Schoolstress is fattening me

In the past 3-4 days I've been
eating way to many chocolate
eggs. It's my own fault for
leaving them open on the 
coffee table. 

Do you eat alot when you 
stressed out? I do :c
School exams is getting
closer and closer and
I'm struggling with one
of the school assignment 
and I need to return it
before 13th April, noticing
it's Friday the 13th as well.

I. Hate. Deadlines. So. Much!

I hope nothing terrifying will
happen that day. Or something
should happen that day, like 
a huge snowstorm taking place,
forcing people to stay home to 
have ice free! I highly doubt it
but still, it would be a good
excuse c:

Wishing myself good luck + 
the others who are having 
school exams and tests! 

 One of my kids made this 'Easter Branches' for me at my intern place. Cute huh :D I placed 
it in my room! 

I know, I'm back in my winter coat again, with a scarf + gloves. Holland weather can be
so unpredictable.

 I've made 'tuile' cookies recently. I love the shaping part, the cookies are really crunchy and sweet! 

I'm Feeling: relieved and energetic
Music: Gotye - Bronte yeah, MV with animations attracts me. This one reminds me of the Ghibli Studio c: Could anyone 'try' to explain what happen in the end? It's pretty sad I think~
Food: boterham met pindakaas
Drink: cappuchino with 1 (pure) chocolate egg stirred in.


  1. Leuke foto's ^^

    Ik heb deze week ook tentamens :(
    Succes met je examens ! :)

  2. hello there, baby girl.
    i seriously feel you! i'm no longer in school but i'm so addicted to brownies these days and i'm not even really a fan of sweets!

    i just love your outfit too! and how i wish i could try your cookies :)


  3. I wish you all the best with your upcoming exams!
    I actually don't eat when I'm stressed which is bad because I don't have the energy to do work and learn material.
    Your winter coat looks so incredibly warm.

  4. I love all of your photos so much! :) Is it Canon Nikon or..? and what type of lens? :)
    Anyway, you're not alone.I also have pile of assignments which deadline is 13th April :) Wish us luck then :)

  5. I LOVE your photo with the three bowls :) What do you study again? AHHHHHH yes of course. Studying and eating go hand in hand. One rocks, the other is painful. ;) good luck and thanks!!!!

  6. aww good luck on your studies!! :) those cookies look soo cute and yummy! :D

  7. aawh, wat schattige dat iemand dat voor je hebt gemaakt! Voor welke studie loop je stage? :'). Die koekjes zien er lekker uit zeg!

  8. lovely coat! and good luck with your studies and meeting deadlines!

  9. You're absolutely beautiful!! These're nice pictures!!! xo

  10. Oh! Goodluck!!!!!! I know you can do it! :]

  11. lovely post & lovely blog xxx
    twitter- @adoramehitabel

  12. Those cookies look delicious...hope all your exams go well.

    xo erica

  13. Yummy~ I think they have similar cookies at the Japanese mart that have nori sprinkled on them- it's delicious<3 & chug through it,hon- once it's done with you can relax & it'll be the best feeling ever<3


  14. hmm, i like deadlines. they help me manage my time and ACTUALLY start working on something. otherwise i don't know when to start and slack off! i can't stop eating when i procrastinate. i think i convince myself that i am "hungry" and "need" food and it's "survival" so i "must" eat. ...rather than work.

  15. By "one of my kids," do you mean you're a teacher? :3

    I like the gift they made for you. It's simple, but very pretty! ^^

  16. I love your coat and scarf!
    I hate deadlines too :( I hope you make the deadline, good luck!
    Those cookies look yummy!

  17. I'm pretty much the opposite! I eat when I'm relaxed... (that's even worse .. T.T) but most people I know eat when they're stressed.. so cute ^.^' I like your outfit there it's very classical and chic with the navy blue... I need a trench coat!!! the easter branches are so lovely~ :) oh... and tuile cookies are one of my favourites!!! so gooood!!!

  18. I do eat a lot when I'm stressed. the cookies look yummy! wish you all the best for your assignments! :)

  19. i eat alot when im stressed too and i like your scarf, your coat looks so warm :3 i hope everything is okay!

  20. I tend to snack a lot when I am stressed out too >__< I am a firm believer that chocolate makes everything better for a moment.

    Good luck for your assignment and exams!!


  21. In high school I used to eat less when I was stressed, but when I began uni I started eating more due to stress. Weird huh?
    Aww, the bottled plant is so sweet and adorable!
    Love your navy coat!

  22. Lovely coat :)

    xo Jennifer

  23. I like to eat snickers when I am stressed, Haha! Great blog by the way! I really like it! I'm going to follow you! I love the scarf and coat, especially the tights with the shoes! So cute!! If you have some time, would you take a look at my blog?? Thanks!! Lovely blog!


  24. Same here, I tend to eat tons of chocolates when I'm stressed out. Anyway, goodluck for your exams! :D

  25. Oh!! Your style is just amazing! We loooove this blog, great article, great photos, and great style. Def can't wait to see your next post. So following for sure! ;)

    MLU the blog.

  26. yeesss me too, i also eat more when i don't feel well (stress, etc.) and after eating i even feel worse than before =_=""" but your cookies look very delicious *Q* khekhekhe
    i wish you a lot of success with your exams! :xx
    ♥ ♥

  27. Yeah, i've wasted so much money eating out these days =[ should probably save some money by eating at home hehe

  28. great coat and it looks perfect with the yellow scarf :)


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