Me in Disneyland - part 03

"Here you leave today and enter the world
of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy" 
- Disneyland

Disney and it's charming, positive 
sphere really delivered my 
'young-at-heart' a great 

We had celeb pictures with
Mickey & Mimi mouse (yay!) where
we patiently waited 30 min for it. 
We had complained about how pricey
the foods were, it's like European price.
We had tears while being on the
most kiddish ride ever. 

  I think I can go 
through all over and over and
over again.

I want to be a kid again!

 I think the food just tasted okay. 

Me and my cousin really want to go with Stitch on the picture but we couldn't find him :c

You wind up this Mimi doll and it walks! So cute!

Gazing at the night view from out the Disney Railroad.

Camera: F/7.1 - 4 sec ISO: 100. No tripod, yet I managed to create a decent picture (after 5 tries) with a 
liiitle bit shakeyness.


  1. Being a kid again ^_^ - well, i think you can stay young at heart forever. Body changes, memories stay :)

    Btw, very interesting: i have never seen a food place that serves plastic gloves with chicken wing menues @.@! - this should be a standard.

    xoxo :]

  2. awww, the most beautiful thing in disneyland is the fireworks! i just love them to bits!
    and i love the GIF! :>
    you look soo soo cute too :>

  3. the gif is soooooooo mesmerizing @.@
    Pretty cool how the chicken came with gloves. If only KFC would do the same because I hate that oily feeling on my fingers.

  4. Love the photo's!

    And lol at the dude with the tablet who's filming XD

  5. aah, disneyland is zo leuk! :) aawh, wat jammer dt je stich niet kon vinden ;o. Die laatste is cool n_n. Maakt daar nou iemand foto met een ipad?

  6. Disneyland sure looks like so much fun!!

    and i love the oh-so-pretty video!

    kiss from sg

  7. Aww, I absolutely love firework shows!
    It must feel even more magical if it's at DisneyLand :)

    The walking doll looks so cute <3

  8. i loveeeee disneyland!!!! the fireworks display is breathaking! :) Magical..

  9. Love this post! I know what you mean about trying to snap photos of fireworks, sometimes I feel like I'm "wasting" my time taking photos and should instead just enjoy the moment. I love how they give you gloves when you order "finger dirty" foods like drum sticks! Minnie's got some major calf muscles going on there and Disney products are so much cuter and better in Asia!

  10. Aw I never been here before ! I want to go :3 Looks like fun.
    I always wondered what the facial expression of the people who are in costumes really are.

  11. the gif looks amazing and it looks like agreat time :3 the ears look cute on you too :)

  12. Oh I love disneyland! I've been to the ones in Paris, LA and Orlando and I reeeeaaally want to go to the one in Hong Kong!!!
    I know the feeling, being there is totally magic, feels like you're sent straight back into your childhood (I queued for Mickey for AN HOUR!), and my parents were as excited as me and my sister were... Noting that when I went to LA I was 17 and my sister 22.. :) hahha.
    Your pics are gorgeous!


  13. Everything is so pretty and I love how your camera always takes amazing photos. :3

  14. wow what is that yellow food in the mould in the first photo? is it custard tart? wow I love the fireworks gif too!!

  15. the fireworks are so beautiful!!!

  16. the last gif looks incredible! the fireworks are so much prettier in motion. I'd love to re-visit Disneyland haha <3

  17. Aww so cute. :3
    I love going and taking pictures with all the people in costumes. : D

  18. oh the cookie tin is so adorable and the fireworks in the gif looks spectacular
    i love the welcoming quote of Disney. if only people could have the mindset of children once again and create magic and fantasies in this corporate world

  19. im so jealous, everything looks so magical!!!

  20. aaahh disney is always awesome! thank you for commenting on my blog:D

  21. Thank you so much for the blog post! I've been wanting to go to Disneyland for the longest time ever! I didn't appreciate my last trip which I regret greatly. Ah I love Disneyland!

    ♡ M.May

  22. You guys look adorable!

  23. So lovely! :) It looks like so much fun.

  24. What a cool post!

  25. No way! Wish I was there too :)

  26. You look super cute :D!
    And hey! Your fireworks photo turned out really really nice - and the recording too <3

  27. it must be a fun holiday :)

  28. wanna go there too:)

    check out the giveaway going on in my blog if you want xx :)

  29. your blog has always been one of my favorites! is beautiful! =))

  30. the fried chicken looks so freaking good right now. *-* ..even tho you say it was just ok. i haven't had fried chicken in sooo long but i now have a crazy craving for kfc!!

  31. also! i was surprised the domain name was untaken. when i first made my blog the blogger url dadaesque was already taken so i settled for another name. then right after i bought the domain, i was curious about the dadaesque blogger so i went on it and it was GONE!

  32. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Disneyland especially at night! The fireworks are just simply beautiful. :D

    P.S. Thanks for checking out my Met Gala post.

    Lots of love, B
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee
    After Flats Giveaway

  33. One day I will visit dt place. Haha! I want to tek a picture wf Snow White, Sleeping Beauty & Mulan. Got Mulan?

  34. super cute mickey glass ! <3 i love your shots !

    Journal J

  35. Nice post! This was surely fun.

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
    ♥ SHOP:
    ♥ BLOG:

  36. I love your pictures! Awesome job on the pic with the fireworks. So sharp!
    Looks like you had an awesome time...well, who doesn't in Disneyland? hehehe

  37. Nice!
    PS: Doe jij al mee aan de win-actie op mijn blog? :

  38. i love how you write your posts too, almost like a poem form.

  39. Your poem is so cute! I love it! I have never been to Disneyland, but for sure I will go when I have kids! It seems to be a lot fun for children and also grown ups too! Orlando Stroller


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