Food in Process: Blueberry muffins

The classical blueberry muffin!
They are so easy to make 
and good hunger-stopper as

Did you watched the opening
ceremony of the Olympics '12?
The Mr. Bean scene was
probably my favorite - tho he
looked a bit old, pointing at
his gray hair. Old or not,
his funny expression &
goofyness stays classic -
same with the blueberry

Da Recipe: 270 gram self-raising flour, 3/4 tsp 
baking powder, 60 gram butter, 90 gram (brown)
sugar, 120 ml evaporated milk, 120 gram 
yogurt, 2 eggs, a pinch of salt, 200 gram
fresh blueberries. 

1. Preheat oven 200C.
Sift flour, baking powder and salt - rub the butter into
the flour until the mixture is fine yet firm enough to
create balls like in the left picture. 

2. Add the sugar. In another bowl, combine
the 2 eggs and the e. milk and mix well.

 4. Stir the yogurt & blueberries into the batter 
and mix well! 

5. Spoon the muffin mixture evenly in the 
prepared and lined up muffin tin untill 3/4 full.

6. Bake the yummy muffins for about 25 minutes
until golden brown.

 My dad already took one before I even got the chance to 
snap all 9 of them.. 

The muffins were dense yet moist & fine with yummy healthy blueberries!

 Loner hightea'ing - haha.. 

I'm pretty much bumped
about the fact that July
is over :c Are you too as

I'm Feeling: hungry
Music: T-ara - Day by day This is actually the first song I've heard of T-ara - gotta love the nice upbeat and melody! The original version is 10 min. long, short version: click!
Food: stir fried udon noodles
Drink: water


  1. You look beautiful in that last pics! :) And those muffins look really yummy!

  2. Gosh.. Nu heb ik trek! D: Looks delicious as always!
    Which program do you use for your GIFs?

    Only one month left until college starts again! DD:

  3. That looks delish and perfectly baked!

  4. These muffins look delicious! Thank you so much for stopping by, I'd love for us to follow each other and keep in touch! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. Dense? Moist? Healthy blueberries? I'm really craving for blueberries muffin right now. You really make them so well. I saw the motion (video?) of it and I could tell how good the texture is.

  6. OMG!!!! I LOVED MR BEAN TOO!! EVEN IF HES OLD!! I loved his 'fantasy" haha
    ALSO I LOVE THIS POST!!! MMM MM!!! Thanks for guiding us through the entire recipe and YUMMY springing muffin giff!! :D

  7. nyaaaammmmm :3
    supper yummy, and you look beautiful!
    make me want try to bake it too :D

  8. Nom, nom, nom! :D
    Great pics. ;)

  9. Dat ziet er echt lekker uit zeg! Ook grappig ook je die bakpapier heb gedaan, wij gebryiken gewoon cupcake papiertjes haha

  10. Why are you so pretty? AAAH! <3 Did I ever say you're one of my favourite blogger? Well if I did, I say it again :D

    Of course, I've watched the Olympics Ceremony! I love Olympics game, and yes of course even though he never talk, but he cracks me up all the time! Hahaha.

    Also, thank you for the tutorial, I will try it sometimes soon! :D

  11. I'm too lazy to make food myself but those muffins look delicious ><

    Time to go guilt my gf into making me some hehehehe

  12. OmG that looks really delicious wow i´m so hungry now :D

    Nice recipe!


  13. i haven't watched any bit of the olympics though :(
    you know, by the way you snap your goodies, i can really imagine you becoming a food photographer. you make goodies look so awesome and mouth-watering! :)

  14. Ooh yumm. Blueberry muffins! I haven't had them in so long! I've never actually had homemade one those, I've only ever bought them. c':
    I love the photos. :D
    I can't believe that more than half the year is already overrr. ;-;

  15. Those muffins look really delicious!
    My father is the same, as soon as you take something out of the oven, he has to try it :D
    I have never heard of T-ara before, but that's a nice song!

  16. Oh yummy, jij keukenprinses!
    Ben zo jaloers op je bakkunsten haha. X

  17. Oh dear !!
    I really love your post
    It looks delicious !!!!!

    xx from

  18. Those look so yummy and moist!!!

  19. are those blueberries fresh? nom nom nom nom looks so yummehh!

  20. The Rowan Atkinson bit was my favorite too! I loved how no words were needed for it to be funny and how it was something everyone any age could laugh at! The James Bond escorts Queen Elizabeth scene was pretty good too, since it showed the Queen could be funny too.

    The muffins look wonderful and super moist. I'm also bummed about July being over, since it means half my summer vacation is gone. :(

  21. Blueberry muffins, yumyum!! I have to ask, what's the paper you used for it? It's so cute! I want to try this recipe this weekend. ^^
    Your pictures look wonderful, and hahah, that's so cute what your father did. :)
    And oh I love T-Ara! Though I'm kind of bummed about the issues they're going through now. Poor Hwayoung.
    ♥ xixia |

  22. Yoghurt muffins? I haven't heard of these before and they look divine!!! I like to eat, but I really suck at the cooking part.

  23. your blog is just GREAT!
    are you from england??
    by the way your design is also so beautiful!!
    I wish I would be more talented in this part..
    the darts or arrows(?!) to se the next page on your did you do that??
    looks like watercolour painting:) I love that!
    (hope you understand my english)

  24. ohmygosh they look soooo delicious!!! beautiful photos :)

  25. delicious!!!!! I´m hungry now... :)

  26. Wow these look delicious! I definitely have to try these over the weekend!

  27. wuaaaah! These look so delicious!! I love how you explained everything and the recipe sounds good! Can't wait to bake some of these cute muffins!

  28. lovely recipe, it looks delicious!

  29. Yummy cupcakes

  30. i'm wacthing the mr bean olympic thing online atm :p he's such a cutie ^_^

  31. these look so pretty and yummy. i'm going tp try making them =)

  32. I really want some blueberry muffins now! XD
    It looks tasty, I like those food in process posts ;) Ik wil graag een rilakkuma cake maken hopelijk lukt het whaha XD
    Ik vind het ook jammer dat het al Augustus is!
    :( (bijna school blehh..)


  33. Weer mooie baksels zoals altijd.
    Jij laat het er altijd zo makkelijk uitzien!
    Kunnen jouw familieleden ook goed bakken/koken?

  34. All d ingredients are already in my kitchen cabinet except dt self raising flour. Tnx for sharing! I never make a muffin b4. They look so easy to make ^^

  35. Such a lovely blog! ♥
    I follow you hope you follow me too.
    Have a nice day! :)

  36. Thank you for sharing this simple recipe. Will do this in the future :))


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