My Hair Story

I have posted on March '11 about the fact that I have a new haircut: bobline.
Since then I haven't visit any hairdresser! 
You can guess that my hair has grown. My family, friends and classmates also noticed the lenght of my hair and someone even was wondering if I got hairextenstions!
No I don't have fake hair (just white hair lol). 

My hair passed my shoulders which makes it's official as longhair!
And I actually want to have something fresh again.
 so: What hairstyle should I take? Layers/bangs/assymetric etc.?

6 months ago: bobline! You can read my post at this link: click!
My hair data: black & white color, sleek and thick. 

 Should I cut bangs again?

Camera Data: F/3.6 - ISO 200 - 1/250 sec
Photoshop Data: dodge tool, blur, auto color, healing brush

Also today: cleaning my closet & digging out some shoes.. Camera Data: F/3.5 - ISO: 400 - 1/13 sec

I'm Feeling: alright
Music: Coldplay - Paradise I've been replaying this song like madddd. Love Coldplay!
Food: Apple
Drink: Apple juice


  1. I still think that bob cut suited complimented you very nicely. You should however, do what's best for you and your hair!
    How is it going with the hairloss? Is it getting better?

  2. Your hair looks great when it's long though I like it as shorter too. But I'm the worst person to give hair advise lol~ I wish I had naturally black hair too *---* xx

  3. You should layer it, it'll definitely give you that fresh feeling.
    Also...ever consider dying your hair? Your hair would look great with a dip dye.

  4. you look cute with the bob cut.. :D

  5. i really like your hair in a bob! hope you figure out what you wanna do with it! :)

  6. I say no to bangs, if you want to go crazy why not do a short bob cut?

  7. i think you look great with bangs !! how about long layered hair with bangs ? :)

    The Endless Wishlist

  8. ik vind het leuk dat je zo lang haar heb! Misschien een pony ^^. En omg, jij hebt wel heel veel schoenen, ik heb volgens mij maar 4 paar? HAHA :'D

  9. indeed you have white hair! hiahia. i think it looks pretty good. it gives your hair more structure and it looks interesting. yeah i know everyone has some white hair but since mine is so light colored you can't discover any :D

    and please try out bangs again! it definitely will look great on you *Q*

    ShuShu ♥

  10. Adorable and cool post. Take some time to visit my blog.

  11. I love the fourth one!

    love from Germany :)

  12. Sometimes when it's hard to decide what style to do, just ask your hairdresser what compliments your face shape the best.

  13. My suggestion is this one...

    Good luck with your decision!

  14. I think you would look pretty with a shorter hairdo, with lots of layers! And go with some bangs.

  15. Whoa, you have so many pairs of shoes! I want some of them. As for your hair, I think a bob cut would look super cute on you! ^^

  16. Yeah, go for the bobline again, Mei! I think you looked great it in.

    The pics look great. You look like a hair model <3

  17. Both hairstyle suit you, in my opinion.
    Because you have a pretty face.

    P.S. Thank you! I use Canon 5D Mark II, and Nikon D60 for back ups.

  18. i like you w/ long hair although you did rock the bob well! whoa - that is a lot of shoes! xx

  19. I dunno how long it was before but I think it looks nice wavy haha

  20. I personally love short bangs (just not on myself) haha

    GEEZE look at all you shoes share!


  21. kayanya pas dibawah bahu bakal OK, loh. mau diatasnya juga OK. rambutmu kan emang bagus :) btw, aku juga baru beres2 lemari, hihihi :)

  22. omg you have too much shoes!

    i love your hair.


  23. Hi,

    I was looking for some interesting blog to follow and found yours! =)
    I hope you can visit and follow mine too! Here's my link

    see you!


  24. really coool interesting post!! your hair look good in pretty much every cut!!! I like it a lot long tho :) Xx

  25. Hi, yes, but just a little bit though :D

  26. Ik weet nog toen je haar heel lang was ^^ maar je boblijn stond echt leuk! :D Misschien moet je verschillende haarstijlen 'photoshoppen' haha ;)

  27. this:

  28. Meiiii!
    I remember when you got the bob hair cut, I can't believe your hair has grown that much! Mine has been the same length for a year now! :\

    You have a madddd shoe collection! I would love to own that many!

    I did see the Kpop stars, but I was sitting too far away to actually see their faces myself :( Oh wellzzz

  29. Hmmm,i love the assymetric cut, although I would never have the guts to do it myself.
    What a show of shoe collection!

  30. i actually like assymetric cuts...
    it could look great on u i feel!
    i kinda wish i was daring enough to get it =P

  31. hmmm I kind of like your hair now! maybe instead of cutting it layering it? either way you look good though :D

  32. you look great with bangs or without bangs.
    maybe you can layered your hair :)

  33. Heey,
    ik vond de bob je mooi staan ;) miss iets korter zelfs, lekker pittig.
    En over je nieuwe webformat: hoe ga ik nu naar de vorige pagina? Ik baal dat ik niet makkelijk je vorige posts kan lezen!

  34. I think the bangs [fringe!] look is lovely on you x

  35. Dang, your hair IS long! I say go for a medium length haircut. It's cute and classic. You have a lot of shoes. JEALOUS.

    P.S. You're a December baby? I am too!

    Lots of love, B
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  36. I think the bob with bangs was perfect! But totally layer it this time to give it some texture.

    style roulette


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