I want to plant a hug

I like to share my food with people, I always carry my 
portable chopsticks in my bag, I always add pepper
 when eating something savory, I prefer seafood over meat,
 I love taking food pictures (obvious), always 
add sesame oil to my noodles, pizza Hawaiian 
is my favorite kind of pizza, I once puked after eating 10 
apples, 'spicy mustard' is currently my favorite dipping 
sauce at McDonald's, Masterchef Australia are my favorite 
of all Masterchef series - the hosts are so nice!, I love rice.

Here are my 10randomthings again c;
For the curious people who tagged me 
awhile ago! 
Older stuff: post, post

So recently my grandma has been
taken in the hospital. I'm worried
because she's diagnosed with
a tumor in her brain. My dad
will be flying over to see her
soon in the USA.

 As my snack supply from Taiwan is getting smaller, I opened this little 'badass' a few
days ago. Beyond tasty! 

 Working on pixelarts c: it's animated.

 We have tons of restrooms at my uni, but this one is the one I always go c: Do you have
a restroom that you prefer to go? 

 Tulips for moms, we placed it near her grave.

I'm Feeling: =_=, c;
Music: Blue feat. Elton John - Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word I loved this boyband, I remember I used to have a crush on Duncan, one of the singers *_*
Food: risotto mushroom & fennel
Drink: water


  1. That's such a nice looking bathroom!
    I always adore your outfits! ^^

    [ mairenycruz ]

  2. oh my gosh! those chocolates are so yummy! haha nice gif :)hmm. I never tried Hawaiian pizza before? Even though I live in Hawaii hahaha~ The bathroom is so nice *w* the walls especially!

  3. Hope your grandmother is alright!

    And yes, at school, I do have my favorite restroom. Haha, is that odd?

  4. That restroom looks so nice! I actually do a specific restroom I like to go to at my school--the one in the science building because it's the newest and doesn't smell haha


  5. My friends think I'm weird when I carry chopsticks ;___;
    My favorite condiment is honey mustard!
    I like the outfit esp the olive green jacket & I wish the best for your grandma!

  6. I'm sorry to hear that with your grandma... I wish you strenght! And a happy heart...
    When I was in Japan, I even used to take my portable chopsticks to kaiten sushi places!! Nobody else was doing it but I thought it's cute to bring your own :) I like the outfit you're wearing in the picture! and that bathroom looks pretty awesome..

  7. I love creamy ranch dipping sauce at McDonald's. :3 Haha Masterchef Australia is the only one I've ever seen. |: Mainly because I live in Australia. xD I love Melty Kiss chocolate! o wo

  8. Lots of wishes to your grandma! Hopefully she will be alright and that there's not much damage to her brain.
    P.S - hawaiian pizza is my favourite as well

  9. Oh I hope your grandma will be okay :( !Prayers for her!
    Melty kiss is delicious mm. And I also add pepper to nearly everything I eat hehe! And I love all sauces mmm~

  10. You have really nice bathrooms. And you're definitely making me crazy Asian snacks of all sorts!

  11. Portable chopsticks!! That's so cool haha.

    Oh my gosh, all my best wishes to your grandma :(

  12. omg love love love your pictures! <3 and the tulips... you're very sweet, she'll be happy up there :)

  13. Just found your blog! Im in love :3


  14. arrrw i love your eating habits, i also add a lot of pepper to my meals :'33 and all the best for your grandma!!!
    ♥ shushu-blog.blogspot.com ♥

  15. I hope your grandma gets well soon <3

  16. Hello Mei.
    Hopefully your grandma gets well soon.
    I have a favorite restroom in school too, but accordingly, it's the one that's most haunted. eek. but i love it there, i just do.
    you are sooo cute, you love sharing food with people. i do too, but i don't bring extra spoon or what. =)
    take care :>

  17. I hope your grandma gets well soon!

    On a brighter note, that spinning box Meltykisses are just too cute!!!

    ♡ M.May

  18. I hope your grandmother recovers soon!
    Aww, portable chopsticks - cute and convenient :)
    Hmm, some bathrooms tend to have nicer lighting, fresher decor so I do prefer those?
    And the tulips are gorgeous~

  19. Hope your grandma gets well soon!
    Stay strong<3
    I really love your outfit!


  20. I love your photography and your random drabbles. Is that photoshop? I hope your grandma gets well soon.

  21. You always take such amazing pictures. I hope your grandma gets well soon.


  22. Such cute photos, I love your gif - I'd love to know how to do this!

    xo Joana

  23. YUM those chocolates look so good and your photos are gorgeous as always.

    Really hope your grandma gets better love :(

  24. The moving picture is awesome!
    Enter my ROMWE giveaway ♥

  25. I love the portable chopsticks! I used to have a pair like that when i was little which was in a hello kitty case but it was used at home only. Also hope your grandma is ok...it's scary when things like this happen and your relatives are on the other side of the world. Totally know how that feels. Wishing positive thoughts!

  26. delicious and the mini brownies are amazing



  27. nice pictureesss!! and the chocolatee looks soo deliciouss!! *__*

    check out my blog when u can! :D


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