HOTSPOT 05: "De Lachende Koe"

A while ago, we went celebrating with
papa's day at a restaurant. It 
was his day so also his choice: a 
steakhouse 'De Lachende Koe' (literally means: 
The Smiling Cow) Luckily this place offers more
than just a beefy piece of meat. 

We only had the main-course and
dessert. And too be honest, the 
dessert was pretty much the highlight
of the entire feast. 

How did you celebrate this day!

 My present for papa was a home made cake: black sesame cake with mango. Will 
post a recipe in the next post! 

Amuse to start off.

My brother chose the steak with mushroom, my papa the grilled plaice-filet. Those
were the tiniest potatoes I've seen so far. 

And a chickenpie with crème fraîche for me. Not bad not bad! 

Fries in a funny and creative standard. I really enjoyed this!

I think the owner of this place really likes photography as well c:

Dame Blance, tiramisu, creme brulee, fruit & ice cream puff.

(thank you for your kind comments!!)

ADDRESS: de Beestenmarkt 14 Goes HOLLAND
Food: ♥♥♥
Service: ♥♥♥
Interior: ♥♥♥
Price: ♥♥♥

I'm Feeling: happy
Music: Jennifer Lopez - Waiting for tonight This woman never aged it seems.
Food: Pocky 
Drink: tea 


  1. what's the address of this place?

  2. i'm trying to really take my eyes off the chicken pie! i shouldn't have checked at 2 am! :))
    happy father's day to your dad, btw. :)
    and those cameras on display are such darlings! :>

  3. Seems a really nice place. Me want those cakes!

  4. I love your food photos, always looks amazing! I love all the vintage cameras too xx

  5. Yuuuuum! Making me dribble... The black sesame cake looks so good. I would be happy if someone made me a cake like that for my birthday! And those chips. Heaven. What a collection of cameras!:)

    p.s. ah, im not a big lover of my phone thats why i wouldnt care if i left it at home. Yes, go get that case!

  6. Hum so coisas boas :)

    Tem tudo tão bom aspecto


  7. Wow! It looks really nice! :]

  8. Yum, the food looks so delicious!

  9. ohhhh love this the food looks delicious and the dessert looks like works of art!! yum you made a black seasame cake with mango that looks so delish!

  10. mmm everything looks delicious, especially the dessert. & black sesame/mango cake sounds good :D

  11. Looks delish. Especially that tirimisu. Perfect display of the father's day meal :3

    te amo,

  12. quite interesting how they have a shelf of cameras in the resto...btw this post made me hungry!
    ok, the dessert photo is just too good :0


  13. mmmm that looks amazing! I'd love to eat that chickenpie with crème fraîche!!

  14. Lovely pictures! The food looks great - that homemade cake looks absolutely delicious!

  15. Yummy the food looks so good! Black sesame cake sounds interesting. O: I don't think I've ever had any before. Love the past photo. :D

  16. Everything looks so delicious, especially the desserts and the steak. I just want to pounce onto that steak and gobble it all up!
    The sky looks so mesmerising in the last photo

  17. Un sitio precioso, y la comida riquisima. Besitos

  18. wow absolutely stunning food photos, so enticing! xoxo
    thanks for commenting on my blog honey, would you like to follow each other?

  19. the food looks so delicious haha !
    great pictures

  20. This food looks good - especially the fries! We have our father's day in September :)

  21. I think it's quite adorable that there's a restaurant called 'The Smiling Cow', I've been to 'The Snail' and suprise, it served French food. Namely a lot of snail dishes haha. Wow, your cake looks so light and delicious *_* and the fact that it's homemade is the best present of all! I've gotta say, the interiors are so warm-toned with the lighting and timber furniture - I just think it adds to the experience of eating out haha. Those are the tiniest potatoes I've ever seen! Your chicken pie looks incredible, I hope it tasted just the same! Did you not have the urge to just fiddle around the cameras like a curious monkey? c: they're gorgeous models! I haven't had creme brulee in so long! Did yours have the perfect crisp top? I agree... J.Lo never aged. I'd have to say the same about Madonna, frightingly

  22. Pretty shots again.
    Happy father's day to your dad.

  23. Golly the food looks so delicious !
    & I love the camera wall, it really is amazing.

  24. Amazing pictures! You seriously makes me hungry in the middle of the night, and that ain't good :p


  25. Ohh, nice. I always like restaurant reviews of restaurants that I actually have the chance visit. :p Not that I know for now when I'm in Goes. It looks really nice, I'm getting hungry again.

  26. awesome all those cameras!
    lovely homemade cake ;)

  27. The food looks so good! Mmmm, I'm hungry now.
    And in Australia, our fathers day is in September so didn't do anything hah

  28. Great pics!
    Yoummy ! Love strawberries!

  29. Everything looks so yummy :) Especially the cake x

  30. Ooo yum, looks like you ate a lot of good food! The mango cake looks especially yummy :)

  31. I have to agree that the desserts did seem like the highlight of the meal hahaha I'm not a huge fan of steak =S I don't believe we did anything too special for fathers day but because it's so close to my mums birthday I think we went out to eat and we bought my dad a nice wallet =)

  32. wow! I like the interior of that place! very nice! :D
    following your beautiful blog!

  33. Oh man, I love all the food in this post but the homemade black sesame cake with mango is my favourite thing in this post. They are my two favourite dessert flavours for anything. So yum!

  34. happy birthday to your dad!!! hahaha smiling cow...the name is a bit morbid for a steakhouse! lol but i must admit, the food looks great! i feel hungry now! absolutely loving the look of the place...looks very cozy, warm and welcoming! and the cameras give it a vintage-y feel too. love it!

    alex @

  35. I honestly skipped past all your food pictures because I know that it'd make me crave goodies like that!
    The vintage cameras are pretty neat though.


  36. Beautiful post! The photos are amazing just reading this had made me hungry!

  37. Oh my gosh all this food looks so yummy,and its sounds you all had a wonderful meal on a lovely special day,that cake looks so yummy,I just love mango!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for taking the tme to leave your sweet comment,following for more fab posts x
    And I hope your having a lovely day x

  38. Yeah, rebel giiiirrrls rule! ahah.
    anyyywayyys thank you for visiting and all:)

  39. Happy Birthday to your dad!
    The restaurant looks amazing and so do the clouds at the end of the post :)

  40. That food looks delicious - great photos!

    The Other Side of Gray

  41. Wow all the food looks so amazing.

  42. That place looks expensive!!! But also really pretty :)
    I should go do some food hunting blogs too! :)

    btw...desserts are always the main course. Always.

  43. Gosh, it looks so delicous. I want to try all of them :3

  44. great pictures, really beautiful!
    i just following you, mind to follow back?
    take care!

  45. I like tiramisu but haven't eaten it in some time. When I was going up to Seattle a lot in the '90s was when I ate it at a rather expensive restaurant. I like the Jennifer Lopez song Goin' In but it just narrowly didn't get in my Pop 10 so far, still I like it.


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