A day with Elisa & Amanda

I think I can add
blogmeeting to my section
 hobby/thingsIlike, because 
it's a happy & fun thing
to do! 

It's so great to hang out 
with bloggers because they 
understand that it's okay to take 
1million snaps of something c:

My 2nd time meet up was
 beautyblogger Elisa and Amanda,
at our beautiful and crazy city: 

Since Amanda 
is our guest at Holland
 (she's from Australia!) we decided to let
her try many Dutch food as possible!
 You could have guessed what we 
did all day: eating. 

Oh and taking loads of pictures!

 Eating freebies at some cheese shop c: 

 First stop at 'Pancake Corner'. It's funny because most
people were eating spareribs & fries but yeah with 'unlimited
spareribs' for less than 10 bucks you would know better. 

 Curlers, the new hairtrend?

 The flower market giving a nice illusion of floating on

 A hightech take-out snack vending machine from the wall that totally
wow'd our Amanda. 

Strolling around at H&M - What was Elisa looking at?

 Part two here!


  1. This seemed like so much fun and there are so many things to do in your city! Ahaha I agree with the taking as many photos as you want of the same thing at different angles =P

    Wow those girls in curlers! I sorta think that's cool and I can imagine how crazy the curls will be when they let them down! OMG! A snack machine that makes hot dogs?! Crazy! I want to try it even if I don't like hot dogs haha

    P.S Did you get any free hugs? Hahaha

  2. the food pics make me go drooling, lol.
    really nice :D

    .Le Reveur.

  3. Omg it's so beautiful! <3. I want to go to Europe so bad Omg!

  4. Some beautiful photos - makes me want visit Holland. :)

  5. Well this is sooo inspiring,honey!Love those pictures,well done;)

  6. Lovely photos! :) Amanda came all the way from Australia? Wow!

  7. aw i wish i had blogger friends- all these pictures are amazing! i usually get weird looks when i start snapping pictures

  8. Amsterdam looks beautiful! I want to visit it one day. Blogger meetups sound like fun, but I've never been to one. :(

    Unless you count meeting up with other friends that have blogs, but you knew them before hand! :D

    The take out looks very interesting, like something they'd have in Japan!

  9. Wow so pretty. :D
    Ooh orange and green cheese! Never seen that before. It looks interesting. O:
    And woahhh those vending machines are pretty cool!

  10. Not sure what that is that your about to eat above but it looks delish!

  11. Cool. The pictures are so gorgeous!
    and lucky of your friends to go to Europe
    and met with other bloggers.

  12. Love the pictures, very cute!


  13. u guys look so lovely! looks like fun! :)

  14. Eeeeeeee so cute! I hope to meet Amanda too someday :D And if I ever go to Amsterdam, I'll be sure to contact you hahah :D

  15. gorgeous pics ... gotta love a bit of amsterdam !! #loveit

  16. great post!
    kiss kiss


  17. Looks like fun! :D The weather is lovely too I see! :] (I am in the UK right now, the weather here is lovely too!)

  18. your comment made me smile, as did these pictures! xx

  19. Oh my goodness, those colorful slices are pieces of cheese??! That's amazing! I've never seen cheese that color before.
    And ah, that looks like so much fun, showing her around the city. Holland looks absolutely beautiful - I definitely wish I can visit someday. But hahah, "Pancake Corner." Love the name. ^^
    ♥ xixia | thisisxixia.com

  20. OMG!! This looks SOOO fun and you guys are so fortunate to be able to meet up! How did you plan it-did you know elisa and amanda beforehand? Anyways, I follow elisa tooa nd saw this post on her blog earlier. AWESOME!!!! I love the snack machine! Threre isn't that in canada, either~

  21. blog meets sounds like so much fun and it looks like it too :) i can't wait for part two :)

  22. great photos! super love it!
    wow! the view is sooo amazing!


  23. This looks amazing!!
    Have fun dear :)

  24. looks like so much fun!
    i wish i could go to holland and have a blogger meet up with you haha~

  25. The food looks amazing! You can never take too many photos!


  26. haha yumm so much good food! the blog meet looked like it turned out really well :)


  27. All of you ladies look gorgeous! Your outfit is especially nice. ^.^
    Such pretty scenery! Or atleast you're able to capture it and make it look pretty. xD

  28. my beautiful mei, you take such amazing pictures! thank you so much for coming into town for the blog meet <3 I am so happy to have finally met you!

  29. Woah that high tech vending machine looks really cool *___*

  30. you girls are too darling! and the food, yummm! i'd love to go to holland one day =) take care, babe; hope youre well!

    xx james

  31. wow your city looks gorgeous! i hope to go to amsterdam one day~! it's so different from here in nyc. and it indeed seems like you have a great time!
    anddd dutch food! i never ate dutch food before...oh im ashamed to say ;( are those pipes? they look so cool!

    help us celebrate! join our 1 yr anniversary giveaway!

    alex @ carouselstreet.com

  32. So much yummy food!
    You girls look gorgeous :) x

    The Lovelorn

  33. /reply/ io always new energy drinks and sport drinks were bad, but not as bad as the program told me XD apparently they just make you gain uneccessary weight with too much sugar :p I'm tempted to get a smoothie maker so i can be more healthy :p

  34. you guys are too cute! looks like a lot of fun!

  35. looks like a great day! amsterdam is such a beautiful place. and my friend and i were fascinated with those hot food vending machines too, but we weren't brave enough to eat anything!

  36. So cool you got to meet up with another blogger. looks like you had a great time!

  37. Eating is the best way to bond... and I am hungry now...

  38. How fun! You girls are too cute!

    xo Jennifer


  39. Seems like such a fun day! I love all the pictures of food. Especially the high-tech vending machine. I would be wow'd too!

  40. Wow, looks like you had an amazing time in Amsterdam! Love all the food hehe x



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