I love eating Spanish cuisine such as tapas, Spanish fingerfoods. 
Margarita is a restaurant specialized in mediterranean food. They have pizza's, pasta, menus and of course tapas.

Mhmmm something that our sense organs will love! Ready 
to judge this place, together with my food buddy.

"wow, they serve free water here" I know alot of countries cope with this service, unfortunate most spots in Holland doesn't. Hence the joy lol. 

Address: Piet Heinstraat 3A 4461 GL Goes The Netherlands
We both took the 3-course menu where you can choose out of 6 different dishes to assemble your own 3 courses. A system that me and my friend really like!

"Want some bodylotion with your fries?" this runny texture 'aioli' is hilarious!  
A creeperrr....
Tiramisu with mascarpone ice cream, grapes, pistachio and mango sauce.

Food: ♥♥♥♥
Service: ♥♥♥
Interior: ♥♥♥
Price: ♥♥♥♥


  1. Amazing! The food looks delicious.
    What's this about having to pay for water though? O____o

  2. The concept is really cool and wow a lot of place actually charge for water in holland. I just learn something new today. Just curious do they serve tap water or bottled water when they charge for money?
    Photos are crisp and clear as always. Love it!!

  3. The photos look amazing! And the food looks ever so tasty!

    Wait, you had to pay for water? Was that tap water - I hope...

    Have a great week :)

  4. Mmmm, I love spanish food! *___*
    Aioli is so good, though it's very garlic-y. Also, it's great when water is free, some time ago in Finland, I remember how I could go to a café and order a glass of water for free and just sit there drinking water. Nowadays it's around 0.50€ :-D Maybe it changed because of us kids haha xD xx

  5. looks delicious!!!

  6. Delicious food design :3
    In Germany i dont know any restaurant which serves free water -_-.

    x :)

  7. delicious! wow, i'm so happy, that you commented on my blog... that way i found yours and i really love it!!! *_*_*

  8. Wow! Looks jummy! Quite different tapas than I know it!

    Yeah... Isn't it annoying? It's usually water from the tap anyway >_<

  9. Yumm looks delicious!

    Bisous, Sara

  10. haha creeper XD
    Food looks yummy<3

  11. Looks good!
    Haven't had a lot of tapas but I always like the chickpeas(kikker erwten) and spinach from the oven.

    I know what you mean about the's so strange! Expensive food, bad service and having to pay for bottled water...

  12. lol @ the creeper in your pic! And no free water in Holland?? That's unheard of for me because free water (even if it is tap) is pretty much a given in the States. The food looks really yummy though! I love Spanish cuisine. My favorite dish is the seafood paella :D

    And in regards to your question - the bag was from Urban Outfitters. They don't sell it anymore though, unfortunately :(

  13. The food looks so delicious and I love restaurants that allow you to pick multiple courses for one price! When I first went to Europe, I was shocked that I had to pay for Europe because in the USA, they just pour it from the tap. Then I realized it was because not very country has safe tap water...(:

  14. all of the food looks tasty esp the Dessert!!! *w*

  15. Lovely photography. The food looks so yummy.

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  16. Looks so good omg, i love tapas too!

    Love from the NaNa girls x

  17. I like certain restaurants. I went to Barcelona last month and was rather disappointed with the selection. Perhaps we didn't go to the right places. However, in the UK, my bf and I love the tapas we find around our area...I wonder if the tapas in the UK has been adapted to local taste so it's different...and better hehe

  18. I didn't know a place that charged for water even existed! Over here, they give us jugs of water and we can refill them as many times as we like. The food looks so yummy!

  19. hum! Yummy! I really like tapas as well, and I am lucky because there are many spanish restaurants in Portugal!

  20. can i have some too ?
    looks very delicious ! :>

  21. Waou, the food looks super yumme! Lucky you! :)

  22. Yep, I would clean my plate too..:) xx

  23. I haven't had anything like this in a long time. You make me miss it!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  24. These look delish! Great photos! And personally I LOVE Tapas xo

  25. the food looks so yummy! I love! =)


  26. Mmm, the food looks so good! And the choice out of 6 system sounds good too ^^
    I didn't know that some places don't give free water...well I went to a high class restaurant once and they charged for it~
    I love tiramisu <3

  27. oh! now I'm hungry! hahah]

    great pictures

  28. food looks delish! (:

  29. Wow, this all looks so amazing!! But.. you have to pay for water in a restaurant?! I've never even heard of such a thing!

  30. DEAR GOD all the food looks so delicious! that cute mushroom bread is funny lol

  31. want the foods :D
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  32. Very beautiful foods!!!
    I have been hungry!!!
    Your smile is very cuuuuuuuute!

    akiko in Tokyo

  33. This is just making me too hungry!!!!

  34. All look so yummy!! You have such beautiful photos here and I'm your new follower. It'd be great if you do the same :) xo akiko
    Style Imported

  35. Yum! I can't believe they charge for water in the Netherlands.. wow!! That would cause outrage in Australia!

  36. ohhmygoood it looks so delicious! I AM HUNGY NOW :/

  37. holy! this made me really want to try some spanish now


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