The Roadtrip

{@previous post reply: The stinky tofu got his name thanks to it strong oder. It can make you hungry - or not :P}

My days in Kaoshiung are almost over and after that I'll be heading off to the maincity: Taipei, the city where my cute Taiwanese actors live ha-ha. 

The last day was a roadtrip. We bumped into a taxi-driver who was willing to drive us to the places we want to visit for a decent charge! He also know 
which tent has great bubble tea! I think we were lucky :)

I was wondering why he became a taxi-driver and not a tour guide. Anywho.
Uploaded alot of photos, so enjoy!

We bought healthy fruit snacks on our way :)

Standing on a cliff at Fongchueisha - the name means 'Windblown Sand' no wonder it was
super windy up there..  

At Jialeshui and the Pacific Ocean. 

We paid 80TWD (€2,05) for a ride just to see some rocks, this one called "The Dead Pig".

One of the greatest lunch I had in my life.

The rusty Gangkou bridge. 

My first time seeing 'nature fire'.

We finish our roadtrip off with delicious Japanese food!

Happy Valentine's Day! 


  1. hmm, 2,50 euro voor stenen is nog best te doen :P. Wel erg mooie foto's heb je gemaakt zeg!♥
    oelala, wie zijn jou Taiwanese acteurs? :O Jerry Yan? :P

  2. arrrwww everytthing looks just awesome! i wish i could also visit those places v.v" how long will you stay in taiwan?
    happy valentine's day! :xx

    ShuShu ♥

  3. I love looking at your picture they seem so fun kinda like I'm there~~ I wish I really was it looks so warm. ;-; So cold here.

  4. I never knew Taiwan had such pretty areas to explore! Surely is an incredible place to visit, huh? :)

  5. I felt really happy when I made out the shape of the dead pig in the rock!
    I'd be so scared to walk that bridge, I'm too afraid of heights
    It looks like you had an amazing day and happy valentine's to you!

  6. Love that kind of foog ! my favourite ! :D
    love the picts ! u must to upload them on a bigger size :)
    xoxo from spain love

  7. beautiful photos!!!
    I felt sea's wind!

    Is last photo's Japanese food TOFU???

    akiko in Tokyo

  8. i love all your taiwan posts! i miss tw so much!!

  9. Road tripping looks so fun!
    Great pics, love the 'dead pig' rock thing, and the food looked really yummy~

  10. amazing pictures wow !!! love your blog xxx


  11. I absolutely love going on roadtrips! Bubble tea sounds so good right now and I love that you're keeping it healthy. The locations you visited are all so beautiful! :)

    P.S. Yes, 'The Hunger Games' is a trilogy! I hope you get to read all of the books soon.

    Lots of love, B
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee
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  12. I don't see the pig! Which picture am I supposed to be looking at?
    I went to Yeliu park but I like this place better, no tourists!
    But did the cab driver stay there while you were looking around?

    Btw, I think there's something wrong with the comment system, I keep having to write the word verification over and over!

  13. Even if I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day it looks like you had a wonderful time. By the way, the photos are more than beautiful!

  14. awh the dead pig rock is so cute with it's name :p and lovely photos :3 the food looks great! i wish i was there helping you eat it :p!

  15. wow beautiful photos! Btw I am doing a huge giveaway so plz check it out!

  16. beautiful picturessss ^o^/
    your lunch look super delicous!!

  17. Ive never been to Taiwan but I'd love to visit someday!!!! really great photos taken :)


  18. It took me a long time staring at the photo with the "dead pig" rock to figure out the shape. LOL. and sea urchin for lunch sounds great already!!


  19. These photos are lovely! I love your rings :) x

  20. Really nice pics ! Great to discover your blog !
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  21. such a fun place~

  22. wow dried kiwi fruit- never had that before! hopefully they have some at my local asian grocery :D

  23. wow this is exactly why I LOVE travel and food journals. Absolutely beautiful pics m'dear :)

  24. So jealous of your trip!! Looks like you had so much fun! :)

  25. omg amazing photos!!!! everything looks beautiful!!!! have a safe trip to taipei!!!! and happy valentines day to you!!

  26. Ohh woow! Kiwi in a packet!

    That's so cool!


  27. the rock formations look so beautiful!
    i didn't go there when i went to taiwan though. :(
    beautiful photos though. you clearly enjoyed :>

  28. nice and Thanks you so much for your comment !
    Come to see my new post

  29. WOW! your blog is so awsome!
    Follow you! I must!

  30. Either I'm really hungry right now or those chinese sausages look really good lol did you manage to try one and was it any good? The japanese meal at the end looks great too! I love the shape of the rocks, reminds me of when dinosaurs roamed the earth!

  31. Wow! Taiwan is so pretty, the streets looks so clean. It has been a while since I went back haha, is the environment cleaner now?

  32. Lovely photos! Looks like fun. Love your boots :)


  33. Thank you for your comment! The pictures of the dress are up now ! :)

    The Golden Bun
    new post
    follow me

  34. Haha I love that rock named Dead Pig. It Does look like a dead pig hehehe.

    Ooooh yummy Taiwanese sausages, I love!

  35. I love the photos! The scenery looks so pretty - all those nooks and crannies in the rocks looks really interesting. Were they created by the waves splashing against them or something?

    And is that a sea urchin on your plate? I've never had urchin before :)


  37. ♥ all the pictures ^^

  38. Beautiful photos!! Love the scenery. Hope I can visit one day :) PS passed on the Totally Smitten Award to you on my blog! :) :)

  39. amazing photos :)

  40. thanks for the support!! your blog is always about nice things :( I wannnt...


  41. Aww what cute kiwi snacks! I like your rings :D
    Never tried sea urchin for lunch before, but I would like to one day :O

  42. Your photos are always lovely! Have you got any tips/tutorials for making templates for blogger?

  43. Absolutely amazing pictures! Loveng those ocean pictures with all my heart!

    Daria, the Fashionsurfer


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