OOTD: Circus Office

I've never really thanked
you guys for the condolences
so with this: thank you! 

So my outfit: 
this is my third blazer,
and I'm loving it! Not to mention
about how versatile it is c: 

My exams are done and I feel
quit good about it. I've already got
a 7.0 for a subject which I'm 
totally happy about it! 

I'm thinking about buying 
the Canon 550D. What
do you think? 

 Blazer: Miss Etam Necklace: Hong Kong Jeans: Taiwan Shoes: Zara 

 Sale at The Body Shop: buy 1 get 1 for free! The strawberry bodybutter smells good. My pj's still smells like it after 3 days!

 Maybe it's just me but the chocolate one has a strong 
coconut smell... oh well.  
A nice freebie added c:

Studying in the train. 
I'm feeling: tired
Music: Justin Timberlake - Take It From Here the song is super cheesy and I love it.
Food: strawberry tart
Drink: water


  1. wat een leuke blazer zeg! :D Als je geld voor die camera hebt, gewoon doen :3.

  2. You do amazing shots. ! I love that. And camera - its OK. ; ) If u want come to my blog you can and translate my notes ;D

  3. Love your blazer :) And that necklace looks so cute :3 Hope your exams went well, I have them comming soon...


  4. Love your necklace !!! So cutie ! :D
    Hahaha I love body shop chocomania cream too ! So yummy ! ;)
    I love your blog, i'm following :D
    Sorry for my bad english ...

    Turtle <3

  5. You have such pretty hair! And that necklace is simply adorable<3

  6. Yes! Buy the camera! :) Canons are AMAZING!


  7. Wat een mooie blazer, ik hou van deze kleur en van je outfit. Dit is heel mooie.
    Helaas weet ik niet veel over het merk Canon, dus ik kan je niet adviseren. Ik heb een Nikon en ik ben erg blij met deze camera.
    Sorry als ik fouten maken, nederlands is niet mijn moedertaal.


  8. Cute outfit! I like your necklace. :3 Ooh I love the their body butter. I like the mango one! :D Sometimes when I'm bored I go in just to smell them. O_0'' Hm I heard the 550D is pretty good. O:

  9. Dat kettinkje is echt leuk!


  10. Congratulations for the grade, sweetie!

    Yes, you should buy anything Canon (haha I love Canon). Maybe you'd consider to get the 600D instead ? But there's not much of a difference, so it's your call. Let us know what you get soon :)

    I love The Body Shop's body butter too though I doubt I can get buy one take one The Body Shop products here. :/

    Take care :)

  11. You look great! Nice grade as well!
    I love studentenhaver! <3 Zijn ze lekker bij de hema? Ik haal zo normaal bij de notenboer! :]

    For the canon 550D, I recommend to buy a few camera magazines and read the reviews. We all got Canon's here, so we have positive experiences with it. If you're buying it though, you only have the body, I recommend to buy a lens that's between an wide-angle and a longfocus lens. Then you get a nice normal lens. And a good macro lens ofcourse, seeing you like to take up close shots as well! :]
    Goodluck with deciding! :]

  12. That's a very lovely blazer.
    You should buy any camera you see fit. A good photo will only be made from the heart and from your eyes, not from the camera. Your photos are amazing at the moment with the current camera you're using.
    I love how your trains have a tray for you to do your work. Melbourne trains don't have that and if you want to study on the train, you'd have to do your work on your lap.

  13. Loving the outfit - the red blazer is so gorgeous!
    Love the body butters, they smell sooo gooood!

  14. Really lovely strawberry-inspired look / post ! ^^
    Cute necklace, and those Body Shop -body butters and creams smell heavenly. x

    Thank ou for the comment sweetie ! Do stop by anytime again / follow ♥
    Have a nice weekend!

    Indie by heart

  15. Lovely pics, your hair is so gorgeous- I would totally buy the 600D instead because that's the camera i want haha!

  16. Leuke outfit! Je ziet er echt fantastisch uit ;)

  17. Great photos, you look adorable! :)

  18. Leuke outfit! Leuke blog, ook!

  19. bodyshop moistirisers alaways smell so so good! i love your outfit too :3 u suit blazers ^_^

  20. Aaaaaah CONGRATULATIONS on finishing with those exams! Gosh, isnt it a whole bunch of weight off your shoulders haha. Love red on ya, mildly jealous because as a fellow asian the coour red looks quite tragic on me ....really :P As for the camera, we use that at uni and the quality is good. Fantastic entry level camera if you want professional finishes with your image ^_^ Hope that helps!

    Eeli xx

  21. The red blazer is so cute with the strawberry necklace. This reminds me - I have a red blazer in my closet I've only ever worn once! Looks like I'll have to pull it out, thanks for the reminder :)

  22. Those body butters always smell so good, but they're so expensive that I tend to buy the cheaper ones at Costco! XD

  23. I love your blazer dear, perfect color ^^

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  24. Congrats on your grade! Lovely outfit, that blazer is gorgeous!
    As for the camera, your images now are already great, but I do know that the Canon 550D has received positive reviews so if you want to, go for it!

  25. Love the redness of the blazer! Yes I love Canon too! Get it! A DSLR is a good investment babe :) Also, thanks for commenting on my blog! Followed you on GFC as well dear x


  26. Great outfit!


  27. super leuke post! en gefeliciteerd met je cijfer!
    ik heb je een emailtje gestuurd van de week! heb je 'm al gezien? :) x

  28. lovely outfit dear! i think you should buy 600d, than 550d.. but it's just an opinion :)

    cheers, Helena
    ROMWE's $300 freebies competition here!

  29. Wat een suuuper leuke blazer, de kleur is perfect!

  30. Beautiful blazer!! Staat je goed ^^
    Ik wil die camera ook halen ;D ik heb goede reviews gelezen! xx

  31. So pretty! Loveeee the red!!

    PS. We’ve a $75 Giveaway to PLNDR on our blog! Check it out, if you’d like :)

    ox from NYC!


  32. Good luck on your exams! i am loving your blazer!


  33. always love red outerwear ! Must have one soon :D
    I think it's better to buy 600D than 550D , hehe :D


  34. wow super cute blazer! love the strawberry necklace too, super cute hehe ^o^ and ahhh i love the body shop!!! i like it over bath & body, lol

    i don't know if that cam specifically is good but i know canon's are good!

    alex @ carouselstreet.com

  35. I personally prefer Nikkon! Haha but then again I don't know much about cameras :(

  36. love your buttoned up red blazer! i think you'd better buy Canon 600D. more benefits than 550D :) anw, thanks for your comment!

    missing bee

  37. aww I love the color of your blazer!

  38. I love this outfit that you have put together, you look ever so pretty xx



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