Peek Into My Life 14

Fact: I own
4 bakingbooks, and I decide to put away my 
lazyness and make the impossible, possible.
Yep, I am talking about doing all the recipes! 
  Do you smell the cakes already?

I have a 'fear' wearing pants. I got skinny and
bony legs also I got a 'short' torso which makes
me think I look weird in proportion. That's the
reason why I mostly wear dresses/skirts because
then you wont see where my torso ends and legs
 I decide to put away my anxiety and make
the impossible, possible. 
Yep, I'm going to do a challenge: wearing
pants for 7 days! Starting next week! 

And here we go, 2 resolutions on the move c: 
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My first attempting making eggtarts.

At the beach standing near these windchimes - they are reflecting the sound of the sea shore. 
Scary sound to be honest lol

Do you know what I am eating here?

 Yeah, I eat spaghetti with chopsticks.

My colorful jeans, chino's, jeggings collection.

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  1. aah, wat gaaf dat je alle recepten gaat maken! Oeh, wel foto's van je outfits maken hea! Je hebt wel gave broeken! oelala, is dat tjok? (mijn pinyam is zeer slecht ><)

  2. Bubur ayam!
    Jegging love it...waar heb je ze gekocht?

  3. Beautiful photos in this blog post.


  4. You take the best pictures. And of course, we're Asian. We eat everything with chopsticks! (Except soup :X)


  5. I would love to have more colorful jeans and chinos :) Those looked so nice :))

  6. Its a yummy rice soup :)
    - but im not sure what this brown seasoning is ? :s

  7. Nice! You really get yourself motivated! :]

    Haha, this week I've only worn jeans, my sport pants (and quess what.. the teacher didn't even show up, he left us standing there! Grr) and tomrrow normal pants as I'm not allowed to wear jeans at work. So, that's a whole week of jeans! I'm sure you can manage it too! Maybe you should opt for long tops or layer things to create lenght? :]

  8. The egg tarts look great~ >u<
    And the food... ;u; <3

  9. Oooo I love all the colored denim! I used to eat that dried pork stuff all the time when I was young. My mom used to spread mayo on white bread and then sprinkle the dried pork thing on the bread.

  10. great pictures...... nice blog dear if u like mine too may be v can follow each other
    A giveaway on ma blog too

  11. PORK FLOSS!!! Yum :D
    hehe great photos :) chopsticks are so much easier to pick up food I swear!
    Love your colourful jeans!

  12. so many collorful jeans? :) They are perfect!

    /giveaway on my blog/

  13. ooh i love the colours of your jeans! and i would love to see how the cakes turn out, are they the chinese custard egg ones? i have no idea what they are meant to be called XD

  14. lovely post,i like it

  15. Aww, those egg tarts are looking pretty good!
    That seasoning looks a little bit like dried fish/shrimp? Lol, I don't know but I'm sure it's yummy :)
    Me too! I rarely wear pants, but it's because I don't like looking at the size of my thighs - if I wear pants I almost always wear heels to make them look more slender!

  16. Yummmy , i'm hungry now, thimk i'm going to cook myself spaghetti :)

    && love the pics...



  17. Hurry for doing your resolutions!
    I love your pants collection. ;-;

  18. pictures are amazing as always. i have a short torso too :( i know how you feel lol

  19. love those pastel jeans! perfect for spring

  20. ouuuuh that challenge is very interesting! OOTD?? :'3 i am going to make eggtarts very soon, too. your ones look pretty delicious ~ even if they aren't baked yet =^w^=
    ♥ ♥

  21. Ooh I want your colorful jean collection! Those are perfect for Spring! Excited to see how you wear them! :)

  22. I love all your colored jeans! ^^

    Plus, I like your plan to do every recipe in your books!

  23. Love all the different colours of pants you have!

  24. cant wait for all the recipes!! yay! and the spag looks yummyyy

  25. Wow you have so many colorful jeans, I love them all!

  26. oh, your post... look yummy as always :) and 7 days in pants?that's awesome! i wish i can brave as you. i never wore pants except pajamas :p
    have a nice weekend :)

  27. mmmm egg tarts, i want to make portugese egg tarts (assuming all egg tarts are similar in techniques) do you have any tips of do's and don't? Oh mei, you should have post up the end product to tease us all!! haha :)

  28. woah i didn't know pocari sweat came in bottles like that

    ah i wish i could bake >.>

    shorter torsos are better! your legs look longer! i have a long torso and it sucks -_-
    ha ha ha we aren't really together!

  29. i love the leggings! I couldn't wear those pastels colour because it will expose my thighs more :(
    followed you in pinterest! :)

  30. Haha you have a lot of pants/chinos/jeggings for someone who apparently has a 'fear' of pants? I own like 2 pairs of jeans, but babe, I'd kill to have a short torso and have the illusion of long legs. Sighhh

    Chicken floss! yummeh!

  31. For a girl that doesn't wear a lot of pants you sure got one hell of a pants collection going on LMAO! I'd take those off your hands any day and don't worry they'll get lots of loving lol I hate pants shopping though, I find it sooo tedious! ><

    I eat pasta with chopsticks too! *high five* we're sooo asian it rocks =)

  32. starting to following your blog ;) follow back please

  33. lol your pants look totally cute!!!!!!!you should take photos of your 7-day-pants-outfit look!


  34. ohhh yummmm ik hou ook zo van koken!
    kleurrijke broeken ook yeehh! :D

  35. Great, what a good idea! I am looking forward to your new posts :)

    Georgi at 7wonders xx

  36. Oooohhh *amaze* egg tarts...yummy! I only can bake oreo cheesecake. never try to bake tart, pie or whatever other than my cheesecake. lol. surely after this i must bake something than my usual... heheh.

    the dish dat u ate is it something has to do with butter? butter prawn maybe?

  37. Your pictures are great, love the many colours of your jeans!

  38. Wat een leuke foto's! En ik eet ook spaghetti met stokjes. :'D

  39. Woah I want your jeggings collection! All the colors are so pretty. And the food here looks delicious!

  40. I love all the photos here! Great post dear :)

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  41. super post full of details! :D


  42. yay!! no word verification!!!! no excuse not to comment more now ;)
    I looove all your photos, the food ones make me drool, the pictures of u are so beautiful and the everyday ones are so unique :)
    awww your legs are awesome, i bet everybody is jealous of them!!!
    your trip looked awesome!! are you planning to travel soon? :)
    excited for more :)

  43. lovely pictures, and all those colored pants!! love!


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