow the buildings and pedestrian signal thing look so pretty :)

    Hahahaha hmmmm according to wiki, Haggis don't sound that appetising too xp

  2. love your ponchoooo >.<

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  3. awsome pics, you made me hungry! :)

  4. great pics and outfit!


  5. Omg yummmmmm *____*!
    All these foods looks heaps yummy! And yayy for Reese :DD ! Your photos always look so nice <3

  6. thanks so much for your comment lovely, that really means so much to me!
    these photos look lovely, hope you're having a wonderful time!
    followed your blog aswell dear, it would be amazing if you wanted to follow back :)
    jessie x
    the weekend project.

  7. nice ot know your blog :D great pics

  8. nice blog and very noce post! i like it very much!
    Please, take a look to mine! tell me what you think!
    I hope you like it!
    i wait for you...and if you like.... ;-)
    Miriamstella ( from Italy)

  9. Your look is amazing the pics so so beautiful and especially I love your wedges:)Thank you much for your comment!

    Check my Blog
    and on-line store !! :)

  10. I love food pictures, hehe :)
    And I like this outfit, you are so cute :)

    P.s. thank you so much for lovely comment on my blog, follow you, follow back if you want to :*

  11. wait, THREE cups of resse's peanut butter cups?! we only have 2 in america or 4 if you want the big pack! but three? thats cool. lol. sorry that really excited me =) thanks for sharing these photos! i haven't been here for a while, i've missed your posts! i also changed my blog name too. but anyway, hope that you are well and enjoying life dear!

    x jamie


  12. those pics are great ! i love cereals too :) anyway your ponchooo ! me likey !
    this blog really has a cute template. def following, yay im your 600th follower ! hahaha :D

    have a nice day!
    The Endless Wishlist

  13. I want to go back to Europe soon because of all your photos! All the food looks so delicious. I thought my friend was joking, when she told me strawberries make your teeth white. XD

  14. I love your pictures Mei! The scenery and sites look really pretty. And I love the poncho too :D

  15. wow this post is delicious.!!
    Hon thanks for stopping by and your comment sorry to hear you have also had a lost due to cancer! soon there will be a cure!

    I honestly didn't know about strawberries helping with whitening your teeth I shall try that now !

  16. I love the photos! Such a joy to look at! I want to go to London soon. Miss it!

  17. I love those mini sized cereal boxes you get at hotel breakfasts! And all the food looks so yummy *---* + LOVE the photo of the tower and the building, the contrast is so great <3 Haggis... not too appetizing :-D xx

  18. I really want to taste Reese's biscuits!

  19. This bring me back to the time I went to U.K. Miss it :/
    The pictures look amazing! :)


  20. Love your wedges and Glasgow looks beautiful! xx

  21. All these food pictures are makin me absolutely hungry!!!!!!


  22. super cute pictures!!! i love pictures of travel and food.. you totally have me.


  23. wow, I didn't know that strawberries can whiten teeth, amazing face and I shall be eating lots from now on. These pics are so nice, makes me want to go to Glasgow too! x

  24. oh what a beautiful.. and yummy trip! lovely post <3

  25. All of that food looks SO good! Lovely photos - I really should go visit soon too!

  26. Awh, cute pics ♥ Great post!!

    & Yeah, working as a bartender is great, right? I love it :)

    XO, Imke

  27. wow your pictures are awesome. looks so fantastic i'd love to go there!

  28. Everything in these pictures looks amazing especially the fruit, they look extra fresh hahah thanks for putting your camera info too! It really helps newbies like me to take some better photos T_T

    I think sailor moon was many peoples first since it was one of the first animes to air beyond Japan! I love it too! The first season is the best hahaha but I know what you mean, I have less time to watch anime and I have less tolerance for it to now =P hope you're doing well!

  29. You’re wonderful in these photos, I like you style!
    Take a look at my blog, and if you like it follow me, I’ll be waiting for you!

    Cosa mi metto???

  30. Looks good :D I think you had lots of fun over there! xx

  31. really pretty pictures- I love the one of you on the bus :D and the architecture is amazing

  32. OMG I love reese and now craving for one ! Nice pictures :)

  33. Thank you for sharing your travel photos! Glasgow looks beautiful (and delicious) :) I would love to use more food posts on my blog, but I keep on forgetting to take pictures of them! hahaha.

    Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog! I'm glad you found mine cos now I found yours! I'm your newest follower!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
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  34. Oh your pics make me wanna hop on a plane and flyyyy to Glasgow! Love the architecture too xx


  35. thanks to you I discovered a city I should visit soon :)


  36. no i didt, thank u anywayY!!:)
    cool blog!!!
    and nice trip in glasgow!

  37. Great photos!!
    Yeay cause i LOVE strawberries hehe


  38. Your cousin looks amazing in her brides dress and I love your cream platforms you wore on the bus...AND that M&S Millionaires dessert looks oh, so, so yummy!

    Urban art + street fashion addict:

  39. nice info about strawberries! i always look for ways make them whiter

  40. what you have on here is lovely!


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