Wearing Pants - day 06

 Hey you! Do you like my new
comment style? I hope it 
works better than the previous
one since some readers having
trouble commenting.

I just came home from work
and I'm tired, so this will be
a short post, filled with 
photo's I've made today! 

I work in a clothes shop as
saleswoman/advisor. You
might have noticed I 
mentioned 'Miss Etam' alot.
(in post: day 01, 02 etc) Yup, 
that's the shop where I 

The best part working there
is: all staff get 60% of the
products c: 

Where do you work? Any

 I had knäckebröd with sweet onion chicken salad for lunch.

Messy art desk.

Shirt: Uniqlo
I'm Feeling: tired
Music: Natasha Bedingfield - Pocketful of Sunshine I've listen this song only once at work, now it's stuck in my brain...
Food: vla
Drink: tea


  1. Yes i do love the new comment system :)
    I like the casual vibe to your outfit. HAHAH pocketful of sunshine reminds me of Easy A. I remember listening to it for a whole week because of that movie.

  2. yeah, i like your new comment thingy. :)
    your snoopy sharpener truly caught my eye woot!

  3. OMGGGGG. I love your shirt! xD Uniqlo always has cool shirts.

  4. Looking very city chic! I love! :) I remember pencil sharpeners like that! :)

  5. I think you look great in jeans! I hope the commenting system works for you! I had a problem with mines a little while ago too. As for work I worked in retail as a shop assistant/supervisor and also a book store =) I prefer, no work hahahaahhaha or something at home =P

  6. Love your outfit! I work at a property advocacy company as the personal assistant but I think I have to look for a new job cos they are shifting suburbs to somewhere really inconvenient for me. There's a Zara opening in the shopping centre near me so I've applied there. Never worked in retail before but I'm excited ... hopefully I get an interview!

  7. 60% discount is a lot! Most stores I know only give 10 to 20%!
    I think the jeans look very good on you. I always like to wear jeans because they're so comfy but I think they don't look good on me at all. I look better in skirts and dresses :)

  8. Am I missing something? :x I see now new comment systeem but the one that is from blogger itself? ^^"

    Love love the outfit! :D Although the shirt is freaking me out!

    I have the same job as you, only in a high-end shoeshop! :] Additional benifits: 20% off of everything, one pair for free each season (twice a year) (but you have to wear them all season) and when discount starts we can buy 1 item for 65% off. And I am glad that my employer is a very considerate person and we have a great team! :D

  9. Love the shirt!! looks so wonderful!! xx

    The Golden Bun

  10. I used to work in a retail store during my school holidays. I didn't get any staff discount, though as I was just a temporary staff. 60% is very high! You're lucky :D

    I have never had knäckebröd before. Hope I get to try it some day

  11. Your lunch looks yummy :) and cute outfit <3 the hat is adorable!

    Love from the NaNa girls xoxo

  12. I'm impressed by your blog. Following you now!! And I hope you do the same back :)

  13. Your outfit is so cool! Loving the hat especially. I'd love to work in a clothes shop, but for now I don't even have a job.. Though I might get this packing job for the summer:) Good luck for the rest of you pants challenge!

  14. leuke outfit! echt een leuke bloes zeg :). EN WHUUT 60% dat is wel heel veel o_o!

  15. wow 60% off for employers? that's awesome! i used to work at NY & company and the employee discount was only 30% ;( but i now work as a receptionist at a real estate agency! (sitting at work right now...lol!!!)

    i love your shirt!!! one piece!~~ and i just love the plaid + tee combo. it's so laidback!

    alex @ carouselstreet.com

  16. Super leuke outfit heb je aan! en haha,wel een rommeltje op je bureau inderdaad ;-)!

  17. omg what! 60% discount you meant? im jelly! we got about 20& only :(


  18. oh, knäckebröd!
    i don't know if you knew already, but it's very popular in scandinavia + finland, especially in schools. we have it everyday at school! :3 during the war women in finland also made it for the soldiers, haha.
    love your uniqlo shirt btw *___*


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