Wearing Pants - day 03

Everyday posting is super tiring..
 Thumbs up for those daily posters!

I just came back from visiting
a friend who had a surgery in her gall
bladder for removing her gallstone.
She kept the gallstone in a plastic 
bottle. It looked like a mini meteor.

Another nice weather we had in
Holland! I just hate when it's 
evening, the temperatures drops
so fast that you wished you've 
brought your winter coat with you.

The furry vest I wore today was
a nice outerwear c: 

 Fur vest: H&M, white top: H&M, green pants: Pieces, shoes: Hong Kong, necklace: Miss Etam, Earrings: SIX 
 Me and S. bought this 'getwell fruitbasket' for our sicky friend~

 A snack I've bought from Taiwan, I wished I've bought a dozen of these,
they taste GOOD. They are so crispy and creamy/soft with choco flavorrr!


  1. Nice outfit! I hope your friend is doing fine!

  2. That pretty vest and shoes!


  3. Absolutely love your fur vest :) x

  4. Loving the vest, it seems so on trend now. I'm considering getting one.

  5. lust your fur vest!! im looking for one :(

  6. I love that vest makes me wanna snuggle it

  7. Lovely outfit! The fur vest is too cute!

  8. very pretty, i also love especiall your shoes!! *Q*´´ and that "get well basket" is so sweet! you are very lovely friends :3
    ♥ shushu-blog.blogspot.com ♥

  9. Lovveeee your shoes - I've been on the search for a similar pair for aaages.


  10. wow! the h&m vest looks so ...lucious and nice! i got a black fur vest from romwe a month or two back. when i received it i noticed it was a knock off michael kors! hahah...the website didn't sell it as a knock off, but the tags say mk! i've only worn it once since i've gotten it because the fur is kind of crinkled from being folded up in an envelop! i have it hanging hoping it'd eventually straighten out.

    the snack looks delicious- the packaging reminds me of those asian chocolate koala cookies. not sure if you know which ones im talking about.


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