Food In Process: Indian Curry rice

Too be honest I am a
better cook than a baker. 
Even my kitchenposts are 
mostly me baking a cake
and such.  

With cooking, I don't need to
hassle with the exact right
 amount of flour, sugar and 
other ingredients that is
crucial to be weighted. 
 Unlike with cooking. 

This time I've made
Indian curry rice with 
potatoes & stir fried Chinese
cabbage c:

Da Recipe: 4-5 potatoes, carrots, 1 onion, a clove garlic, 3 cups 
of water, pinch of salt, 1 sachet (Indian) curry, stir fried ready 
chicken pieces.  
1. Wash vegetables thoroughly and chop then in bite-size pieces.

2. Heat your frying pan/wok with oil and add some garlic & onion.
3. Add the chopped potatoes and carrots and stir for a while to let it absorb
the flavor + pinch of salt.
4. Add the water in your frying pan and let the potatoes & carrots cook/simmer 
for about 15 - 20 min.
5. Add the curry powder and stir for awhile. 
6. Add the chicken pieces and done! Serve with rice
and your ready stir fried veggies.  


  1. oee, yummy! :D
    Ik kan beide niet, hehe. Met baken gebruik ik meer dan wat je eigenlijk nodig heb en koken mag ik niet van me ma. Ze is bang dat ze naar een half uur geen huis meer staat :').

  2. mm looks delicious! And seems easy to make too! :)

  3. Looks so delish! *___*
    Now I know what that vegetable is - chinese cabbage! I've been eating it at chinese restaurants without knowing what it really is haha.
    Please come cook for me Mei :D

  4. nice photos! what lense are you used?

  5. It looks delicious. I'm so gonna cook this!

  6. Ah wat ziet dit er lekker uit zeg!

  7. I'm so doing this. Me and my sister love anything with curry and vegetables. Looks yummy, and i'm so hungry right now!
    following for more! <3

  8. Looks super delicious and rather easy to make! Will definitely try to do it! :)

  9. This looks DELICIOUS !
    Aha, I think you're a pretty good baker :)
    but of course I agree that you don't need exact measurements when it comes to cooking
    Wish I knew how to cook :$

  10. Ooh, looks super yummy! And you have a way of making even cooking look pretty with your photos! Also, I thought you were a vegetarian? But you're eating chicken, so I guess I was wrong haha. :)

  11. i've always loved curry!
    this is one dish that i'd definitely want to eat and eat without really getting tired of. You should cook for everybody! Weee :)

  12. look so delicious :9
    I miss my grandma's curry :'(

  13. ;A; if i was only less lazy iw ould cook something for myself rather than using money for food :(

  14. Me too. I really don´t like baking but I like cake. Your curry looks yummy


  15. I love potatoes so this I will definitely try and cook this meal. It looks so yummy yet so easy to make!

  16. nom nom nom, looks very delicious! i also tried out a curry dish once, but unfortunately it didn't taste that indian but very bulgarish.. ^.^ i often don't use the whole recipe but just cook as i like and somehow my bulgarian roots prevailed :3 khekhe
    ♥ ♥

  17. Omg looks delicious! I just ate dinner but I'm hungry again :P

  18. looks super yum!! you make me wish I could cook more than just boiling water and making instant noodle :(

    .Le Reveur.

  19. Looks so amazingly delicious!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog sweets, yours is lovely. xx

  20. wow this looks incredible. i shoal really try to force myself to get into cooking.

    xx rae

  21. I used to love baking, but now I prefer to cook. It's just more satisfying for me. I like not having to abide by any strict measurements. It's pretty much just taste and go for me.

  22. I love making curry, it's one of the easiest and so, so yummy. I usually add button mushrooms to mine. Nom nom nom

  23. Yum! I want to make a curry now!

  24. look sooo delicious!
    happy cooking ;;)

  25. Mmmmm that looks nice, I love making curry!

  26. haha thanks for the comment!

    i will slowly revert back to fully coloured pictures but for the time being i'm too preoccupied :(

  27. Oh it looks so good! I wish I was creative enough to think of a dish like that. I eat so much naked foods it's not normal LOL.

  28. It looks really yummy! It looks pretty healthy too ^^
    I like curry with lots of sauce and potatoes <3

  29. yuuummmmmmm!!! Thanks for the recipe! So gonna try this out this week :) Following you!


  30. It looks like so delicious!
    I love curry !!


  31. lol looks like I should invite myself over for dinner one night :D I WISH I could cook! xx

  32. gosh... dear, you always snaps and made great photographs! you always do! and I'm starving right now, and looking at your photographs... make me starving more. You're so talented, sis! <3

  33. this looks really delicious! goodness you're such a great cook! praying that i can cook like you when i start living alone when university starts :O xx

  34. Love Indian food! Will definitely try this recipe at home.


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