Turkish Tea

Awhile ago I bought this Turkish 
apple tea at the airport. 
The package is so adorable,
it has the shape of an apple,
how obvious. It was €5. 

I love tea, more than coffee.
How about you?

So of course we always
have a small dainty bite with
our tea! I baked some paper
lined sponge cakes. 
Overall it tasted good c:

My grandma passed away
a few days ago. She was in
coma and never woke up. 
Me and my grandma had a
'neutral' bond, we don't 
hate each other, but there
wasn't really a warm 
connection either. 

But I do feel sad. Sad for
papa for losing mum. 

 "Add 2 teaspoons of tea" was the directions. Me, finding it very minuscule, added 4 instead of 2. As result: tóóó sweet. I think 1 teaspoon was enough as well..

I'm Feeling: schoolstressed
Music: Birdy - Shelter One of my favorite singers of the moment.
Food: a biscuit
Drink: tea


  1. ooohhh jumm ziet er lekker uit!! :)

  2. I love tea too! I´m sorry about your grandma.


  3. You can buy Turkish apple tea at the AH, it comes in a bigger package and is a lot cheaper too! And if your AH doesn't sell it then I'm sure an oriental store will!

  4. I'm sorry about your grandma, that must be hard on your pops.

    That tea sounds good, and your cakes look way yummier than I can make them :)

    Wow I've never tried Turkish Tea. ;____;
    But how I wish I could.

    Awww, my grandma passed away too. Even though we were really close, it wasn't hard for me to let go because I knew that she'll be in a better place. How is your dad now? Hopefully all is well.

    Take care :)

  6. Sorry to hear about your grandmother, at least you're drinking lots of tea and eating lots of sweets....that's my way of dealing with anything! :)

  7. The tea and cakes look really yummy! I much prefer tea over coffee too - I try to avoid large amounts of caffeine, if possible.

    I'm really sorry to hear about your grandma Mei. It must be hard for your dad; losing a parent is never easy...

  8. So sorry to hear about your grandmother. I suppose having a neutral relationship is better to avoid the feeling of loss, huh?

    On the bright side, I love Turkish apple tea. I bought some crazy amount of it like 3 pounds, while I was in Turkey.

  9. Oh mei, I wish we live close to each other. I'd pop by unannounced every Sunday for tea and cupcakes. I used to love tea but I appreciate the jittery I get after coffee haha.

  10. I'm sorry about your grandma, I hope your grandpa is doing okay.

    I like some coffee, but you can hardly call it coffee as it's usually more milk than coffee. And the chai latte I usually get is no coffee at all! Tea is always nice, as long as it doesn't have to much caffiene in it. Looks nice! :]

  11. I wish I'd tried Turkish tea when I was on holiday in Turkey! x

  12. Sorry to hear about the passing of your Grandma.

    Those sponge cakes look yummy!

  13. aight, gecondoleerd meid!

    wow, 5 euro maar je doet er volgens wel lang over voordat je hem op heb gemaakt? Je sponge cake ziet er echt lekker uit zeg :)

  14. I am a tea kind of person, and i love any type of cake and cookies!

  15. I love tea. :3 Turkish apple is good. : D Not really a fan of coffee. =w=

  16. I'm a tea fiend~ I literally collect them & I've been thinking about purchasing a China Cabinet just to display my pretty teas<3 Anyhow, sorry to hear about your grandma<3


  17. Wow, turkish tea! Sounds well excotic :')
    I definitely prefer tea to coffee. Although I like coffee too, tea is just my thing haha!
    The tea powder looks just like sugar, I wonder how it worked hehe~
    I wish I could have a cuppa with you sometime!
    Also, so sorry to hear about your grandmother. :(
    Have a great day, Mei!

  18. Sorry to hear about your grandma.
    I personally love tea. chamomile tea is my fave! :)
    seems like you're good at baking!! looks yummy

    Actually my korean name spells je-net (janet) hehe :)

  19. That tea looks and sounds amazing! I appreciate an awesome tea. :)

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  20. cute blog! i love love LOVE tea sooo much more than coffee.
    your food looks delicious, did you make the biscuits yourself?


  21. I usually drink tea when i have a flu or sore throat or if i dun have any nescafe 3 in 1 stock left. Hehe.

    Oh, sori to hear abt ur grandma *hugs* :(

  22. They still look delicious! :P

  23. Turkish tea Ymmmmmmyyyy
    <3 :))


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