Wearing Pants - day 05

Do you know what the
best feeling in the world is?
Having that first bite of that
piece of food when you are
really hungry! 

Before yelling 'TGIF', today
on my way to school was
a disaster. I travel by train
and unfortunate the train 
was broken down. Me and
other (hundreds) fellow 
students were forced to 
use the bus. You could
have guessed there were
no seats, as I was standing
the entire ride for a total 50
minutes :c

Oh yeah, I want to share 'discount'
coupons with you guys! Scroll down!
Hurry! (Dutch sites

 Today has been raining kittens and omg, I had to wear a scarf again for
this chilly Hollando weather..

They do exist: healthy food by McDonald's! They are actually from a Happy Meal :P

 At House of Shoes, 15%! Use the code: W12relatiekorting

 At Zalando, hit the code "FS8C3ENK4T" to receive 10 bucks discount (minimum order €50 - ends: 30 Apr '12)

Happy Weekend c:


  1. Ja! Ik vind dat het weer koud is geworden :(
    Thanks voor de coupon code!<3
    & that sucks, zo lang staan :(!

  2. I love your outfit especially your jacket ! :) That feeling to stand those 50min ...Argh everytime I have to go with a train or a bus I have to stand... Hate it. heheh:D


  3. Noooo! I just ordered sport shorts and a tanktop from Zalando, and I googled for a code but I got only 10% off! Damn!!!
    I am wearing my wintercoat and scarf, stupid weather! The weekend will be just as bad!
    And ofcourse, another great pair of jeans! :)

  4. I've just found your blog and I really love its design :x Also, I love how optimistic you are, even if you had a tough day. Hugs xx

  5. you have been such an active blogger lately!
    and i love it~
    and yay for healthy mcdonalds food :D i only have eaten hamburgers there though lol.

  6. hello mei! i just updated! just read your comment a while back.
    btw, your first two sentences made me really laugh because it's so true! the same goes if the food you are eating is free! haha!

    i say hello to your scarf too because it looks so beautiful. :')

  7. Love the fit. you have a great blog, im now following. come check out mine, hopefully you can return the follow. =).

  8. I love your chunky knit scarf! I didn't know McDonald's had fruit cups; I wonder if the kids meals over here have them :P

  9. again i pretty like your shoes!! and it's great that you keep up your pants-challenge *(Y)*
    ♥ shushu-blog.blogspot.com ♥

  10. That happened to me just yesterday! The train signals were faulty and everyone had to get off at the station (this is during peak hour) and there were hundreds of people waiting on the streets for substitute buses! It was the worse.
    McDonald's over here only has a small bag of apple slices for happy meal. I wish they had a cup of fruit mix over here!

  11. That first bite is the best<3

  12. Aw the public transport here is pretty dodgy. ): Trains/buses are always late. There are never any seats as well especially in the morning when everyone's going to school/work! D:
    Wooah I've never seen fruit cups from McDonald's before. They only have little packets of apples here.

  13. Great outfit :)

    I'm lovin it, hehehe (Mc')


  14. Raining kittens is such a cute way to describe the (light) rain I suppose?

    And haha, I haven't worn proper pants in agesss!

  16. Love that cosy looking knit scarf! I'm going to be taking mine out soon since Autumn is here now~

    Wow, your pants challenge is going really well!

    Macca's have been pretty active in trying to seem more healthier, but to be truthful if I go there to eat I want an unhealthy burger to munch on ^_^

  17. 50 minutes to go to school ? Wow it's long, and you had to stand :(
    Ahahahaha Mc Donald's are selling fruits ! Never seen that :D

  18. amazing blog, love your style!
    Visit my blog and if you want we can follow each other via GFC!
    have a great week end!

  19. oee, nice parka of hoe je zo'n jas noemt :'). Ik heb het gezien ja, er zijn nog op heel veel plaatsen waar je met de bus moet gaan reizen ._.


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