Wearing Pants - day 04

This week I have cycled over 42 
kilometers on my rusty bike (!!) to 
work and from work. Not only I'm 
burning calories but also getting 
a tan c: I love getting
a tan!

tho, Asian people are not
very joyous of getting a darker
tone on the skin. A darker skin
tone represent poor, labeling you 
as a unfortunate ricefarmer
So looking pale as possible, the

A thing I don't care. (My friends
teasing me that I look a
'Sadako' with my yellowpale skin).

Also, this week I had visit the
dentist 3x.
I reeeeally hate dentists. I have 
got countless 'bad' experience with
dentists and their 'horrible' tools.
In the end I got the news to wear 
braces. Again! :c

Have you got braces before?

My oh-so 'cool' braces for nightwear. I love the case tho (going to use it as jewelery storage mu har har).

Lunch: focaccia bread with salmon & fresh mint tea with honey. 

I just loveee this pants, this color is so multifunctional!

Recent artwork. 


  1. i hate dentist too, for me it's horrible to go to the dentist, anyway, you look so nice

    kisses and i follow you, follow mw


  2. At least you got the braces that can be taken off. The braces I got were the wire kind and there was no way out of them. D:

  3. I've been to the dentist throughout my childhood because I used to have big buck teeth with a slight gap in it. I wore plates for a few years, then had metal braces and then wore retainers (which is like the one in your picture) after that. But then it was time to stop wearing my retainers and slowly over time my teeth moved and was crooked again so now I have to wear retainers again at night.
    Gah it's so horrible!
    Your artwork looks amazing by the way!

  4. love the pants! very versatile. love the color.


  5. You draw so well! ;-;~
    I love your outfit as well.

    [ mairenycruz.blogspot ]

  6. Wow 42km! O:

    Eehhhh. I don't like the dentist either. Luckily I've never had to get braces!

  7. I have to get braces soon too & I'm not looking forward to it.
    Maybe I'll try Invisalign(?)

    Tans are totally hot! Can't wait for summer<3 & great post!



  8. omg you look absolutely fashionable and great!
    where did you get that lovely top from? *u*
    i've had braces before & it's so troublesome! u.u

  9. Hi sweetie,
    Love the colors of the pant. By the way, i try to use the contact form without success, i think it doesn't work...
    Have a very nice day, hugs

  10. i've got it too :D but i don't wear it, it hurts :)

    /giveaway on my blog/

  11. i lovee the pants!! i need to get braces!! i think i'll try invisalign too

  12. love the shoes and love your outer wear <3


  13. Fresh mint tea with honey <3
    42km! I hope you don't have to it today as the weather is so cold and rainy! D:

  14. Ha, how funny :D - have been to the dentist today,too. All in all everything was quite ok - but uh oh, have to come again after three months -_-°

    Love your pants color: i agree, this color almost fits everything!!!

    ..and pretty cool artwork - i guess you are also into creative business ;]

  15. u are so cute...love ur artwork
    btw mabbe we can fllw each other??jessillesilv.blogspot.com

  16. wow I soooooo wish I had your drawing skills!! (and your skills at taking photos using backlit indoor lighting!!) x misstea & co.

  17. I sympathize with you regarding your fear of dentists. I really hate them too. I wore braces for 2 years in my mid-30s so I remember of those days. Best of luck and by the way, I love your recent sketches.


  18. Stunning look. Amazing shoes.

  19. hello there, stunning.
    the shoes, the drawings and the 6th picture are absolute <3

    ...and i'm wearing braces right now. i'm a metal mouth. :>

  20. i've never had braces before but would really love them! my teeth are so crooked D:

    your artwork is freaking beautiful, i am definitely your #1 fan <333

  21. omg i want your shoes *____*

    i have a crooked teeth but im scared of the pain of having a brace :(


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