There's only one place I like to spend

Great, now I can't choose
between the Canon 550D and 600D 
ánd 60D! Off to search for the
best camera deals... 

Spotting other bloggers with
instagram pictures of Hong Kong at
their blogs,
I guess it's my time to post
my adventures of Hong Kong
as well!

One of the busiest and most 
visited mall in Hong Kong: Sha Tin 
Plaza. Also one of my favorite place 
to stroll. If you have Hong Kong
on your 'to-travel' list, this mall
is a must-see. 

There's even a small amusement

park nearby for the kids: Snoopy 
World although I've never visit
this place yet. My family says it
doesn't worth the money because
it's a small park with just Snoopy 
figures all over the place and a
bouncing castle. Oh well.

Because I like looking at cute stuff. Sanrio owns my heart.

 A pretty impressive (and free) light show at the rooftop mall. I had alot of bokeh time with my camera c:
 doesn't it reminds you of a scene of 'The Avatar'?

Happy to visit the Japanese clothing brand 'Liz Lisa' - it's famous for their girly/lolita/gyaru style, even the salesladies were dressed up in Harajuku! Their clothing is a tad expensive, kind of explaining why the shop is abit quite - 拍烏蠅 lol.

 I never had frozen yogurt in my life until now! Love the huge variety of toppings!

I'm Feeling: happy
Music: Gotye - Eyes Wide Open I discovered this singer was born in Belgium and speaks Dutch, my language!
Food: leftover eastereggs..
Drink: tea


  1. this makes me miss hong kong so much! i love shopping and eating there so cheap! i normally stay out of the shopping malls though :p amazing photos!

    /reply/ i didn't know you could buy them in Primark, i could only find them in one shop but they were selling it for £5 XD

  2. Aww I want to go back to HK now. Haha I love Sha Tin Plaza but there are always so many people there! I've never been to the Snoopy place either. P: I had frozen yogurt for the first time ever in Hong Kong as well. O:

  3. Gorgeous<3 & I'm actually looking for a cam too~ I was thinking going Nikon but, we'll see. Isn't froyo yummy? I have to have it at least one a week~ & that's pop boba, yeah? So yummy!


  4. The gif is so trippy and nice. Awww I had no idea about this place, i wish i could go back in time and visit. Oh yes, that does remind me of avatar.

  5. Ooh, all the pictures are lovely and I like the light show photos!

  6. amazing photos. And I'd like to eat it, too!

  7. Looks like a fun place and beautiful photos! They have Muji there too! (and even japanese on it!) I bought some stuff there when I visited japan :) xo akiko

    Style Imported

  8. Love your photos, it makes me miss Asia so much!
    As for your camera dilemma, I would recommend the 550D if all you're doing is just taking photos/videos for your blog. If you want, you can invest a bit on the 600D which has the swivel LCD screen which is useful for self portraits and video recording (if you do a lot of that). The 60D is a DSLR made sort of for focusing on video recording so if you're not that into photography and video recording, I say the 550/600D would do fine. If you can, even get the 500D (since Canon discontinued it) and save the rest of the money!

  9. The gif of the light show is so gorgeous! And you're right the blue does remind me of Avatar haha.
    Nom yum frozen yoghurt!!!

  10. aah, frozen yoghurt! :D Dat had ik voor de eerst gegeten in HK ;'D. Ik wist niet dat je voor snoopy world moest betalen? Dat is toch gewoon gratis.. Ik ben er wel 1 keer geweest. Die light show foto's zijn echt gaaf zeg!

  11. Ahhhhh. Hong Kong reminds me of dimsum, did you try those! My favourites are the shrimp dumpling & custard buns! Also love the gif in your post, sparkly!

  12. Ouh great photos :) I wan to go to hong kong!

  13. Loved this post..I'm far too obsessed with Hello Kitty stuff myself. xx

  14. Woww! I'm not sure if I visited the Sha Tin tower.......i wish I had!!!

  15. Lovely photos again!!
    I love Liz Lisa a lot <3 want to visit a shop too :D
    The frozen yoghurt looks good :)

  16. That gif is so cool! Also loving the bokeh <3
    I have never eaten frozen yoghurt but I've heard it's good. I wanna try too T__T

  17. Hong Kong looks amazing!


  18. wow amazing photos!!!! what an awesome mall!! wish there were mals like that where i live! :P

  19. Hello! I just came across your wonderful blog and was wondering if we could follow each other? Take care. :)

    Kristina (

  20. Oooo looks like sooo much fun! I want to go, and yumm frozen yogurt :)

  21. Wow! Inspiring trip!! Hongkong looks really fun! We love this post. You and your friend look gorgz as well.

    Ps: we're actually enjoying Gotye-eyes wide open as you suggested on the last words of this post. ;)

    MLU the blog.

  22. You have such a lovely blog! Those pictures are amazing, and the GIF you made is super cute! I would loooove to go to Hong Kong one time!

  23. love the pics !
    Buy 60D then ! lol . I also have 60D :D
    I love Sanrio Gift Gate , but the stuff are expensive ><
    There is froyo named Tutti Frutti here in Indonesia ! :D

  24. Good luck with deciding!

    What do you mean by the Chinese next to the "the shop is a quite a bit"?

    Love the lightshow! Cool! :D

  25. Good luck with deciding. The starlight garden looks so beautiful.


  26. I love all these photos! The clothes at Liz Lisa are ridiculously cute!!

  27. Tuttimelon! I've seen so many photos of that frozen yogurt place. It's a shame they don't have that many stores here in Australia. Hopefully we catch up to this latest hype!

  28. I'm still alive!! hehe
    I've just been a bit too busy with uni assignments that I haven't had to time to post but I definitely have the time to read people's blogs!
    I love the gif! But I love Sanrio more! Hello Kitty is my childhood, I'd love to own everything in that shop!

    ps. I know I use too many exclamation marks, I'm just a bit happy knowing someone out there (you)acknowledge my absence from blogger :)

  29. what a wonderful place! *O*

    what camera are you using currently?

    so you liked the toppings, but did you like the yogurt?

    ahahaha it was actually my friend who came up with it. she was a little upset at me for never mentioning anything about him until after we decided to date and she was like "you didn't tell me anything! i don't even know his name so now he's just dude to me" XD

    i heard it was good if just eaten as the fruit itself! i still want to try it >.<

    thank you!

  30. The photos are beautiful.

  31. I have no idea which one is better to get, best to ask the experts, but I imagine any of the three would do the job.

    Lovely pics, how good is frozen yoghurt right? I had some amazing flavours when I was in Taipei, with so many delicious toppings

  32. o0o0o HK photos! OMG I've been to HK twice now and never been in that mall!! Must go next time lol I remember when I went to Liz Lisa there was a sales rep that spoke perfect english with a british accent, I instantly developed a girl crush on her haha

  33. amazing photos, take me there! besides, i think you should choose 60D, in my opinion it is better than 550D and 600D. :)

  34. shame you didn't get to visit snoopy world :( the bokeh images are amazing!

  35. Frozen yoghurt!! k moet dat ook nog steeds eten XD binnekort maar eten in amsterdam ofso XD x


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