OOTD: Blood Diamonds

I am always an earring person with big fan of quirky
hangers but lately I am starting to like
wearing studs. I think these little friends 
can be a great eye-catchers on a very subtle
outfit c:

Do you remember my shopban? Yep it is still
going and a good cause is involved with it! For 
each naughty purchase you have made, you are 
going to put aside 10% extra of the price 
for a charity! 

Example: you've bought €40 dress, 10% = €4 
for charity :)

My sweet cousin Heidi bought these earstuds for me! c:

Hat: Hong Kong, red jumper: Taiwan, denim shorts: Clockhouse, tights: F21, ring: Threadsence,
earstuds: Chapel, earcuff: Topshop 

My shopban commitment: each purchase trespass, donate 10% of the purchase to a charity c:

I'm Feeling: good
Music: TLC - Unpretty An oldskool feel good song.
Food: Risotto
Drink: greentea


  1. Oh! Goodluck with keeping up the shopping ban!

    Love the outft, suits you! :)

  2. What a lovely outfit Mei! *--*
    And good luck with your shopping ban, you can do it! :) xxx

  3. oooh you look pretty cool with that style *Q* and nice earstuds!!
    ♥ shushu-blog.blogspot.com ♥

  4. I love the outfit, specially the tights and earrings :3

  5. ooh, that is so beautiful of you. at least you are totally not depriving yourself of what you want to do. to shop, that is. =)

  6. good luck with that shopping ban ! Nice outfit! :)


  7. Good luck with your shopban! And I like the charity idea! ^^

  8. I like the studs and the long earrings you're wearing too! And good luck with the shopping ban! I think putting a penalty aside to go to charity is a great idea :D

  9. Love your outfit! Especially the cute hat and ripped tights! Loveeee!
    That's lovely that you are donating to stop Kony! My friends and I are thinking about putting up posters to help raise awareness~
    It would be awesome to see your with blonde hair! Not many of my friends have blonde hair :D

  10. Wow I love your tights!!!!
    Have a good week!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  11. Love the baggy knit and ripped tights :)

    Those studs are really cool, and eye-catching too!

    Seems like your shopping ban is going nicely! It's cool that you have the charity jar too - at least if you buy something, a good cause reaps some benefit as well :)

  12. OMG! that tights are just awesome!!!!

  13. Hey :)
    I love ear studs, I have pearls on right now and they give me a very sophisticated look... And are always good, with ANY outfit!(which means I don't need to change earrings that often, I'm veeery lazy!).
    I also love your idea of giving a 10% off a purchase to charity, I think that's something to admire :)


  14. good cause! and love your art!

  15. i love your outfit :3 i love earrings, but i always lose just one :(

  16. Your outfit is awesome ^^"
    And mm, I've been wearing studs lately too ..but I think that's because I have more of them due to gifts @.@

  17. Gorgeous sweater and ring!! I do love them!! :D

  18. I love the studs and your outfit! ;) I really need to buy those tights<3 haha
    &Good luck with the shopban! xx

  19. i dont know if kony 2012 is real... there's been rumours, you know.


  20. That ring is AWESOME.

    Shopping bans are so hard. I am on one right now, and I am dying.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  21. lovely tights! mijn zusje heeft die ook ;o, nu weet ik wat ik morgen aan kan doen, hihi. aaah, je earcuff is zo leuk! en wat lief dat je nicht earstuds voor je hebt gekocht!

  22. Really sweet outfit :)
    I heard so many bad things about Kony... Should write something about that. :(

  23. sales try to get all the time when i at the mall so i get pretty weak about keeping a shopping ban haha ;)

    i'm in love with you jumper! :)

  24. I love dangly earrings but I do find myself wearing studs WAY more, perhaps because I like mixing and matching them all the time. Good luck with the shopping ban...they always make me want to buy so much!

  25. haha the charity portion is a great idea, quite effective in minimising your spending habits! the earring studs are so cute too :)


  26. Everything is amazing in your blog darling!:)

  27. Such gorgeous earrings and ring! Love your sweater too. Great post :) xo akiko
    Style Imported

  28. I think the donation is a good plan!

  29. Love this outfit mei! supercool! =D ik moet eigenlijk ook in een shoppingban zitten XD xx


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