Wearing Pants - day 01

The awkward moment when you 'accidentally' hit 
the publish button when your post isn't ready 
yet, and you hurry yourself to delete it.  


I must say I can't complain about the weather
in Holland. The sun is doing a great job, providing 
me great naturelight (for the win!) for photography, 
and the temperature has been increasing.

Lately I've been working my butt off in all kind of 
battlefronts: school (exams soonish, ew), work (need
 money) and artworking. More of that soon!

Btw, is The Hunger Games movie any good?
Shirt: 515 Studio, blazer: Miss Etam, pants: Bershka, platform wedges: ASOS, belt: moms 

Tried out these candies that Arttu send me. I was really surprised they sell licorice!
The one with chocolate flavor was surprisingly good c:
I'm Feeling: good
Music: Big Bang - My Heaven Oldskool Big Bang song, I really loved GD's look in here *_*  
Food: greentea mochi  
Drink: tea 


  1. Oh wow, I LOVELOVELOVE this outfit.
    You pull it off so great!!

    [ mairenycruz.blogspot ]

  2. Totally understand what you mean by publishing an unfinished post by accident. I usually work on my blog at night and sleepy brain does it all the time >___<

    Your shirt is so funny, love it!!


  3. leuke outfit! :D Echt een super leuke broek heb je n_n. Drop in chocolade smaak? Awesomness ;o

  4. lovely outfit (:

  5. omg, i always publish my posts accidentally! *___* hunger games was good, but my friend and i were a little scared haha! and finland is all about black candy, love them

  6. leuk! ik ben ook zooo blij met het weer

  7. i like yout tshirt! nice blog!

  8. love your outfit :) the blazer and shoes are really adorable and chic. you rock those jeans well~~ love the light color of them =) and yay for candy!! snacks are the best treat to lift one's spirits during the day..it's like that extra boost of energy during college days :D


  9. I love your shoes! Mind if I steal them? ;)

  10. Haha I hate when i publish my posts when they are not finish xD
    I love your outfit and omg the wedges are amazing!

  11. i saw hunger games last night. i didn't read the books and i was told the movie left out a lot of things. i thought it was okay!

    hmm, i don't know why but i almost always have problems leaving a comment on your blog. most of the time, the comments page will not load at all (all white). really strange because i don't have this problem with other blogs!!

  12. OoO~ that blazer is <3 & the belt is the cherry on top.



  13. I always wait for blogger to automatically save my post because I'm so scared I'll accidentally click the publish button instead!
    I love that nice peach colour of the belt and the wedges match the pants perfectly

  14. Yep! Hunger games is on hell of a movie!

    Lovely outfit :)

    Daria, the Fashionsurfer

  15. Haha I'm always pressing the publish button when I'm not finished!
    Love the outfit - those wedges are so nice x

  16. Jammer dat je geen volledige foto heb, volgens mij heb je gewoon normale verhouding hoor ook als je een broek aan trekt! :]

    Het staat iig heel erg leuk!

    En ja, met die nieuwe layout van blogger heb ik het nog sneller! Had gisteren ook al op de post button gedrukt! :x

    Geniet van het mooie weer en succes met je examens, ik zit ook al in de tentamen week >.<

  17. Those wedges are amazing!! :) And that blazer! And I have yet to try black licorce, looks interesting.

    <3 Kelly

  18. oh the tshirt looks cool i wish i could read it XD and i love the colour of your jeans :)

  19. Love the outfit :)

    kisses <3


  20. Hehe, I always have to remind myself to hit save instead of publish :)

    Great outfit, wow totally in love with your boots, and I like the little splash of colour from the skinny belt.

    Chocolate licorice sounds kinda good! I'm not really a fan of the traditional taste~


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