Since I turned off the word verification, the side-effect I got so far 
are these strange spam mails, in Russian language (?). 
The good thing is that they go straightly to my spambox,
so I don't need to flag them manually. 

My wonderful days in Taiwan are almost over sadly :c 
Before flying back to Hong Kong, my family 
decided to eat fancy and rich on our last dinner
meal: teppanyaki! 

Teppanyaki is a Japanese cuisine where delicious food
like steak, spicy shrimps and zucchini's (love this vegetable) are being 
grilled on an iron plate. 

We went to this place called 'Xiamuni Teppanyaki' 
and took the 10 course menu (NT980 = €26). Yep not joking, and
it wasn't so bad at all! Check out these 
yummy photo's and my final judgement about it:  

  Hightech grand piano~

French onion soup, a very creamy soup!

I took the 'French seafood' as main course, it was super yummy!
Applepie with vanilla ice cream and panna cotta.

My dessert: the crème brûlée. A crème brûlée is not a crème brûlée without the cracking sugar top! So this one is abit dissapointing :c

Food: ♥♥♥♥
Service: ♥♥♥
Interior: ♥♥♥
Price: ♥♥♥♥


  1. hi dear- just found your blog! your photography is so good- really nice... and the food oohhh lord- looks so delish. yum yum yum yum :D
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
    visit <33

  2. If you try disqus as your comment system you don't get Russian spam! Good thing though that you have the spam function turned on!

    It looks yummy! <3 I love the lights too!

  3. asdfghjkl. FOOOOD <3 AAAH, alles ziet er zo lekker uit zeg! <3

  4. You've got amazing blog ! & amazing photos too !. I love that. I really want that dishes ! ; ) Yummi .
    Im following & visit my blog ! ;D
    See U. ; )

  5. omg these photos made me so hungry *--* and i love the bokehs on the photos! and haha, i have also got some weird russian(?) spam comments... thank god they go to the spam box automatically! xx

  6. Thank you so much dear! But your photography is also very good. I use various lenses - look here
    The Golden Bun | new post | follow me

  7. This place looks fantastic. I love the appetizers in the white spoon.


  8. Wow! That piano plays by itself?!
    I've never had creme brulee before but I if I do and the sugar doesn't crack, than it doesn't count!

    Hope you enjoyed your least few days in Taiwan!

  9. 10 courses? Sounds great! I wish places by me had sampling menus because those are so fun. :3

    Also, I love your 7th photo of the lights!

  10. Hi hun, I also just found your blog.. and it's amazing♥♥ your photography skills are wonderful~ Makes me want t5o fly myself over there and try out the dishes. The place looks lovely!!

  11. All the food looks amazing!
    Totally drooling here.

    Re Russian spam, I don't get that, but plenty of other nonsense like SEO or iphone spam. Still, like yours, it goes straight to the spambox, so I don't really care.

  12. Wow everything looks so yummy! I can tell it was a very fancy dinner because the portions all look so small! LOL

  13. I love Teppanyaki! The last time we went to eat Teppanyaki was about a year ago and I liked it so much =)
    This place looks fabulous and the food delicious! How cool are those lamps?!?

    ps: I like your photographies!!

  14. wow!! love the pictures!!

  15. i want to try the sakura shrimp fried rice ~ it sounds so gooood; i love shrimps and also cherry blossoms → perfect match :'D
    ♥ ♥

  16. omg awesome photography on the pudding, my stomach is growling and y is this happening?

  17. Woah - 10 course meal?! Sounds amazing :)
    Love the atmosphere of the restaurant!
    I feel so hungry now...

  18. Oh wow, that place looks amazing. I was considering going to a teppanyaki place for my birthday! So interesting that the place does french food too!

  19. ohh these dishes look DELICIOUS, yum, i haven't had lunch yet and this is making me hungry lol

  20. I'm not a teppanyaki lover but the deco of this one looks good~.
    And it looks like expensive food when it's actually quite cheap ! But yeah, this creme brulée looks more like a flan...

  21. great photos! and YUUMMMY FOOD!

    I've had a few spam mails, but after turning od word verification ive found i recieved more comments too, so that's a bonus :) xxx

    I love living in London! I'm glad you found some nice shops, i love topshop!!! xxx

  22. All of the food looks yummy !

  23. wow. you are definitely torturing everyone with your food photos, which is a good thing because your photography is so effective! :>

    thankfully i'm done with my breakfast, but still. iCrave. :)

  24. The food looks soooooo good!

  25. Nice photos! I like how you review the restuarant..I should consider doing that :)

    Thanks for sharing!!

  26. Hiii :)

    I love your photography! :D
    The food looks and sounds so good, especially Teppanyaki - it sounds like something I would LOVE to eat! Everything I like is in it - even zucchini! :)

    Oh, I hate all of the spam... it annoys me soooo much :/

  27. Mmm everything looks delicious!

    And eep, yes, back when I was on blogger - I had to turn the verification on because I got nonstop spam that wasn't being filtered out :C

  28. your post always makes me hungry (: hahaah
    addicted to your blog!

  29. Hurray! No word verification c:

    hmmmmm Teppanyaki is always my fave!

  30. Beautiful photos!!

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    ox from NYC!


  31. Amazing pics !!

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  32. Fantastic place!!
    Un besito

  33. You are still in Taiwan right now?
    If so, make sure to visit the mushroom restaurant and the Tzu Chi organization! The mushroom restaurant because it's very original and has good food and Tzu Chi because it's a very impressive place, you can just walk in, no worries!
    It's a bit like green peace/oxfam novib like but with a buddhistic touch and it shows when you go there. The buildings look really great and the inside is pretty and touching too!

  34. ooh all the food looks sooo amazing! i always love your photos :D

  35. everything looks sooooo amazing omg i am crying XD

  36. loving the pictures n d food is yum yum

  37. fantastic photos!aw i've heard a lot about that restaurant!i'll def go there asap!whoop!


  38. Hi! Love your blog! I follow you, please follow me too!
    Thanks and kisses from spain!

  39. I like this post so much!!! These photos are amazing!!!And everything seems really delicious!
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    Enter the Romwe giveaway on my blog!

  40. This looks like a rather delicious dining experience... Yum. xx

  41. you go to the fanciest restaurants! lol. i love that bar it looks so beautiful!

  42. Super cute blog<3 & your photography skills are nice ^.^

  43. great pictures!

  44. :Q________ foooodddd!! loving ur photoss!!

    new follower! hope u can follow me back too!

    check out my blog when u can! :D


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