Happy Saint Nicolas!

 (Thanks for your kind comments!)

A day where gingerbreads & chocolate coins are being tossed around on the streets. 
Where goody kids recieve presents and naughty kids spanks by a roe. Or in the worst case: being put in a bag and taken back to Spain, the homeland of Nicolas! 

 Of course there wont be any kidnapping to Spain in these modern days when you are a bad kiddo (I woudn't mind),
but 5 December is still a pretty huge holiday in Holland. 

But who doesn't
love St. Nicolas? The overload of delicious gingerbread, biscuits, marzipan figures and of course chocolate is truely a pamperday!

Happy Dutch Christmas a.k.a St. Nicolas! 

Camera Data 14 mm lens: F/3.5, ISO 800, 1/15 sec

Camera Data 14 mm lens: F/3.5, ISO 250, 1/15 sec - Flash: 1/14
Photoshop Data: crop, dodge tool 

 Camera Data 14 mm lens: F/3.5, ISO 800, 1/10 sec - Photoshop Data: Crop
 Green silken blouse: Miss Etam, Skirt: H&M, Golden heart-shaped necklace: Miss Etam, Belt: Only, Platform wedges: ASOS

 Apologize for the missing letters haha.. Camera Data 14 mm lens: F/3.5, ISO 800, 1/15 sec - Flash: 1/14
Photoshop Data: crop, normalbrush: white, text, dodgetool   

I'm Feeling: fat
Music: Coldplay feat. Rihanna - Princess of China A good collaboration! I'm planning to buy their album~
Food: chocolate
Drink: water


  1. have u already eaten the missing letters? :p

  2. i want the same chocolate!!! :D
    and i've got the same necklace (:

  3. je schoenen zijn zo leuk zeg! :D
    haha, awesome je blognaam in choco letters ^^.

  4. Nice outfit! I thought you might post your blogname in letters! Doen jullie surprises? Wij vieren alleen de kerst!

  5. Je outfit! Super leuk!
    Zou echt perfect zijn met een iets dunner riempje of voller rok (heb het idee dat de riem iets te grof is voor het rokje). Maar dat is een beetje mierenneukerij (hehe super leuk woord als je het letterlijk leest), want het is gewoon erg geslaagd! En die schoenen zijn echt liefde :D

  6. Love your outfit Mei!! =D en omg zoveel choco letters heb je! ik krijg eentje al met moeite op XD xx

  7. thanks, wish you a happy saint nicolas, too :xx
    and your outfit looks very lovely and somehow i get good mood seeing it ^-^" khekhekhe

    ShuShu ♥

  8. Love your shoes! I wish there was a St Nicholas day here.... I'd love some chocolate now!

  9. Your boots are so cute Mei! I wish it was so cold outside that I'll be cozy with layers of blanket! xoxoxxo

  10. wow .. zoveel letters gehaald xD .. ik vind 1 al teveel :P like the outfit :D !!

  11. Oh my loooorrrd!! I want to spell out my name with chocolate letters! God they look yummy!

    I like your shoes btw ~ Wedges are totally the way to go :D

  12. such beautiful photos! sounds like a fun holiday :D

  13. haha wauw lekker veel letters! ik denk dat ik er vandaag ook een paar met 50% korting ga halen.. haha

  14. oh, my.. is that real chocolate?? :O
    happy St. Nicolas day, by the way :))

  15. I love St. Nicholas Day! We are putting our shoes out tonight. It's a great, fun tradition.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  16. they don't sell those huge chocolate letters where I live :(

  17. Awesome pics!
    and nomnom voor de choco letters!
    Ik heb er eentje van Hema hehe, vol met frutsels en een zwarte piet LOL

  18. oh my goodness yes yes yes! I am half dutch and unfortunately couldn't find any chocolate letters here in london :( will be celebrating in spirit hehe

  19. such a cute post!!! Your skirt and your shirt are amazing!!!
    xx so

  20. hahahahha happy christmas to :D sweet post . u look so festive in green!

  21. I'm quite in love with your shoes!! And those chocolate alphabets are well cool!

    In reply to your comment:
    I want to visit Holland, Mei!! I really wanted to go in Spring, but for some reason didn't make it. Holland is definitely on the list! :D

  22. Awesome shots! I love your style <333
    and I want those chocolates TwT

  23. amazing outfit! I'm totally in love! it's so relaxed as so very well put togeather!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  24. nice beautiful shoes

  25. love your style!! anddd love so much the chocolate letters! yummy! Xxx

  26. i looove the shoes!!

  27. i love your shoes ^^ and the chocolate is amazing! nice to visit your blog after so long i hope ure doing okay :)

  28. loving your style. And the green is beautiful

    xx the cheap

  29. ohmygosh your wedges are amazing!! so beautiful!!! the chocolate looks so good! :P


  30. i totally want to munch on those chocolate letters right now LOL. and love that green top your wearing!

  31. Yum, those chocolates look so delicious! I should not be craving chocolate this late at night haha.

  32. love your green top!
    the chocolote looks cute and yummy! :)

  33. love the green top! AND NOM NOM choc letters!

  34. Great photos and love those chocolate! Happy St. Nicholas day to you:D

  35. i love your styling.
    your choice of colors are so pleasant to the eyes :)


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